Hrithik Roshan Hairstyles – Haircuts of Hrithik Roshan

The heartthrob and dashing Greek God can give a run for money to any new-age actor in Bollywood with his impeccable dance moves and those drop dead gorgeous looks. Sigh. This talented actor has proved his finesse and always skipped our hearts a little with that smirked smile, unusual blue eyes and of course his signature hairstyle.

The actor who started his journey from “Kaho na Pyar Hai” winning the coveted Filmfare Award for the promising Debut actor, has today performed in several amazing movies including Dhoom2, Jodhaa Akbar, Zindagi N Milegi Dobara, Krish and many more. His stellar performance in Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish made him every little kid’s fantasy and go him the title of “Superman of India”. Well, not that we’re surprised. Here are a few statement hairstyles donned by our Greek God with a natural flair.

Side part hairstyle

Side part hairstyle

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Hrithik Roshan is the second name of styling. And, the hairstyles he wears like this side part makes him look adorable and styling ideal for numerous people that must follow him to be dated with style.

Long curly hair

Long curly hair

It is popularly known that Hrithik looks fantastic in every hairstyle. But, the killer look he displays after wearing long curly hairstyle is unbeatable. And, your looks can even be alike by wearing this stunning hairstyle.

Textured hairstyle with movement and flow

Textured hairstyle with movement and flow

An elegant look is the charm of personality that holds the attention of all the viewers. And, wearing this fantastic hairstyle of Hrithik Roshan will surely help you to enhance your look.

Throwback fine hair

Throwback fine hair

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Look at this hairstyle of Hrithik Roshan prompting his charming look. Now, you should be ready with this fantastic hairstyle to rule the floor.

Messy finished curls

Messy finished curls

It’s your style that makes you different among the crowd. And, this different hairstyle of Hrithik Roshan truly makes him stand separate even in the crowd of lack of people by his powerful and appealing appearance.

Signature Charm

The thick heavy curls gently falling on that arched face is such a treat for fans, especially female clan. No wonder why Suzanne parted ways with this dashing man. Hrithik usually styles his natural curls without a care and let them sit freely which is why he looks super adorable. Now, you know men?

The Cool Playboy

More often than not, Hrithik has been rumored with several actresses including Barbara Mori, Kangana Ranaut, Yami Gautam to name a few. This is the reason why. His gorgeous curls unfurling his crown with hues of ombre in a messy state is enough to drool a woman in no time. He is sporting the same look in latest movie Kaabil opposite Yami Gautam.


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Look at the utter innocence resonating his face like a child. Those heavy curls perfectly pull back to define his grip jawline and acute expressions make him our favorite boy. Well, all he did was applied a ton of hair mousse for a voluminous and heavy look, style them like a pro and voila- You’re a bang!

Retro Glam

Nobody does retro better than our dashing and handsome Hrithik. With perfect chiseled looks, he tops it off with a subtle hint of glamour in his hair. His glaring locks are sure to get you beats do the talking.

Too cool for school

The quick-witted man knows his way to style himself and his wonderful hair too. We’re always fond of his curly mess but this one is significantly an amazing pop haircut. The colored blonde hair suits the curls and his face cut while giving an edge over other men in the industry.

Step Ahead

If looks could kill, Hrithik would be topping the charts undoubtedly. Sporting a shade of blonde in his colored messy curly hair, he lets them bounce freely on his athletic persona. Teaming a casual military-inspired bomber with joggers and basic T-shirt, his messy free look surely gives him brownie points.

Call me Dapper

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This young intellectual look is way ahead of time with those sharp looks and chiseled face. Acing the true gentleman’s style in this uniquely crafted slick hair. For all the professionals who crave to look serious and hot, here’s an inspiration coming your way. So, next time when tying that knot in your tux, don’t forget to style your hair right.

Pony ain’t passé

Floor them girls with your eternal charm and swag. Of course, we’re talking about the man ponytails that were quite a rage sometime back. But, if pulled it right lie Hrithik does it, you’re sure to get that rockstar appeal. In a hot dapper tux and bow tie, slick pull back hair with a mini tail hanging behind is all you NEED to steal hearts.

Latest Look

If you follow this hottie quite closely on social media and stay updated with his whereabout and styles, we’re sure this won’t be a surprise for you. His latest hairstyle is a Bang On! Talk about the blonde hair with a messy texture or even the dainty curls that make him stand apart from the rest. Not to forget that lean body and glistening face is worth dying for! We don’t know why did what you did with Hrithik, Suzanne? Are you listening


• What type of hairstyle does Hrithik Roshan usually wear?

Hrithik Roshan usually wears a spiky and textured hairstyle.

• How does Hrithik Roshan style his hair?

Hrithik Roshan typically styles his hair in a sleek, combed-back look.

• What is the most popular Hrithik Roshan haircut?

The most popular Hrithik Roshan haircut is the classic undercut.

• What is the best way to get the Hrithik Roshan look?

The best way to get the Hrithik Roshan look is to follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and maintain a good skincare routine.

• What type of haircut does Hrithik Roshan have?

Hrithik Roshan usually sports a short, spiked hairstyle.

• How often does Hrithik Roshan get his hair cut?

Hrithik Roshan typically gets his hair cut every 4-6 weeks.

• What products does Hrithik Roshan use to maintain his hairstyle?

Hrithik Roshan uses a combination of hair styling products, such as gels and waxes, to maintain his hairstyle.

• What are the advantages of having a Hrithik Roshan haircut?

The advantages of having a Hrithik Roshan haircut include a classic, timeless look that is easy to style and maintain.

• What are some of the most iconic Hrithik Roshan hairstyles?

Some of the most iconic Hrithik Roshan hairstyles include the ‘Rado’ cut, the ‘Dhoom’ cut, the ‘Krrish’ cut, and the ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ cut.

• What tips does Hrithik Roshan have for maintaining his hairstyle?

Hrithik Roshan recommends using a good quality shampoo and conditioner to keep his hair healthy and looking its best.