How to increase estrogen levels in human body naturally

In order to keep good health, estrogen level of individual irrespective of the gender is quite important. Neither more nor less is good for each individual as well. Undistributed level of estrogen in the body can also give rise to disruption in some body functions.

As we all know that women are weaker in physical strength as compared to men, even the estrogen level seems to get decrease at certain phase of their lives.

When the women become pregnant, certain changes in hormone take place in their body.  Thus, the estrogen level also gets disrupted. Menopause is one of the major changes in women body when she stops getting periods forever.

Here women go under some psychological changes. Thus, the estrogen level needs to be boosted. Even in men in certain cases, estrogen level can be observed to be decline.

Estrogen is very important natural hormone essential for both men and women. Healthy level of estrogen is also essential for individuals. But, as compared to men, women would also require more estrogen. They need this natural hormone for various internal functions in their body.

It is quite essential when they are in the verge of conceiving a baby. Researchers have tested and found decrease in estrogen level in women during their menopause. Following are few steps of increasing estrogen in individuals.

The level of estrogen is really vital in each human being’s body. Some individuals have less hormone and low estrogen level. It is imbibed in every one of us as this is the natural hormone inflicted by almighty. Even for a healthy married life adequate level of estrogen is really important. This will make the normal body function proactive.

It is recommended for a couple to have their estrogen level checked before getting married. As reduced level can give rise to unsatisfied sex life. But, during the course of life, the estrogen level can also be reduced. Let’s find something that can boost the estrogen level.

General practice to increase estrogen level

Doctor’s consultation

Top estrogen rich foods

People generally visit a physician or doctor when they have a doubt of something going wrong with their health. Similarly, if you find your body has low Estrogen level, you must consult a doctor.

It is not good to have either excess or less amount of estrogen level. If a lady has too much of estrogen in her body, she might end up with breast cancer, menstrual disturbances, overall cysts.
Doctor can prescribe you with several test procedure in order to check the estrogen level in your body. Normally, a lady must have estrogen level of 50pg/ml – 400 pg/ml before she is in the stage of menopause.

Healthy diet condition

It is important for you to avoid all types of food that are high in sugar as well as carbohydrates. You must consume the food items which are high in fiber and low in fat. You can also proceed with eating additional lean protein in your diet. This will increase estrogen level in your body.

  • You must consume food items which are obtained naturally in plants. The food rich in phytoestrogens are very essential to get balanced estrogens. Some of the food items in this category include soybeans, Legumes etc. These contain iso flavonoids.
  • The food which contains lignans such as fruits, Brans, vegetables, beans are essential for women having less estrogen level in the body.
  • You can also consume the food items that are rich in coumestan. Some of these food items include Lima beans, Peas and Pinto.
  • If you are consuming estrogen in excessive level, you must be careful to avoid it from now as excess amount of estrogen can even cause breast cancer in women.

Exercise without being fanatic

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According to the research, excess exercise can drop estrogen level in an individual. It is quite healthy to exercise everyday. It will even decrease the risk of breast cancer in a woman.
You may also find the women athletes with low level of estrogen. This is just due to the fact that, the chance of producing estrogen in women athlete is quite less as they have low level of body fat. You must show a doctor in such situation.

Flax seeds

Generally Flax seeds are high in Omega 3 fatty acid. It is also quite high in phytoestrogens and lignans.
You can consume 60g of flax seeds everyday will help to maintain estrogens in an appropriate way in your body. Even soy milk is very beneficial in this situation.

Tips to boost estrogen levels in human body

Instead of injecting chemically rich drugs, there are certain natural ways that will be ideal in boosting estrogen level in people.

Soy milk

Soy milk is an important variety of natural remedy that helps in getting control over the estrogen level of individuals.  You can also consume soya bean in your daily meal so that level of estrogen can be increased.

Since the products containing soya bean has good amount of phytoestrogens and isoflavones, boosting up of estrogen level in the body will be quite easy. Since the hormone level can be easily balanced with soy milk, you can easily try out drinking soy milk on a regular basis instead of simple cow or dairy milk.


Best estrogen rich foods for women

This is a flowering plant available in Mediterranean region and has several names pronounced by people staying at various parts of the world. This particular plant is very useful as the amount of flavonoid contained in it is ideal for getting a balance over the body estrogen level.

Being a traditional plant of Africa, it is really effective in boosting food security, improve the level of nutrition and helps fighting with other health conditions. Since this natural herb is not very readily available, you can use its supplement as well.

Quit smoking

Smoking is always not advisable to variety of people suffering from diverse health condition. Even, if you smoke repeatedly, this can lead to some negative effect in        the endocrine system on a regular basis.

Thus, this will reduce the capacity of individual to bring the estrogen effectively. Many women have the habit of smoking on a regular basis. But, this will give rise to menstrual dysfunction, early menopause and infertility.

Vitamin C food

In order to boost estrogen, it is also important to consume food that are rich in vitamin C. The food contains peaches, tomatoes, carrot, lima beans, orange, Kiwi etc. You can consume all these either in your meals in cooked form or can consume them raw as most of them are fruits.

Food rich in vitamin B complex

You can also get variety of natural fruits that are rich in vitamin B complex. These are really important to boost up your estrogen level in body. Some of these food include legumes, potatoes, oats, Tuna, banana etc.

You must consume this on a regular basis to keep your estrogen level in body well balanced. It will be better to replace white flour with whole grain flour. You can consume it on a regular basis so that you can have a control over the estrogen level.


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Legumes are also an important food that can be included in your food and asked individual with improper estrogen level to consume. Both male and female and individual of all ages can easily consume legumes and stay away from harmful effects of low estrogen level in body.

There are also various personal care products in the market such as soaps, shampoo, lotions made up of tea tree oil that will also help maintaining proper amount of estrogen in the body. You can also get such products online.

This can be delivered at your address without any cost. The cosmetic manufacturing industries are working hard to make much products of this type and supply it to every retailer who will supply to the customers willing to boost estrogen level.

Estrogen level test

Before going for the boosting of estrogen level, it is really important to check what the level of estrogen you have is. FSH test is one of the vital examination through which you will be able to know your estrogen level. This can be done when you are having your periods and you are in your 2nd and 3rd day. The result will be more specific with history and physical examination.

Modification in lifestyle

In the few years you have absolutely being very reckless with your body and health. You must be consuming cigarette and alcohol repeatedly in the official party or with your friends.

This probably can be responsible for decrease in estrogen level. All you can do to have a boost of your estrogen level will be decrease in consumption of these addictive elements. Slowly you will be able to quit it and get the perfect level of estrogen back.

Drink loads of water

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Water is something which you should drink to get a boost in your estrogen level. You actually need to drink loads of water in this connection. Some people have a tendency of not drinking water that is needed to stay hydrated.

Even for them the estrogen level will be reducing. If you want to get a boost of it in a natural way, try out drinking loads of water. This will make your body boosted with great level of estrogen and energy.