30 days pre grooming tips for bride

Another word for bride is beauty. Invitees in a wedding occasion rush to see the bride first as she will be the individual supposed to look very beautiful on that day. One the day of marriage generally the couples become too busy and tensed. Thus, they fall out on the part of grooming. Thus, it will be important to start beautifying yourself from a month before your wedding day.

Stress is a vital factor which can drop a negative impression on your face. Even if you apply expensive makeup during the day of your marriage, stress on your face will be ideal to take away everything. Thus, you need to have control on stress on the very day. There are also variety of tips in making stress away from your life.

Wedding is a very special moment in the life of every girl. They wish to stay best and look best. But, only a single day makeup during the wedding day is not enough. You need to prepare yourself from a month before. The family members and close relatives will be doing every arrangement for making your wedding a grand success.

But, you yourself need to care yourself in such an order that during the wedding day, you stay beautiful. Some pre bridal grooming tips will help your stay beautiful. Just before 30 days you need to plan your beauty routine and follow the same. Let us find some detail.

30 day pre grooming tips for bride

Day 30th – 24th

Pre grooming tips for brides

This is the week for a plan to stay beautiful and even perfect way of implementation. This is the week to realize that only a month or less is left for your wedding day where you will be the centre of attraction. This is the week to concentrate on the basis of beautifying routines so that you can be healthy from inside with special glow.

Tips to stay healthy and youthful

Water – Drinking water is an important factor which most of the people miss out. Your skin will become dry and unattractive if you don’t drink adequate water. It will be preferable for you to drink around 8 glasses of water in a day to stay hydrated

Fast food – If you want to look beautiful from inside during your wedding day, this is the time to stay healthy by withdrawing fast food completely from your meals.

Healthy meals – In order to make your skin healthy, healthy food with less oil must be consumed. Try to consume as much as green vegetables in your diet and roughage so that your bowel movement is clear and you don’t have any digestion problem. Sometimes dark spots and marks over your face can be the result of improper bowel movement. Thus, try to consume as much roughage as possible in your diet.

Women grooming tips at workplace

Relaxation – If you are engaged with a job routine, take few days of leave and relax as relaxation will be a wonderful remedy to stay beautiful before marriage. You can proceed with breathe in and breathe out exercise to stay away from stress.

Sleep – Proper sleep is a significant factor to stay healthy and stress free. You must at least sleep 8 hours in a day to stay beautiful. Proper sleep will reduce puffiness and dark circles on your eyes making you look gorgeous and vibrant.

Day 23rd -17th

Visit dermatologist – Visit a renowned dermatologist clinic and analyze whether there are any problems in your hair and skin. If anything is found immediately go for treatment.

Visit beauty parlors and spas – Ask a beautician about the proper treatment you need to avail just three weeks before the day of your wedding. Some ladies have some chronic problems such as dark circles under eye, dryness of skin, cracked heels. You must go ahead with beauty treatment under the advice of beautician.

Best beauty tips for glowing skin

Manicure and pedicure – During your wedding occasion, people will see you from head to foot. Thus, you need to be at your best from all corners. If you have toes with dirt trapped in the corner of your nails, it’s time to get them away. You can now go to a beautician and get your pedicure and manicure done. Along with keeping your nails clean, you must also get well shape of the same which will add an additional allure to your bridal look.

Weight loss – Ladies with the tendency of gaining excess weight must go ahead with the weight loss program before their marriage as the bulkiness in their image will add indecent look during the special day of her life.  You must schedule an appointment with the dietician to get an appropriate diet package such that you can easily get around 3-4 kg of your weight. In order to look beautiful you need to drop some weight.

Planning about ceremony look – In the 3rd week you need to decide about the dress and other accessory you need to wear on the day of the occasion. If you are willing to wear a tailor made costume, this will require some time and you should definitely let your tailor know about the design and even give your measurement so that he does not spoils the garment while making it in a hurry.

Waxing – Along with your face, your hands and legs also needs to be taken care of. If you have hairs over your hand and legs, it’s time to remove it completely. Some people applied hair remover but those would not be cure for a long time. Even if waxing is little painful, it gives much realistic results. You must go ahead with waxing to remove unwanted hair from your body.

Day 16th – 10th

Best pre grooming tips for bridegroom

Skin care – You must need to have good care of your skin especially your face. You need to visit your beautician regularly or call her at home in order to carry on with regular facials so that by the time you reach the day of your marriage, your skin becomes really very glowing and attractive in appearance. Along with facials, you should also avail body spa and ayurvedic massage to get rejuvenation.

