7 day pre grooming tips for bridegroom

A week before your marriage is crucial. The essential preparations will start from the time. This is the point of time when you should start to take care of your look and appearance. It is also the time to have proper personality grooming. It is not necessary that men should spend half of the day at the salon taking care of their look. Still, it is necessary that you do everything to appear so neat and proper. It is not bad that you pamper yourself right before that special day of wedding. For you can expect all the bests to come up in the way and this should be a treat and compliment to the new and revised look you have put up with to stand with dignity beside the bride.

The right look for men

Grooming tips for bald men

On the day of wedding the man must appear fit and straight. Thus, you have reasons to start working on the belly. There should be no bulging out stomach. This is sure to look odd. So, before a week if you feel that your stomach has tucked out make sure to visit the gym on regular basis to tone down the part of the body. It is required that you appear fit and fab for the day. For the reason you can take to weight and cardio training. You should also jog every morning to appear smart and best. You can even attend classes of martial arts or yoga. These are ways you can adopt to appear lean and smarter.

Taking care of the facial hair

On the special day your face should appear clean and bright. There should not be unnecessary hair growth here and there. In case you have a moustache you should trim it well to appear so smart. Keep moisturizing your beard for the prior seven days and this would really make you appear shiny and smart on the special occasion. In fact, there are lots of ways you can manage and style your beard and moustache. This is a great way you can indeed appear so well groomed and neat.

Taking care of less and more hair growth

Apart from the face there are other hair fixing issues too. Some women do not like absolutely clean shaved look. But you must make sure to clean the dense hair areas. You should clean the hair of arms and chest and for this you can take to waxing or threading. You can do this before seven days of your wedding and get the same trimmed well on the final day. You can even opt for permanent hair removal and for this you can take to the safe and painless option of laser treatment. For this you need to have few appointments and thus a prior planning is required in this case. In case you are having hair fall please make sure to oil your hair regularly and take to simple and healthy diet to have the best hair and health maintenance. For the same you can even talk to an expert and he would tell you the ways to avoid unnecessary hair thinning.

Keeping the hands soft and nourished

This is the moment when you need to hold the hands of your beloved. Thus, it is necessary that you keep your hands soft and firm. Your hands should not be flaky and dry. Thus start before seven days and keep on massaging your hands with coconut oil. This is simple and you can do it everyday without visiting the salon. You can even use aloe vera for the same and in the way your hands are expected to be so soft and well nourished. Petroleum jelly is one more way you can retain the goodness of your skin and hands and this way you can even cure cuts and cracks. In fact, it is important that you moisturize your hand everyday before the arrival of the final moment.

You should make sure to keep the nails clean and shining before the day of wedding. In case you don’t take to manicure and pedicure you can at least do the regular cleaning of the nails of your hands and feet. Long nail is not expected in case of the males. So make sure to keep the same of the right size to have the expected neat and proper appearance.