Grooming tips for beards

To make a special style statement a beard can be a good pick for any guy. If you want to make a difference in your look, getting a suitable beard can make all the change. Beard can go well with men of every age. You only need to make sure that the beard is suitable for you. However, getting a beard according to your master plan is not the end of it; rather it is just the beginning. To let your beard really make a style statement, grooming it properly is vital. Unless you groom your beard well there is no point in keeping it, because an ungroomed beard will never add to your style statement or personality, rather will make you look close to a caveman which might not be really appreciated in any circle. So, if you are growing your beard, be ready to spend the extra time on grooming it in the right way. This article will tell you about the best grooming tips for beards.

Let them grow sufficiently

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Yes, this is the first thing that you need to follow to get that well-groomed beard. You cannot shape and groom your beard unless they have grown considerably. Trimming a hair from here and one from there is not surely going to make the job easier, rather messy. Some facial hairs grow quickly than the others, while some may take more time to reach the same length. So, while you are growing your beard, be patient and give it sufficient time before you start grooming it.

Know when to let it go

However, keep in mind, everyone cannot grow a beard. It is nothing else but simple genetics. So, if you see even after months of letting the facial hairs grow, they are still patchy and not sufficient for a well-groomed bear it is best to shave them off and move on. Not having a beard is not an issue and if you cannot have it the right way it is best to not to have it at all. Having improperly grown beard is certainly not a good idea because it will never give you the right look, for which you can put extra effort. So, know when to let it go.

Chose the right style

This is a point where you cannot afford to go wrong. There are many variations in beard. You can have well maintained stubble, a French beard, a full goatee or any other creative variation of it according to your likings. However, the first thing to consider here is not your preference but your facial features and the beard style that will suit your face. Having the right style of beard can actually add a lot to your appearance and at the other hand, having a beard that does not match well with your facial features, is certainly going to make it all look wrong. There is also some software as well as charts that you can use to find out the right beard style for your face. Do your research and choose cautiously.

Keep it neat

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All the difference between having a well-groomed beard and not shaving for weeks stands on keeping it neat. So, when you are growing a beard, it is important to keep it neat. The key to a neat beard lies in trimming it in the right way at the right time. Trimming is crucial to maintain your beard properly and to give it the right look. While trimming start from just below the ear of one side and continue till the middle of the chin and then do the same for the other side, keeping the side done previously as a reference. This is the easiest and most effective way to ensure that your beard is well balanced from both the sides.

Trimming is not always necessary

If you think that the only and the best solution to keep your beard neat is to trim it, you are taking it wrong. You can train your facial hairs to grow in the same direction and to add to the exact shape of the beard by brushing them properly and frequently with a beard brush. You can also add better maneuverability to the flyways with a soft styler, which will let you adjust the direction of the beard. So, instead of trimming out every time, try to make the maximum number of the hairs join the main growth. It will add volume to the beard giving it a better look. If the flyway seems to be untamable and making the beard look dirty then trim it away.

The right time to trim your beard

Never make the mistake to trim your beard when it is wet. You must have seen the barber’s doing it at the parlor while cutting the hairs, but a professional barber will never do it while shaping a beard unless he is a pro in it. When your beard is wet, the hairs will naturally look longer than they will appear when dry. So, if you are trimming them when wet, there is always the chance of over trimming, that will look out of place once dry. Always trim your beard only when it is dry.

Only use the best quality tools

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This is one of the most important tips for grooming a beard. No matter what you are planning to do with it, shaping, pruning, mending whatever, it is important that you use only the best quality tools. Even if you are a pro at it, you can never have the best results unless you use the best quality tools. So, make it a point to spend on quality tools and equipment for grooming your beard and then check out few tutorials to be sure about how to use the tools in the right way before you get started.

Shampoo your beard

Yes, just like you wash your hairs with a good quality moisturizing shampoo, wash your beard too. Though there is a lot of difference in the quality of the hairs on the head and of the facial hairs, but they need similar type of maintenance particularly when you are growing the facial hairs long. So, make it a point to shampoo your beard at least 2 -3 times every week. Do not wash your beard with the regular soap or alkali based face wash that you might be using on your face. Regular use of soaps and soap based face washes can easily dry out the hairs of the beard causing split ends and roughness.

Condition it the right way

Conditioning is also vital to groom and maintain your beard in the right way. Conditioners not only help to prevent split ends but also offer protection from dirt, grime and pollutants.When it comes to conditioners for beard, it is best to opt for a live in type of conditioner instead of the wash off varieties. Live in conditioners can ensure long time protection of your beard, which is important. Beard oils are one of the favorites of the professional barbers because these oils help in conditioning the beard hairs in the right way while adding a glossy and smooth look to them. So, pick a suitable beard conditioner and use it routinely.

Take care of your cheeks too

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This is a point that often men miss out. While it is important to maintain the beard to get that groomed up look, it is also vital to moisturize the skin beneath from time to time to ensure proper growth and maintenance of the beard. Healthy skin is the key to well-groomed facial hairs. If the skin underneath is dry and starving, it is sure to hamper the quality and the looks of the facial hairs too. So, in order to give your beard the right groomed up look, take care of the skin underneath as well.

Brush your beard regularly

After your beard has reached certain length, it is really important that you brush it regularly. Use a soft beard brush for the purpose and make sure to brush the hairs in the direction you want the hairs to grow. Proper and regular brushing can give your beard a well kempt look and will also reduce the need of trimming frequently.

Maintain a balance with the mustache

If you are having a beard, it is only usual to have a mustache too. A beard without a mustache can be difficult to carry for most of the people. To give your beard a well-groomed look it is important to give your mustache the right look as well. Get a mustache that matches with the style of the beard as well as your facial features. Also shampoo and condition the mustache regularly to keep it clean. You can also use a bit of mustache wax if your mustache needs some extra curls.

Get the right diet

Just like the hairs on your head what you eat has a lot to do with the quality of your facial hairs too. A diet rich in protein, B vitamins like Biotin and minerals like Zinc can be most helpful to sustain a full growth of beard. The right diet can give your beard a nourished and well-groomed look naturally by keeping the facial hairs healthy from the roots. So, to ensure the best grooming of your beard, do not miss out to bank on the right diet.