Grooming tips for bald guys/mens

Going bald is certainly not a welcoming change in the life of any men but if it happens you have no other option but to accept it. What can be a better way than embracing baldness with a style and believe us it can certainly help you make the style statement and impression that you might be always missing in your life. Yes, going all bald might not be welcoming but it is not certainly that bad either, at least for the men. So, if you have lost your hairs or losing it pretty quickly and big bald patches are already evident on your head, it is not the end of the world, neither the end of the days of looking at the mirror. Groom yourself in the right way with that bald head and you can still be a sensation in your professional as well as personal circles.

Check out the best Grooming tips for bald guys/men and embrace your new look in style,

A clean head is better than small hair patches

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Yes, believe us. No matter how much you love the few remaining hair strands on your head, they can never cover your head in a proper way giving you the old look back. Patches of long hairs on the head separated by wide bald skin is sure to affect your looks in the worst way. So, when you have got a big bald patch on your crown, it is best to get a clean shave. Once you have a clean shave you will have the option to make it look better, but with big bald patches and a few long strands of hairs running here and there you just cannot try out anything new.

The short cropped hairstyle

If your hairs at the back and at the sides of the head are still intact but your hairs from the front and crown are gone, you can opt for a short cropped hairstyle from the sides and back after shaving the front and the middle part all clean. This short cropped hairstyle from the sides and back with a shaved crown might not suit everyone, but it is certainly worth a try as if it suits you, it is sure to give your personality a positive boost.

Take care of your hairs

Yes, even if you have shaved your head, you need to keep a check on the thin hairs that will grow over time. Just like you shave your beard, you need to shave your head routinely to keep it all clean. If you are maintaining short clipped hairstyle at the back, it is also important to make sure that you trim and cut them regularly to keep in place. Maintaining the right length of the stubbles in case you have opted for a side cropped hairstyle with a clean shaved crown, is important.

Grow a beard

Even if you never used to have a beard before, growing a beard after you have shaved your head can be a good idea. Beard can suit very well with a completely shaved head. You can try out any style of beard starting from light stubble to a French beard or a full goatee. Try out different styles to find out which one suits best with your face shape. Keep in mind, after you have gone bald, the visual impact of your face shape has to change and it must look longer than before. So, pick a style of beard that suits your current face shape and it is sure to add to your overall appearance and personality.

Take care of your head

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Once you have shaved your head, it is important that you take proper care of the bare skin. Scrub your scalp twice a week with a proper face scrubber and do not forget to moisturize it daily. While moisturizing your shaved head is important, opt for a water based moisturizer that will not make the shaved head glossy or oily. When there are hairs, you really need not to apply sunscreen on your head, but once the cover of hairs is gone, it is important that you start applying a proper sunscreen on your shaved head every time before going out into the sun. During the winters it is really essential that you put on a warm cap to ensure that you do not catch cold easily, this is very common amongst men who have gone bald recently.

Your face needs more attention now

With no hairs on the head, now it is the face that will take the full attention. So, it is important that you take the best care for your face now. Instead of stopping to look at the mirror, start spending a few more minutes in front of it. Keep your face clean and free from dirt, grime, oil. Scrub your face regularly and maintain the best cleanliness to ensure that there are no pimples or blackheads on your face. Use a moisturizer regularly to keep skin dryness at bay. If your head is a well-cared clean slate now, it is important that your facial skin also matches with it. So, take care of it.

Pay attention to the details

After you have gone bald, it is important that you give more attention to the other details as even a small disruption is most expected to be more visible now to any eye. So, check out for any extra hairs popping out from the ears or nostrils. It is also a good idea to keep your hairs on the chest all cropped or shaved as thick chest hairs can actually look out of place with a shaved head. So, once you have shaved your head make sure to take care of the body hairs carefully.

Get rid of those bushy brows

Bushy brows might look well on you when you have a head full of hairs but as you go bald and decide to shave your head, it is important that you clip your brows much shorter and thinner. Thick brows might complement a receding hairline but it is sure to look odd when you have a clean shaved head. So, now you need to consider your eyebrows too and get them plucked and clipped according to your face shape.

Take care of your oral health

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Taking proper care of oral health is a must grooming tip for every man/guy and more so for the bald gentlemen. If there are plaques visible between your teeth or if you have stained, yellow teeth it is certainly going to hamper your impression. As already noted, when you have no hairs on the head, your face becomes the whole point of attention and hence ensuring that your teeth are well cleaned and not-stained is important to get that well-groomed look. Also make sure that you have a pleasant breath or it can affect your impression in the worst way.

Maintain your hands and nails

For bald guys, it is really important to keep their hands and nails cleaned and well-groomed. After the face, it is always the hands that catch the attention and without hairs on the head you just cannot afford to get more marks deducted from your appearance due to untidy and dirty hands. So, clip your nails regularly and make sure to moisturize your hands daily. Also ensure that there is no dirt or grim stuck under your nails.

A stud might be a good option

Putting on a stud on your ear after you have shaved your head completely can be a good option if it suits with your professional life. A simple stud on the ear can easily divert the attention of the onlooker from the bald head to the bling on the ear. So, unless you have to maintain a steep dress code in your professional life, you can always try out a small stud on your ears after going bald, to get a different look.

Pick your shirt wisely

For bald men/guys it is really important to pick the dress with caution. A man can look good enough and well-groomed even without hairs on his head, but not without the proper dress. Take special care about the neckline of your dress because going bald certainly changes your silhouette.For bald guys/men, opting for shirts with collar is always a safe option as the collared shirts help in framing the head while the “V” neck shirts create a contrast with the head curvature.

Take maximum care about the fit of clothing

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Clothing that does not fit you exactly can never give you the right look and if you have gone all bald on the head it is really important that you put on only well fitted dresses which can naturally give your personality a boost. Make sure that you pick dresses that come with a proper constriction above the waistline. After going bald your upper body will naturally look longer and hence wearing a low waist dress or a dress without a proper constriction near the waist is most expected to not to suit your new profile.

Watch your posture and walk

The way you carry yourself speaks a lot about your personality. Having an erect posture can easily add a lot of points to your profile. Make sure that you have the right walk and you do not slouch while walking or sitting. The right body language can always hide any flaws in your looks, even a completely bald head. So, make sure that you have the right body language that compliments with your personality.

Do not forget to smell nice

No matter if you have gone all bald at the head or you have a head full of hairs, if you smell of sweat and dirt, it is certainly going to hamper your personality. Once you have lost your hairs, it is important that you take care of every other aspect that makes your personality as now they will attract more attention. Take bath whenever you feel dirty or sweaty and do not forget to use a nice but mild smelling male cologne every time you leave home.