How to remove pimples in men

Pimples are not only a serious issue for the teenagers or women; adult men also suffer from acne and that also affects their self-confidence. But thankfully, with the support of some products and natural ways pimples can be removed completely and maintained so that it may not relapse again.

Reasons of pimple formation

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Before you know the remedies to refrain pimple, make sure that you also come across with a couple of reasons responsible for the acne formation.

Imbalanced diet

To enjoy a disease free life, it is important to follow a balanced diet. Mostly, people, these days are fed on the imbalanced diet because of their changing lifestyle. Instead of blaming each other and giving it all on the situation, it will be better to start taking fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and white meat by replacing an excessive amount of red meat and alcohol. Acne can be removed from a proper and healthy diet.

Excessive sunlight

Men who have to spend more time throughout the day in the sun often come across with issues like heavy sweating and that leads to pimple formation. Thus, using sunscreen products and using eye shades are suggested to resist the scorching sun in the daytime.


Stress is a slow killer. In today’s world, there would hardly any person who is not stressed for their job, career, studies, personal life, family, studies etc. Men suffering from acute stress often end up having the swollen pimples on the cheeks, throughout the torso, and limbs. It is advisable to beat the stress by regular exercising, walking, jogging, swimming, or with the help of yoga.

Tips to remove pimples

Scrubbing 2 to 3 times a week

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Scrubbing is excellent for exfoliating. There are products available which contain finest of exfoliating beads that help in removing the dirt and dead skin from the skin and ensure deeper cleaning. This is how the outbreak of pimples can be stopped and so as the troubles caused by clogged pores.

Using pimple creams

It is not required to slather pimple creams for the occasional acnes, but if it goes worst and constantly reappearing, it is suggested to apply pimple creams. Men’s pimple spot creams contain the compounds to suck the pimples within maximum 48 hours from inside and make the face or skin look fresh.

Men’s pimple lotion per dermatologist’s references should be applied for persistent breakthroughs of terrible acne in men. All these products contain benzoyl peroxide to prevent acne. Do check the allergy test before using these skin products.

Applying face mask to control oily skin

Acne or pimple issues are more prone to the oily skin. Men having oily skin must apply men’s face mask once in a week for better results. This will help them to soak the excessive oil formed across their face contours.

Men’s body wash or face wash with salicylic acid

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Men suffering from over oily skin and regular acne problem should opt for using the body wash and face wash available for pimple resistant purposes. Usually, the products contain salicylic acid which helps in preventing the acne formation. Thus, applying the liquid soap of such products on the chest and the back during bathing can help to remove pimples.

Stop using hot showers

Do you enjoy spending in the hot tub or a hot shower? But it should be strictly avoided if you are suffering from pimple problems. Actually, hot water dries up the skin and making it more irritating for those suffering from acne problems.

Thus, taking showers in the cold water and lukewarm water is more advisable than using the hot water. Along with that, using the referred soaps and scrubs can help in removing the acne issues in men effectively.

Using sunblock

Sunblock or sunscreen lotions for men are widely found in markets these days. Depending on the skin types such products are purchased. Men who have to stay in the sun for quite some time throughout the day must start using these preventives to avoid acne formations.

These are some of the most viable tips to resist and remove pimples in men. Try these solutions and stay away from the acute skin problem creating a hassle for quite some time.