How yoga can improve your health care?

Yoga is a form of practice to indulge into inner belief and peace. Yoga was originated in India in the ancient time, and went to west. It has gained much of the popularity after it was derived from west. It is a super hyped form of workout in today’s world, which relaxes the brain and the inner soul. Calms the mind and regulates you for the upcoming tasks. It maintains a flexibility in the body and more to offer than  any other form of physical activity. It  is based on the activation of chakras, which generates the body and boost it up to conquer anything what comes in between. Yoga drives your body on a track of positives and drain out all the evil and negativities prevailing deep inside your body.

Over past three to four decades, yoga has gone under deep research by the scientists who now suggested yoga as a magical form to achieve a great health and sustaining a happy life. The health benefits of yoga are divided into three stages- physical health benefit, mental health benefit, emotional health benefit. Lets unfold the benefits which empowers you towards a peaceful journey.

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  1. Yoga is beneficial in balancing your energy levels. The practice of breath control exercise( pranayama) is a great tool to bestow your personality and individuality with positives around you. It explains inner self and combat the evil thoughts, giving a deep relaxation within.
  2. Yoga strengthens inner physiological system . Yoga postures and asanas are great to achieve the physical and muscular strength in the body and triggers you towards greater power and focus. It strengthens your digestive system, nervous system, respiratory system, circulatory system and reproductive system.
  3. Yoga endeavour greater peace of mind and helps in balancing the instability grinding in your mind. Yoga drives you in the present world and promotes a greater awareness.
  4. Practicing yoga also inculcate joy and provides a meaning to your life. It features you the truths and reality, fills you with several reasons to dive in joy.
  5. The breathing exercises boost up brain functionalities. It strengthens the nerves and makes it stable and active. Once these parts are activated, the power of intuition and other latent powers are also unleashed.
  6. Concentration is prime ingredient to accomplish tasks. Yoga has a remarkable impact in keeping your mind focused and develops a foresight to understand the truth of life. It dramatically increases your concentration power and focused attention by enchanting mantras.
  7. Yoga values and philosophy, along with the practice of yoga meditations, dissolve one’s ego-centric reality, thus developing other mindedness, thoughtfulness, generosity and compassion.

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For a beginner as well as for an advanced practitioner the advantages of yoga comes with increased strength and flexibility. The benefits of yoga provides both instant gratification and lasting transformation. In today’s world both are essential. Too much time with few results is not adaptable, seeking the better and transforming into the best is the mantra to pursue. Yoga is simply a treat for a better health and advantages. It can change your mental and physical capacity quickly. The world is speaking for it , and therefore evidences holds no impact. Don’t chase fitness, indulge into yoga practices and let the fitness run after you. A healthy body is an answer to drive you at the shores of fitness.

Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown

Every time you do yoga practice, your joints go through motion in full range. This leads to the prevention of degenerative arthritis or mitigate disability by “squeezing and soaking” cartilage areas which are not used commonly. A sponge is what the joint cartilage is like, because fresh nutrients can be soaked only when the fluid is out by squeezing. With lack of proper nourishment cartilage areas which are ignored will wear out eventually, showing the bone inside.

Increases your blood flow

The flow of blood is increased through yoga. The relaxation techniques learnt in yoga helps in blood circulation mainly in your hands and feet. It also delivers to your cell a large amount of oxygen. Poses which are twisted wrings out from the internal organ all the venous blood. Once you release the twist oxygenated blood starts flowing. Poses such as headstand, handstand and shoulder stand helps in the release of venous blood from the legs and pelvis which then returns to heart where to be oxygenated freshly it’s pumped into the lungs. In case you have swelling due to heart or kidney problem in your legs then it helps a lot. Hemoglobin and red blood cell which helps in the flowing of oxygen to the tissues also increases due to yoga. It also makes the blood thin by reducing the stickiness of the platelets and also by the amount of proteins which can cause clotting which in turn reduces the chances of heart stroke and attack.

Regulated your adrenal gland

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The level of cortisol can be regulated by yoga. Cortisol is secreted by the adrenal gland during a crisis thus the immune system gets boosted but only temporarily. But if the cortisol level remains high even though the crisis is over then it harm the immune system of your body. The temporary rise helps with long-term memories but periodical high level leads memory loss and can cause changes in the brain which remains permanent. High level of cortisol can cause depression, osteoporosis (it absorbs calcium and other different bone minerals and prevents the laying down of a new bone), increase in blood pressure, and resistance in insulin. The body also starts absorbing extra calories which gets distributed in the abdomen as fats leading to gain in weight and increases the chances of heart attacks and diabetes.

Release tension in your limbs

When you hold the telephone or steering wheel with a death grip or while looking at the computer you scrunch your face, comatose behavior like these can cause unceasing tension, fatigue in muscle, wrists, arms, shoulders, neck and face soreness which increases the stress and your mood also worsen. With the practice of yoga you will start gaining knowledge about where your tension is such as in your tongue, eyes, face muscles and neck. With little knowledge of yoga you can release the tension from muscles and eyes. But in case of large muscles such as quadriceps, trapeziums, and buttocks years and years of yoga practice will be needed.