Latest kareena kapoor hairstyles & haircuts 2019

Kareena Kapoor is a Bollywood fashion Diva and celebrity whose hairstyles, beauty and charm have never ceased to impress her fans and lovers of fashion as a whole. With her perfect collection of clothes, accessories makeup and hair do, she has become more and more popular, not only in the Bollywood industry or India where she hails but for a wider audience.

10Classic chignon

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Her unique and dynamic nature has earned her millions of fans from across the globe. No matter the type of hairstyle she decides to do, it always ends up giving her the perfect look. Generally, her looks are not always complicated but they still make her look sophisticated and give her that glow she deserves.

9Wavy locks


Many of Kareena Kapoor’s fans and followers have decided to gain inspiration from her numerous classy hairdos in order to see for themselves that trick which makes it click. Kareena is such a beauty and so does not need to stress so much elegance. She looks graceful in her wavy locks.

8Straight and sleek

Over the years, the celebrity has gained popularity in and out of Bollywood. Her long hairstyle and haircuts have and continue to draw more attention to her personality. Her casual straight semi parted hair is equally look great on her.


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Her ever fresh face gives her the possibility of wearing buns so perfectly whenever and however she likes to.  Kareena Kapoor stands out to give her flawless looks which make her fans more and more interested in her hair fashion trends.

6Side parted waves

Kareena Kapoor stands out as another Bollywood hairstyle diva whose effortless styles are easily replicable. Before now, this celebrity is known for cute and long hairstyles. Never has this diva queen gone out of style.

5Sleek side sweep

She is always gorgeous and flawlessly pretty and has a good choice of style. Since the beginning of her career, she has sworn to entice her audience and millions of others with her looks. It is quite amazing that she has kept to this promise as she never ceases to thrill her audience with her ever changing and heart melting styles.

4Kareena Kapoor’s sleek side patterns

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She is a real fashion diva who picks up hair models with ease and absolute confidence.It is obvious that she trends in long parted hair but her latest hair cut photo shoot on instagram is equally very much appreciated as her long hairdos all thanks to her magical eyes which never fail to capture every bit of detail to give her the desired and satisfactory look that keeps thrilling her audience

3Kareena kapoor cut

In all, one can without any contradiction rate her as a perfect epitome of, chick, glamour and style in the contemporary fashion and entertainment industries. The softness of her face is revealed in this cut.

2Side braiding

Kareena’s side braiding in itself is just so elegant. This look is easy to do and brings out her feminine charm in an extraordinary way. She makes it look more elegant by leaving it as natural as it.

1Sleek in front

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Kareena’s super curly hair comes out once more to top her already impeccable facial look. The Bollywood actress nails it again on her easy going and rapid hairstyle which is another boom to her already excellent collection of hairdos.