Look Flawless With Ace Matte Makeup

Have you ever wondered how the Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone looks so gorgeous every day in her matte makeup look in literally every public event? Here are some tips and tricks to carry a flawless look with an ace matte makeup by her makeup artist:

How to have an ace matte makeup look as per Deepika Padukone’s makeup artist?

How to have an ace matte makeup look as per Deepika Padukone’s makeup artist?

Face contouring makeup tips

Bollywood is equally famous for its super glowing skin as well as matte makeup look. The key to perfect makeup is indeed to create a perfect balance of do’s and don’ts and never to overdo.

According to Sandhya Shekar, the celebrity makeup artist of superstar Deepika Padukone; your face should not look flat in matte makeup. Furthermore, people should not mistake your super glowy skin for excessive oil.

One step which most people do wrong is to skip moisturizer before makeup due to excess sebum on the skin.

Shekar suggests preparing your skin with an enriching creme concentrate, a hydrating eye cream, and a basic eye primer. Use a suitable moisturizer for your specific skin type even if it’s oily.

According to Shekar, primer is a must for any base makeup. You can create a silky matte base using a gel foundation.

Finish your matte makeup look with loose powder, especially highlighting your oily T-zones. With few careful strokes, you can recreate the radiant matte makeup look of Deepika in no time.

Get insta-ready with matte makeup

Matte finish makeup products are long-lasting and do not slip-slide throughout the day. They do not contain any minerals or other oil-based ingredients. They do not smudge and stay put all day long.

They are ideal for oily skin. Oil absorbing nature of these products makes them best for treating shiny T-zones after applying foundation.

Matte makeup also works great for people having dry skin. However, you should carefully prep the canvas.

You can use shimmer finish products to cover and draw attention to specific facial areas such as eyelid creases or fine lines. Apply a matte eyeshadow for a perfect finish.

If you need a less dewy and more finished appearance in photographs during wedding ceremonies, party or daily events, apply the matte foundation to create a porcelain finish that looks perfect on camera.

Do’s and don’ts for carrying matte makeup

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As already stated, keep your face and skin moisturized before any makeup. The matte makeup look is no exception. You should create an excellent base to start on with your makeup. Here are some more do’s and don’t to consider for the matte makeup look:

  • Seal your pores using a primer. Apply a generous amount to cover your T-zone and other oily areas. A piece of good advice is to ice your face before you apply anything to close open pores.
  • Apply a matte-finish foundation. You can use an HD powder for an extra matte finish. It also helps in setting the foundation in place. Do not use any creamy blush or light reflecting powders as they will contradict your matte makeup look.
  • Apply a setting spray once you are done to seal your look for a couple of hours. Restore your look with a makeup refreshing spray if you feel your makeup looks dull after some time.