Women grooming tips for interview

You must be preparing yourself for months to get positive result in your interview. Whether you are changing your existing job or applying for job for the first time in your life, interview will be of same importance. Since several candidates contend for same position, competition will be at the peak. You need to prepare yourself in the best possible way so that the panel of judges selects you for the position. Certain factors are responsible for your positive outcome in an interview.

One among such factors is grooming. Even if you have good experience and expertise in the particular field, improper presentation with very average presentation might be a reason behind your rejection. Grooming tips for women to face an interview will be effective to avail a positive outcome. Personal grooming tips for elegant women.

Women are going shoulder to shoulder with men in professional field. There are many women leaders who are making a mount out of a scrap. Thus, women have a lot of opportunities to explore. They can switch from one job to another for a better position as well as hike in salary. Even when fresher women wish to get a job, there are good scopes for her. But, grooming is an important part which all of us must consider. Te present ability of each woman while attending interview will be vital. Let us explore few tips.

Women grooming tips for interview

Dress code

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When you are facing an interview, proper dress code will be an important fact to consider. Always wear formals such as suits, saris, etc. You can also go for business formals while you are going to face the interview. Even if your position is such that you don’t have to face the customers or public, perfect formals during the interview will create a positive impression over the interviewer.  Even your dress must be properly pressed and tagged such that no informal look can be picked out.

Clean clothes

Don’t plan your interview in a hurry. Rather before facing your interview, you must plan everything in a perfect way. Don’t just rush with unclean clothes with stinks of sweat to the interview room. This will give you a negative remark just in the beginning. You must wash and clean your dress a week ago with proper ironing such that you don’t have to stay in panic in the last minute of interview. You must wear an appropriate dress that impresses your interviewer.

Colors for interview

It is not ideal to wear dresses of any color while facing an interview. There are some conservative colors that will match the situation. Go for very sober colors such as white, navy blue, grey, light pink, black etc when you are going to face the interview. Do not wear a garment or fabric which has glitters all over. Rather, this will make you look more of party going than formal interview. The dress must be very simple such that the interviewer would feel it to be an appropriate dress.


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Since it is about women’s grooming for interview, jewelry will be a part of the entire procedure. But, you must be very restricted about your jewelry. Don’t go for very heavy jewelries which you usually wear in a public gathering, wedding or outing. Rather go for very tiny ring and single strand chain which is almost invisible. You can wear a formal watch in your right or left hand while facing an interview.


Facial makeup will be really important for every lady whenever she is going to meet very important person in an interview. Go for very light makeup such that the interviewer should not feel that you have done a loud makeup. First of all clean your face with a cleanser, go for toning and then apply a light moisturizer. If you are going out in daylight, apply moisturizer that has SPF. Now apply eyeliner with thin lines and a light color lipstick over your lips. You can also apply a compact face powder on your face for a finishing touch.


If you are wearing a suit or a business formal, go for black or brown shoes such that it matches with your attire. Along with the shoes, socks should also be marching such that when you stand up, your socks should not peep between your shoe and end of your trouser. If you are wearing formal skirt for the interview, a high heel shoe with front cover will be an appropriate match. Leather shoes will be much preferable that any other types.

Things to avoid

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You should not wear unclean and shabby dress while facing the interview as this creates a negative impression over the interviewer. You should also avoid wearing cargoes, jeans as well as shorts while facing an interview. Even the t-shirts and sweat shirts are taken among the informal categories which must be avoided totally when facing a formal interview. Even you should not expose too much such that showing bare back, collar bone as well as cleavage while sitting in front of the interviewer.

Grooming tips for women to attend interview

Makeup for interview

If you are going to face the interview, you need to stay really presentable. But over makeup is not at all advisable. This can create a wrong impression towards the lady with over makeup. You need to apply a very light makeup over your face. Use a facial cleanser and apply a moisturizer. Now apply a face powder, eyeliner and a light lipstick.

Hairstyle for interview

The hairstyle will be another important consideration that will define the grooming of women in an interview. You need to go ahead with the formal hairstyle such as a bun, an updo or a ponytail. It is better not to go ahead with any complicated hairstyle. You must also remember that the hairstyle that you are adopting must be matched with the dress.

Nails must be clean

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You must also clean your nails really well as when you are going to hand over the CV  to the interviewer your nails will be visible. Even with the gestural expression your nails will be visible. If your nails are long and unshaped along with the accumulation of dirt, this can create a negative impression towards the interviewer. It is the time to keep your nails short clean and shaped.


Fragrance is something that is really vital to keep you stay fresh. But remember not to use the very strong fragrance. Go for very mild cologne with soft smell of fruit or flower. It should be enough to block the foul smell from your body. But at the same time should be not very loud that can create a negative impression towards the mass. Go for a lemon smell or a very mild fragrance which will create a positive impression of yours among the mass. Your first impression will be absolutely positive.