Top celebrities hairstyles & haircuts 2018

Getting a new hairstyle is the easiest (and cheapest too) way to get a fresh look and when it comes to the best hairstyles there are the celebrities to guide us with the latest trends and fashion. Want to take a dig at the top celebrity hairstyles of 2018? Here we are to help you.

While the short hairstyles and bobs are becoming more popular amongst the Hollywood celebrities, in India we can notice a clear trend of going with those long, glossy tresses. While the short haircuts certainly add a smart look to your overall appearance, the long manes are sure to steal the show. So, let us take a closer look at the top celebrity hairstyles of 2018 and the ongoing hairstyle trends in the world of entertainment.

Straightened shoulder length blunts of Kim Kardashian

She is a celebrity who has the power to set the trends. Her straightened shoulder length blunts work nicely to highlight her facial features and also goes pretty well with her off shoulder dress. This straightened blunt hairstyle is easy to maintain and can make a stylish pick for any lady of any age. However, for keeping your hairs poker straight like Kim, you might actually need to put in a lot of hair gel.

The messy pixie cut of Scarlett Johansson

Well, the black widow really looks ravishing in this black dress and the messy pixie cut compliments perfectly with her overall look. This hairstyle is a perfect one for the summer as it is very low maintenance and yet very stylish. While the hairs at the back and sides of the head have been cropped short, the longer, shaped locks falling on the forehead makes the hairstyle just too gorgeous for the eyes.

Uncared long layers of Amber Heard

These uncared layers look absolutely fantastic on Amber Heard. The hairstyle has given her a dreamy and soft look which really suits her well. Maintaining long layers like this one might not be easy, but if you are ready to take the pain, it is sure to give you the best look. Any lady of any age can tryout these long layers to get the right look for the summer.

The sleek ponytail of Emma Watson

A simple, sleek ponytail can look how perfect, Emma Watson has proved that more than once. This low ponytail is certainly one of the easiest and yet most stylish hairstyles of the year. The longer locks left open covering the sides of the face gives a softer touch to the overall look and also gives a longer look to a round face.

Long layered curls of Camila Alves

Check out this simply gorgeous hairstyle of Camila Alves which has certainly added a whole new dimension to her overall personality. The long, curled mane with chocolate highlights looks just perfect on her face. The side swept part of the hair at the front also hides the wider forehead perfectly, making her face look shorter.

The simple low bun of Penelope Cruz

Style this simple low bun like Penelope Cruz for any occasion and you are sure to win compliments for your looks. The lady here has perfectly paired the simple sleek hairstyle with a deep neck bodice which matches with the overall look.  Points to note in this hairstyle is that, though the back bun looks really simple, there is also a light puff at the back of the head and the hairs at the front has been tugged back loosely to cover the sides of her forehead and the ears.

The accessorized updo of Sofia Carson

Sofia Carson donned this updo in Oscars of 2018 and she literally left all of us agape with her style.  The braided updo has been placed right at the nape of her neck but what actually makes the hairstyle more attractive is the sleek side brush of the hairs. We can only imagine how much of hair gel must have gone into that work.

The retro style short curls of Lily Collins

This retro hairstyle looks really awesome on Lily Collins and any lady of any age can easily pick up this hairstyle. While one side of the short curls has been pinned back, the other side has been left loose giving the perfect retro look.  There is also a puffing effect at the front of the head, which compliments the hairstyle.  This retro look is one of the top most celebrity hairstyles of 2018.

Half curled shoulder length layers of Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra looked ravishing in her 2018 Golden Globe appearance in this rather simple hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the ends of each of the layers have been curled lightly, but the ends of the longest locks have been left blunt. Do not miss out the natural highlighting that matches perfectly with her dress. You can easily get this hairstyle to stay at the top of latest hairstyle trends.

The messy half updo of Diana Penty

Diana Penty looks absolutely adorable in this messy half updo that has left long sleek locks flowing down from the side of the face as well as at the back. The irregular partition of the hairs and the puff at the back are the other points that you should not miss if you are planning to get this hairstyle for any special occasion.

The long curled open hairstyle of Sonam Kapoor

No matter how much we complain about her dress in this picture, we just cannot stop to compliment her for the hairstyle.  The total volume of hairs have been curled into multiple sections and while the longer curls have been taken to the front at one side, the shorter curls hang loose on the other side of the shoulder. The rolled up hair at the front brings back the memories of older Hollywood days.  However, if you are planning to get this hairstyle, be ready with a lot of hair gel.

Cascading open hairstyle of Aishwarya Rai

We know that this beautiful red gown of her is already etched in your memory forever, but in your love for the dress, do not miss out her hairstyle, which perfectly complements the dress and her overall look. Her open hair have been added with curls in a fashion so that they appear cascading and fits perfectly with the pattern of the dress giving her a soft and fairytale ish look.

The top knot of DeepikaPadukone

Deepika Padukone looked really stylish and unique in her 2018 Cannes appearance where she chose to pair this top knot with her velvety green, body-hugging gown with a deep neck.  The sleek back brush of the hairs and the high placement of the bun added length to her face and made her facial features even more prominent. It is also an ideal summer ready hairstyle for any occasion.

Rolled open hairstyle of Kareena Kapoor

She has always given us fashion goals and her glossy tresses are surely desired by every girl. In this open rolled hairstyle Kareena Kapoor looks as beautiful as ever. Her smooth tresses have been rolled at the ends and the longer locks have been taken to the front from over one shoulder while the shorter bunches have softly fallen on her other shoulder.

Parineeti Chopra in puffed up ponytail

While a ponytail with a sleek back brush or middle partition is quickly becoming a hit amongst the popular actresses, this style of ponytail with puff on the crown does look fantastic as well. Here the hairs have been back brushed and a quite high puff has been created on the crown which has added length to the face.

Short intricate curls of KanganaRanaut

This lady has always been known in Bollywood for making her own fashion statement and she has always succeeded to pull off her every “out-of-the-box- look” in style.  Short hairs certainly reduce the maintenance time, but if you are going to get all those intricate curls, it is certainly not very easy to maintain. However, this hairstyle can easily make you look smart and stylish if you are ready to take the pain of regular maintenance. Do not miss out the caramel highlights on the curls which work as an indispensable part of the total hairstyle.

Well, now you have the list of the top celebrity hairstyles 2018; so start planning which one you should get for your next big occasion.