Beauty tips for men

The world is a fashion siesta and we are the performers on this stage of beauty. Well, those days have past when it was just the beauty of the women or ladies that was admired. Now the masculine also plays a big sport in this category. Needless to say, the men are now very concerned for their skin, health, fitness and what not. After all, each one of us wants to look good and handsome or beautiful.

Women always want a groom or man who is well-groomed or has a chiselled body. Not only women, but the men also need a skin care regime.

Simply cleansing with face wash or applying face pack won’t do the need, you have to know a bit more in order to get a perfect skin irrespective of the weather change or any other affecting circumstances. You have to maintain your skin in all types of weather variations and you can only do that if you follow the following tips.

Protect your face when you shave

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It is very essential to use shaving cream as men’s skin is very sensitive and shaving can cause ingrown hair and irritation. If you are facing redness problems while shaving, you must use shaving creams that has soothing effects or are made up of ingredients that gives soothing sensation. Avoid using shaving gels because they contain more alcohol which makes the skin dry and irritated.

Minimize Wrinkles

Consumption of water fruits and vegetables is very important for controlling wrinkles. You should add fruits like watermelon, tomatoes, cucumber and lemons in your diet. Increase the intake of cabbage in your diet which helps to remove fine lines. It also flushes out the toxins from the body which makes your skin look young.

Fight against Baggage under the eyes

Your, under the eye problems are majorly because of stress, lack of sleep or fluid retention. One of the best solutions is consumption of celery which reduces stress and flushes out the excess fluids from the body. Another good option to treat them from the outside is chilled raw potato slice. Put them under the eyes for 20 minutes so that dark circles are reduced. You can also put a slice of cucumber to calm your eyes and make it feel cool and fresh.

Trim eyebrows but never shave them

Skin care tips for male

If you have a unibrow you should use a tweezer but never ever shave them. It is easy when you try to pluck them after a shower or take a steam so that the pores open up which makes tweezing, easier and less painful. If you are a fan of shaped eyebrows you can trim them. Just brush the hair in upward direction and cut the ends with the use of a small scissors.

Toning along with cleansing and moisturizing

  • This is very important for the skin as it gets wide-open to harsh sunlight or immense pollution especially if you are living in a metro city.
  • A mild facial cleanser that works on all kinds of skin as men’s skin are normally thick as compared to the women is all you need.
  • Often the rose milk or simply potion of rose water is used.
  • One should always wash their face before going to bed.
  • The use of mild cleanser is recommended as it won’t dry your skin.
  • The use of moisturiser will help you to prevent cracks especially in the cold and dry season. The skin will be prevented from getting dry under the light exposure.

Sunscreen always

Men always want to avoid sunscreens while going out. But the effect is very much as it makes the skin very rough and dry. You can also get tanned with the exposure to sunlight daily.

  • SPF value of 30 or more is recommended for the men which can block the sun rays directly penetrating the skin.
  • To minimise the effect it is always recommended to apply the sunscreen on hands as well.

Daily exfoliation

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  • Exfoliation is necessary in order to remove the dead cells which can accumulate in a patch and hence lead to infection caused by the bacteria on your precious skin.
  • It is recommended to get the skin scrubbed, else the skin pores will be filled up with the dirt and make it ugly.
  • Once a week, you must use a gentle and mild scrub which causes no irritation on the face, in order to smoothen your skin.
  • Ultimately, the irritation will get reduced on the skin.
  • In order to remove the dirt, you can use a scrub which is gel like, for your face

Face lines that hampers a lot

Mostly, we get wrinkles or dark circles below our eyes. The skin is very soft below the eyes and there is a huge probability that these areas get dry very easily. So, wrinkles form up around the eyes. For this problem, one must use a good cream especially a hydrated one at night before bedtime.

Caring of lips

The lips that talk and the lips that melts others’ hearts. They get tanned easily and can look horrible if not taken care properly. One must use a good lip balm in order to keep it smooth and soft.

  • You must eat well, in order to take care of you face and lips as well. Plenty of water is what is required along with juices. It will prevent the signs of getting aged or tanned easily.
  • So, apply a hydrating lip balm before bedtime with good SPF, so that the lips can absorb it and it remains smooth in the day time.

Hair and beard

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One can sport beard and there is no harm in that. But cleaning them is mandatory if you are planning to keep them for a long time. One must use a god shampoo according to hair type for cleaning the hair at a regular interval.