Top tricks for flawless foundation

The research also has an opinion that 52% of ladies do not use an appropriate tool to apply foundation makeup. But, the makeup artist says that, while applying foundation using a brush is mandatory.

If you don’t use a brush, your skin will remain uneven and unbalanced. You need to apply the foundation in the circular motion so that the foundation penetrates inside your skin leaving your skin bright and flawless. Another advantage of using brush is usage of less quantity of products at a time.

Crease prevention

woman showing by index finger the wrinkles on her forehead

Look Flawless With Ace Matte Makeup

You might see the advertisement in the television commercials that claims to provide eradication of spots and fine line on your face.

This might be true but no one can give guarantee about formation of crease in the fine lines. But, if you can use foundation with effective technique, eradication of crease from your face will be possible.

If any individual is using an eye cream, blotting the eye cream will be an effective technique as if your skin becomes emollient; there will be good chance that foundation will end up with crease.

Formula of mix and match


Celebrities generally need to have shots one after another. Thus, it will be better if the foundation last for 10 to 12 hours. The celebrity makeup artist has the perfect formula of mix and match so that foundation stays for a long time.

If you don’t want your foundation to get wash away by sweat and water, mattifying foundation will be really important. This must be done instead to applying simple face powder to your face. makeup for ever mat velvet have a wonderful stay in the T zone of individuals.

Places of applying foundation

Places of applying foundation

Even beyond your face, there are many such area in your body which need to be covered by foundation. Even your neck, jawline and back portion of the body needs to be covered by the foundation.  You should also apply the foundation evenly on your ears.

People with fair skin complexion are susceptible to the redness in their ears. Those who have little dark complexion and need to show their arms and legs to public, foundation must be applied on those areas in order to create same impact as that of face.

It is important to blend the light layer of foundation over the eyelids as well as lips so that the shades of eye shadow as well as lip color remain true.

Correct color for deeper skin tone


Face contouring makeup tips

Each type of foundation is prescribed for individual with different skin tone. If you have brown skin tone, orange color corrector must be used.

This is done to go ahead with counteraction of dark purplish tone under the eyes and around the mouth. You can give a try by applying skin corrector of MAC cosmetic studio which has pure orange tinge.

Application of highlighter


Many people have used and still now using highlighter after foundation. But, the makeup artist Jensen have revered the order. According to him, if highlighter is used before application of foundation, facial glow will become much more natural.

If you are applying highlighter after foundation, initially it would look good but as the time passes; your face will look dull throughout the day. But, if you place the highlighter before, your facial glow will remain intact and even stay for a long time.