Home remedies – Even after you have avail professional facials; go ahead with some home remedies to stay beautiful. Some natural products at home are very effective in getting you glowing and rejuvenated skin. Try out one home remedies for skin care everyday to get glowing skin. For example one day you can apply cucumber juice on your skin and the next days go ahead with cleaning through raw milk. There are face packs made up of besan and yogurt that will make your skin look clear and glowing with fairness all over. Potato available at home also becomes effective when you apply its pulp over your skin. This is a wonderful remedy to make your skin tone fair.

Hair styling – On your wedding day, the hairstyle when you would adopt must be most attractive among all the guests attending your wedding ceremony. It is better to decide about your hair styling before the occasion approaches. You can also go ahead with the research and find out the most effective from variety of hairstyles available in internet. You can try each style everyday and see which one suite you the best. You can try updos, braided hairstyles, buns etc for the ceremony.

Sun protection – As the wedding day approach, you need to take much care about your face and skin tone. It’s better not to get out in sun during the day light as the excessive sun exposure will be really harmful for your skin. Instead try to stay whole day at home and get out in the evening when the sun sets. If it is urgent to get out in the bright sunlight, apply a sunscreen lotion that has strong SPF or sun protection factor. You need to stay fair and attractive without affecting your skin tone at all.

Milk bath – The best thing you can do to make your skin soft and beautiful will be milk bath. Take a jar or a mug filled with raw milk and get inside your bathroom. Just after your bath is over apply raw milk slowly over each part of your body and rub it slowly. Try and massage your body for about 10 minutes. Now wash the milk with water and come out of the bathroom. You can experience fair skin with softness and brighter complexion.

Day 9th– 2nd

Stop going out – Since only a week is left for your wedding occasion, you must seriously stop going out. If you are an employee working in a corporate environment take leave from a week ago of your marriage day so that you can maintain yourself. If you wish to meet someone, ask him/her to visit your home instead of your going out as going out can affect your complexion and skin. You can also avoid some mishaps taking place outside by avoiding going out totally.

Top self easy grooming tips

Hair plan – Since you cannot cut or trim your hair one year after your wedding, it’s better to trim your hair now. Go for a stylish cut as a pre marriage haircut of your to surprise your husband. But do not make cut your hair too short such that you cannot go ahead with styling during the day of your marriage. Keep your hair in the mid range so that you can tie it and also keep it open whenever you wish.

Skin exfoliates – You can get variety of skin exfoliates in the market which are for variety of people with different skin tone. If you have very dry skin and rough go for harder exfoliate but if your skin is moderate go ahead with milder exfoliate. Go ahead with exfoliate once in everyday so that dead skin from your face gets eradicated replacing the same with beautiful and youthful skin.

Mental calm and short naps – As the days of your marriage approaches, your mind tends to get tense. Even there is excitement, but underlying fear will be always there. Thus, you need to keep your mind calm through meditation. Also try to take short naps on a regular basis so that your brain can get enough rest.

Review your wedding attire – As you have planned about your wedding dress and other accessories for the special day, you need to see whether everything is in order or not in the week before as this is the high time to see whether everything in order. You don’t need to get tensed in the last minute.

Fairness creams for oily skin

Reminder for beautician – Since the professional will come to get you a perfect bridal look on the day of your marriage, you also need to ensure and remind the stylish a week ago so that he/she remembers the time and the date of wedding. There should not be any mess in the last minute. If you have any suggestion, advice etc on your wedding look to be establish just let the beautician know from before so that he/ she can do necessary edit according to your wish.

30 days pre grooming tips for bride

Plan for 4th week

If 4 weeks are left for your wedding, this is the time you must go ahead with healthy diet and exercise. Most of you might be putting on weight. Go for simple jog and free hand exercise. Also have enough water so that your skin stays hydrated and free from wrinkles.

Plan for week 3

When the 3rdweek is approaching, you must take good care of your face and skin. It is important to go ahead with healthy skin routine such as cleansing toning and moisturizing. There after go to parlors to get facials done. You can also apply some homemade face packs and stay beautiful.

Plan for week 2

How to get the glowing skin

By this time you must have almost completed the shopping. But, the last moment shopping is to be done during this phase. You must go for shopping but only for the costumes, makeup and jewelry shopping. Also stay away from stress and take good rest. You can go to the massage parlors and stay relaxed with body massage.

Plan for week 1

If you have approached this week, it means you are just a hand away from your wedding day. You should hop going out during this period. Carry on with all types of health and beauty routine that you have been carrying on during the previous weeks. Keep all your jewelries, makeup, costumes ready so that you can avoid last minute rush during the wedding day.