Latest katrina kaif hairstyles & haircuts 2019

Katrina Kaif is an Indian who has successfully tried on different hairstyles. Any aspiring celebrity or classy lady who is interested in hair fashion can comfortable copy her. By trying one or more of her styles, one can gain inspiration to obtain a similar or better still same look like hers.

10Wavy locks

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Her collection draws inspiration from season as the beautiful actress rocks her summer outfits and styles. These styles are mostly done on her natural hair. A glance at some of them will help ladies who care about their looks in gaining more experiences as they venture in this domain.

9Stunning party hair

Katrina Kaif slays in most of her outfits and hairdos. Let us take a look at her 2019 Valentine’s Day outfit and hair at the top right hand corner in a blue satin outfit. Her curves and regular shape are just ideal and good to go.

8Side part straight and sleek

The beauty queen and actress offers us an endless array of choices to make in the area of hair styling and glamour. Amongst her numerous hairdos, Kaif has also come up with a layered trimmed hair which in turn is either left straight or curled.

7Swept sleek

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Her swift throw of lustrous curly hair is carefully thrown at the right side of her neck. This follows suit for all the other three pictures placed beside this picture. To obtain a perfect and flawless look like hers, one needs to get hair culled either with the help of an electric hair curler or with large hair rollers.

6Messy curls

Her numerous hairstyles are an inspiration to most college girls who have similar sweet innocent looks as Katrina Kaif. Some of her other hairstyles include ponytails and braids which are common to almost every celebrity and lady as well.

5Straight and sleek

Her simplicity in style and simplicity in dressing makes her look natural but sophisticated for the celebrity she really is. The beautiful Indian actress has always melted the hearts of her fans.

4Shoulder length


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The renowned Bollywood star and model is well known for her lovable hairstyles. Over the years there are some people who have the feeling that Katrina Kaif does not invest as she should in changing her looks. Some people say she wears almost the same old looks year in, year out.

3Middle part

Katrina Kaif does not get to feature on many onlookers’ ‘wow list’ because her choice of clothes, shoes and other accessories do not bring out the best in her. The thought of it is not very much welcomed because it waters down the efforts made on hair and clothes.

2Subtle and sleek

On a general note, criticisms made on her personality do not make her a lesser celeb. She is talented and multi dimensional and the singular fact that she remains simple does not clearly put her off. That said, she still trends in her looks and hairdos and is full of feminine charm.

1Varied length and straight

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Katrina Kaif storms the filmfare awards venue in a yellow side patted revealing dress and a varied length straight hairdo. She looks great though she is not that breathtaking in her outfit.