Latest deepika padukone hairstyles & hair cuts 2019

How a lady styles her hair is very important because it counts a lot on the look she will finally get. Before one chooses in what way she is to style her hair, she has to take into account a number of factors such as face shape, outfit, occasion, hair length, neck of dress etc. Deepika Padukone has considered all this and come up with a number of gorgeous hairstyles.

8Side fishtail braid

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This hairdo goes best with western outfits for casual occasions. It is done by folding the hair to one side and braiding the edges. It is very simple, convenient and less time consuming to imitate this ‘boom’ hairstyle.


Puff bun hairstyle
Braided bun
Braided bun hairstyle
Low twisted bun
Low twisted bun hairstyle


Some of the above pictures of bond to help beauty lovers and diva queens get it right. Deepika distinguishes three types of hair buns in her catalog of 2019 hairstyle. The first is puff buns which are held backwards with a puffy top as the name implies. The second type of buns is braided bun. This type of bun is obtained by braiding hair before holding it behind. The last bun is the low twisted bun which is realized by twisting the hair backwards before holding it in place.

6Sleek ponytail

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The fashion diva equally has a collection of ponytail hairdos which fit her so well. Generally she does the simple pony and for a more exotic look, she could opt for a side portion pony. Pony tails are global hair styles which are good for westerners, Indians, Asians etc. Deepika is such a beauty.

5Voluminous straight hair

Being the high spirited and determined lady she is these freer hairstyles depict her personality. Her best hairstyles leave her wavy hair falling over her shoulders. To obtain similar results a proper and efficient conditioning is required to give the hair a healthy look. It also avoids hair from flying on the face and so it helps also in keeping air off the face.

4Fancy and wavy

Her heart like face gives room for her to try her numerous hairstyles on without any complex. Most of her hairstyles look perfect on her because of the nature of her face. A good number of these hairstyles will and look that perfect if she had a round face. Her neat face and high cheek bones give room for a flawless hairdo and make up.

3Bob cut

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This beautiful super talented star has a smart collection of hairdo for every occasion. With this full package, she portrays her heroism in her choice of fashion hairdos. Her bob cut looks quite amazing on her with a perfect set of earrings to match her dress.

2High bun chignon

Deepika Padukone looks chick in her high bun chignon look. Her perfect choice of hairstyles has left most of her audience in great admiration to her easy to do styles. Though not smooth, the visible hair strands on every side of it moves it out of the ordinary.

1Voluminous shoulder length

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The hot classy diva looks stunning in her simple voluminous shoulder length middle parted hair. Middle or side parted hairs are some of the most loved hairstyle which are easy to realize in a few couple of minutes. She is a true example of a perfect beauty.