Yoga poses for thyroid

Do you know that the most troublesome disease, thyroid can now be eliminated with some simple Yoga pose? Even after the tough medication and treatment, thyroid remains to exist in the same way. Yoga is a natural way to treat thyroid without any side effects. There is variety of Yoga asanas which helps in massaging the thyroid glands. The release of thyroxin is viewed through this process. This naturally increases your body metabolism. You can try out with your friends and relatives who also have the problem of thyroid. Whether you are a male or female or an individual of any age group, Yoga poses work in a wonderful way to keep you rejuvenate and fresh by staying away from thyroid problems. The poses also help in preventing thyroid totally. Even if you are suffering from the problem of hypothyroidism, the yoga poses must be adopted.

Thyroid is one among the health issues that might not harm you externally. But, there are different consequences of your internal health with thyroid problems. Some people have thyroid due to their genes. Since their ancestors or any member of their family suffers from Thyroid, individual inherit the disease. These days it has been observed that pregnant women are developing thyroid within their pregnancy period. A particular type of thyroid can make a person fat whereas another type makes him thin and skinny. There is no such particular medicine for thyroid treatment. Yoga is one of the best ways to cure thyroid.

Effective Yoga poses for treating thyroid

Viparitakarani (Inverted pose)


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The term Viparitai means reverse or inverted. Also Karani means functioning of thyroid. In short this asana helps in balancing the thyroid functioning. If you are suffering from hypoactive thyroid, the complication caused is duly reduced. If you are suffering from thyroid disorder, this asana is really effective. You can try it right at home to stay away from thyroid problems.

Matsyasana (Fish pose)


Some people will also feel it quite strange that posing like a fish can also help you stay away from thyroid problems. This is an asana that will take the form of a fish. Here the neck portion is stretched which in turn helps in stimulating the thyroid gland. You can get it through by regular practice. It is advised to take the pose from the Yoga expert at the preliminary stage and then proceed.

Surya namaskar ( Sun salute)Surya Namaskar

This is one of the common poses of Yoga. Rather it can be taken among one of the Pranayams depicted by our Gurus. Hindu worship has this as a way to honor the Sun god. But this also have some important health benefits. You can now get the sun salute as a way to reduce the thyroid problem. You can easily get this pose from your grandfather or grandmother as they have been regularly practicing this pose.

Sarvanga asana (Shoulder stand pose)

Sarvanga Asana

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The pose so mentioned in this point is one of the effective ways to treat thyroid in a natural way. This helps in stimulating the thyroid gland and provides a control over thyroxin. Among the Yoga poses, this is considered to be one of the attractive one that allows blood flow from legs to head. This gives rise to an inverted condition and will definitely cure thyroid.

Halasana (Plough pose) Halasana

You must have seen bullocks; cows and even men plough fields. This also have a pose which in turn is effectively portrayed in this point of thyroid eradication. To get its literal meaning, Hal is the world used for plough. The pose is quite similar to Indian plough. This asana is really helpful in providing compression to neck. The stimulation of thyroid gland is also easily portrayed.

Bhujangasana (The cobra poses)Bhujangasana

You must have seen the snake cobra and the way they stay within the pose. The particular asana involves compressing and stretching the neck. The advanced cobra pose is very effective to eradicate the symptoms of thyroid. This also helps in regulating the thyroid gland. 

Sirshasana (Headstand pose)Sirshasana

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If you compare several Yoga poses and its benefits, Sirshasana (Headstand pose) can be taken as one of the finest poses that will easily manage the thyroid gland. The pose directly hits the thyroid gland. This also helps creating a balance in the metabolic function. This can also bring alertness and wakefulness in every individual performing the same. This can be done without excess nervousness. You can get variety of treatment procedure for the thyroid malfunction. But, this is really important to choose the one that is actually having effect. But this Yoga pose is really effective in bringing health to the vital organ. 

Ustrasana (Camel pose)Ustrasana

Another important pose of Yoga is known as Ustrasana (Camel pose). Here, this can be done with the effective mechanism. You have to take the pose of a camel. The particular asana helps giving stretch to the neck and have a greater control over the thyroid gland. You can come across this pose and enjoy its worth with thyroid treatment.

Dhanurasana (The bow pose)Dhanurasana

Another pose to help controlling thyroid is Dhanurasana. This is most commonly known as the bow pose. This helps in massaging the thyroid gland in an easy way. The problem of thyroid problem can be due to lack of hormonal discharge as required. This pose helps release adequate amount of hormone that is necessary for getting a restrict in hypothyroidism.

Setubandh sarvangasana (Formation of bridge)


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Yoga poses are defined to make an individual healthy. Each pose is allotted for each type of health issues. You will absolutely get wonderful remedy after practicing such poses. This bridge formation pose in Yoga is meant for treating the thyroid disorder in an individual. Here, the stretch is provided to the neck as a result thyroid gland gets the best result.

Marjariasana (Cat stretch)


Did you ever observe how cat stretches their body? The same is been inspired in this pose of Yoga. Marjariasana (Cat stretch) is one of the wonderful yoga poses that treats variety of health issues. Thyroid is one of the problems that can be sorted out with the help of this asana. But apart from this, this yoga pose is wonderful in removing the back pain. You can try this today and enjoy benefit.

Janu shirasasana (One legged forward bend)


To start with this yoga asana you have to sit down in plain with carpet under your hip portion. Now stretch your legs in such a way that both of them stays in front of your eyes. Keep your spine erect and sit straight. Now bend the left knee such that the foot of the same leg touches your thigh. Now breathe in and raise both the arms up. Now bring both your hand towards your leg which has been stretched in front of you intact. While doing this breathe out.

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The Indian famous Ayurvedic Guru Baba Ramdev is regularly boosting people to go ahead with Yoga and Pranayam. According to him, every disease has a cure with exercise and asana. Now you can come across the pose in Pranayam that will help discharging the thyroid problem in an effective way. He will start the session with the long utter of ‘OM’. This creates a vibration which helps in staying away from various deadly diseases.

Yoga asana of ramdev


This is a pose where you have to sit down on the floor with your legs crossed. Now take a deep breath and then exhale in a quick way. Now try to make a sound as well. The main tip of this asana is even if does not come naturally you have to have force exhale. But inhaling part must be slowly and deeply.

Ujjayi pranayam

Ujjayi Pranayam

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This is a wonderful Asana where you will stay away from the problems of Thyroid, bronchitis, asthama etc. Here you have to sit down over the floor with your leg crossed. Now you have to inhale deeply with both your nostrils and make hissing sound. Also stretch your inhale time. There after stop and go ahead with exhale. But you should not give any pressure to your body.