Grooming tips for an interview

So, the interview for your dream job is just a few days away and you are all ready to face the board and to make the heads turn. However, are you really ready for it? You must be aware that in an interview it is not only your qualifications and knowledge that will be judged, but the experienced eyes of the interviewers will look to know “you”, as a person. Being well groomed can actually play the card in your favor. It can add immensely to your personality making it much easier for you to make the right impression at the very first time. Your first impression will always matter in your life and more so when it comes to the interview of your dream job. So, even if you are ready to answer all the questions that the interviewing board might ask you, it is equally important to get ready to make the best impression following the right grooming tips.

Use these grooming tips for an interview to prepare yourself and you can surely feel the difference in your own confidence level and also the way the interviewers interact with you.

Get a fit body

Men grooming tips for interview

A fit body can always be the key to get a well-groomed look that is sure to be appreciated everywhere. So, if you are overweight, losing a few excess kilos before the interview can certainly give your overall appearance an instant boost. If you are skinny, opt for the right diet coupled with proper exercises to get some muscles. A fit body can make you more self-confident which is sure to show through in an interview.

Get a perfect haircut

Long unkempt hair is a big no for interviews. Make sure to get a proper haircut 4-5 days before the day of interview. After a haircut it takes a few days for the hairstyle to sit best on you and hence getting the haircut 4-5 days prior instead of the day just before the interview is a good idea. Also make sure that you do not go experimenting with your hairstyle when there is an interview in few days. Go to your known barber and get the normal haircut as you always do.

Take care of your skin

Dirty, dry and rough skin will never add any points to your appearance rather they will simply steal away the well-groomed look from your face. Even if you do not usually take care of your skin, make sure to take the extra care from at least a week prior to the date of the interview. Clean your skin properly, scrub it and follow with a light moisturizer. If you have a tendency of pimple or acne, make sure to use some anti acne products so that a break out does not come up just the day before the interview. A naturally healthy looking skin can actually add a lot to your overall appearance.

Lips should not be left out

Women grooming tips for interview

Dry and chapped lips do not look well even on the men. You need not to use a lip gloss to make your lips look healthy, just make sure to use a moisturizer on the lips before going to the bed from a week prior to the date of the interview. Also scrub your lips to get rid of any dead skin that might be already sticking to your lips. This will ensure that your lips look healthy which can be helpful to get a groomed look.

Get the right oral hygiene

To make the right impression in an interview it is really important to have the best oral hygiene. If you have bad breath or stained teeth it is certainly going to hamper your impression. Start proper brushing and flossing from at least few weeks before the interview date. If you have badly stained teeth opt for a scaling 2 weeks prior to the interview. Also make sure to use a mouthwash before you leave for the interview.

Take care of your hands

After your face, it is your hands that are sure to have the maximum attention in an interview. So, make sure that your hands look well cleaned and groomed. Clip your nails properly, leaving a thin white strip of nails surrounding the nail bed. Also make sure that the nails are clean and they have the proper shape. Use some moisturizer on your hands before going to bed, to make sure that your hands look neat enough.

Shaving is important

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A close shaved look is always best suited for an interview but if you maintain a groomed stubble or a French beard it is important to make sure that it is in the right shape and there are no fly away. If you are not confident about your beard or if you think it does not give you the right smart look to face the interview for your dream job, it is best to abandon the style at least for sometimes and to get a clean shaved look if that makes you look smarter.

Trim the unwanted body hairs

Hairs popping out from your nostrils or ears can actually be the worst nuisance in an interview. It will not only hamper your personality but will also ruin your groomed up look. So before you go out for the interview, make sure to trim any unwanted body hairs. Also shave or trim the hairs on your chest if they are popping out through the neck opening of the shirt.

Last minute grooming tips for an interview

After highlighting the grooming tips that you should follow from at least a month to a week prior to the interview date, here are some last minute grooming tips that you should keep in mind before leaving for the interview,

The right clothing is important

You must be already aware about the proper dress code for an interview. Anything perfectly formal that makes you look smart can be a good pick for a job interview. It is also important to ensure that what you wear for the interview is clean, neatly pressed and smells well. The clothes need not to be very expensive but they should be in their prime and must not look shabby in anyway. The other thing to pay attention is the fit of the clothes. The right fit can actually do a lot to give the best groomed up look to a man and an ill-fit dress can do just the opposite.

Your shoes tells a lot about you

Men grooming tips at workplace

Never overlook the importance of your shoe when going for an interview. The shoes tell a lot about the choices and preferences of the owner. Make sure that you have put on a formal shoe that goes well with the dress you have chosen to wear for the interview. Your shoe must be in proper condition and well cleaned. Formal leather shoes are best for interviews. Make sure that it is shiny and the laces are in best condition. Also make sure that you put on clean socks that are not smelly.

Use a hair setting gel

To give your hairs a well set look, using a hair setting gel just before going to the interview can be a good option. While these gels are not certainly very good for your hairs, but you can surely use them for purposes like an interview where you need to look completely formal, neat and everything right in place.

Take care of that sweat

Sweating is a natural process and you really do not have much control on how much you sweat. However, appearing in an interview in a shirt that is wet with sweat near the underarms is certainly going to hamper your well-groomed look. So, before an interview take a bath with cold water and do not forget to use a product that reduces sweat formation in the underarms. You can also dust up some loose body powder on your body to stay dry for longer. Wear an undershirt that soaks up sweat and do not make your adrenaline rush which can increase sweating.

Don’t go overboard with the cologne

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While it is really important to ensure that you do not smell like a fish in an interview, it is also important that you do not smell like the owner of a cologne shop. So, use the cologne with caution and make sure that the scent is not overpowering in anyway. A strong male perfume might be a good pick for an evening party but certainly not for an interview. So, pick your cologne cautiously and use sensibly.

Get the right posture

One of the most important grooming tips for an interview is to get the right posture. A straight and attentive posture can do a lot of change your overall personality and appearance. The right posture can make you look more confident and well-groomed. A slouched posture is sure to hamper your appearance and make you look less attentive. Also practice a smart walk as your walk also says a lot about you.