How to remove acne in men?

Acne is among one of the most common skin disorders according to the American Academy of Dermatology. It can occur at any age. A study published in the Journal of AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) found that 42 % of men between the ages of 18 to 29 claims to have acne, and 32 % between the 30 to 39 years of age suffer from acne.

Acne is a common problem in men as men have more oily skin than women. Although it is not a deadly disease, but acne can create stress on individuals as it hampers the appearance of an individual. About 25% of male population has skin problems out of which acne is the common one. Acne is also very common when an individual is going through the puberty stage.

Causes of acne in men

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Acne can be triggered by stress, lack of sleep and unhealthy diet. But it is actually caused due to sebum, the natural moisturizer which is produced by the sebaceous glands. The excess production of sebum results in formation of acne. It is noticeable during the puberty stage. Dr. Christopher B. Harmon from Total Skin and Beauty Dermatology Center, Birmingham, Alabama, stated that over eating habits and environment is a major factor which causes acne. This determines whether an individual’s skin is prone to acne or it isn’t.

Anabolic steroids can also cause acne in men, these are commonly consumed by bodybuilders and athletes to increase the muscle mass. A study shows that men who have consumed or still consume this steroid, tend to suffer from a severe type of acne which is the cystic acne. It can be cured by restricting the consumption of anabolic steroids.

Remedies to overcome acne in men

Here are some of the remedies which can cure acne effectively.

Regularly cleaning your face

Regularly cleaning the face is very important as it doesn’t allows dirt, dust particles, oil and dead skin cells to settle down on the surface of the skin. Cleaning the skin to eliminate skin peeling is also very important.

Beauty tips for men

  • Wash your face at least twice a day with your face wash.
  • Scrubbing helps remove infections. Scrub your skin twice a week with an exfoliative scrubber.

Shaving techniques

Shaving is one thing which is a part of the daily schedule. If you have acne then you should shave very carefully without putting much pressure on the affected area as it may worsen the conditions.

  • Use a sharp razor to shave. After shaving do use an after shave lotion.

Ice cube

It is considered as one of the most effective and helpful home remedy for acne in men.

  • Rub ice cubes on the affected area of your skin.
  • Else, apply a paste of lemon juice and sandalwood powder on the acne. Let it dry. Rub an ice cube over it.

Sandalwood powder

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Sandalwood powder is among the most effective traditional cure for men suffering from acne.

  • Make a mixture of sandalwood powder with rose water.
  • Apply it directly on the infected area.
  • Rinse off after it dries.

Lemon massage

Lemon being a soothing substance has the ability to heal acne. It is very much effective in curing skin infections for men and women both. It is a natural healer and has zero side effects on any type of skin. It also helps get rid of acne, exfoliates the skin, cleanse the skin and removes any sort of acne scar or dark spot left on the skin.

  • Take a lemon, slice it.
  • Rub it on the affected area.
  • Apply this twice a day for effective results.
  • Rinse it with water and pat dry. Use moisturizer as lemon can dry out the skin.


An alcohol-free, mild toner helps kill bacteria before it can affect the skin pores.

  • Use a cotton ball soaked in the toner to cleanse the skin.
  • Apply it after shaving to keep your skin cleansed.

Tropical acne medication

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It is an ointment that contains an antimicrobial known as clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide which can be very much helpful and useful for any type of acne. A doctor’s prescription is required for availing this medicine from your nearest medicine shop.


Use a topical retinoid. Retinoid is a medication used to treat skin infections like, pimples that appear on the surface of the skin and blackheads. These are available in the market and one can purchase it by showing a prescription or can get it over the counter. Retinoid are the only medication which can effectively fight the microcomedone, the lesion which precedes acne.