How to reduce stomach acidity with ayurvedic home remedies?

Indigestion is a condition when there is discomfort or pain experienced in the upper portion of the abdomen. It normally occurs immediately after taking meals. The main symptoms of indigestion are pain or burning sensation in the upper part of the abdomen, loss of appetite, belching, burping and flatulence. It also creates an acidic taste in the mouth with rumbling sensation in the stomach followed by constipation or diarrhoea.

Acidity has become an absolute common problem to many individuals residing in the society. People come across this problem as the acid present in the stomach flow up to the esophagus and cause acid reflux. This also causes burning sensation in the heart region of the individuals. It is important to mark the symptoms of acidity. Individual will face a sour feeling in his food passage. Flatulence and bloating are other symptoms of this problem. Treating the condition of acidity is very important or else the problem will turn into serious disorder. Even the lining of esophagus can be destroyed if kept untreated.

Causes of stomach acidity

Indigestion takes place when the acids from the stomach return back towards the mouth which takes place when the valve of the stomach does not function properly. The main reasons that lead to this problem  are overweight, sleeping immediately after meals, over eating, eating fried foods, consuming too much alcohol, stress and pregnancy.

Symptoms of acid reflux

The occurrence of these issues on a regular basis will finally irritate the esophagus finally leading towards scarring, ulceration along with inflammation and hemorrhage. Some most common symptoms of acid reflux include the following:

  1. Chest pain
  2. Difficulty in swallowing
  3. Regurgitation
  4. Hoarseness

Immediate relief from acidity

There are several tips provided by elderly people at home to get relief from acidity. Some of these are as follows:

  1. Drink half tumbler of Ale Vera Juice.
  2. A tablespoon of apple cedar with water can provide immediate relief.
  3. A tablespoon of baking soda in ½ cup of water is also very effective.

Home remedies for treating acidity

  1. Ashwagandha: Consumption of this herb can balance stress levels in the body, which can interfere in digestion process. Hence it is effective in curing acidity related to anxiety and stress. Consult a ayurveda doctor to know the perfect dosage for you.
  2. Herbal tea: Make strong tea out of ginger and coriander and drink it twice a day to prevent acidity and promote gut health.
  3. Warm water: Always drink warm water for good digestion and health. Warm water is best drunk  30 minutes before or after food. Refrain yourself from sipping on water in between eating your meal to avoid acidity.
  4. Meditation: Practice meditation to calm your mind and boost digestive enzymes in the body. Regular meditation can prevent acidity, bloating and build a healthy body.
  5. Licorice: Brew tea of dried licorice root and sip on it to get instant relief from discomfort of acidity. You can drink this tea whenever your suffering from acid reflux.
  6. Ajwain: Pluck 3 – 4 leaves of ajwain and chew on them to combat indigestion and cure acidity. This remedy is a quick reliever to your painful suffering, so use it for quick recovery from acidity symptoms.
  7. Hing: Add hing to your food dishes to prevent acidity and flatulence.  Pinch of hing can be a efficient remedy for all your acidity problems
  8. Acupressure: Use your thumb finger of right hand to put pressure on the left palm region in between the thumb and forefinger. This is a famous technique to relieve all digestive discomfort and acidity. Practice it twice everyday for 5 to 10 minutes.
  9. Fennel: Fennel is one of the best home remedies that can help in cooling down the issues of heartburn and distress during indigestion and can help prevent and combat acidity with ease. You can consume fennel as a tea as well and this can help you ensure that the digestive tract is cooled down and the issues of indigestion and bloating are combated. The oils present in the seeds are also a potent source of gastrointestinal benefits. You can also chew a teaspoon of fennel after meals to prevent indigestion and related issues.
  10. Cinnamon: Cinnamon is one of the most commonly used spices and can be used as a natural source of antacid properties. It helps to improve the levels of absorption and the rate of digestion in the body. Daily consumption of cinnamon tea, which you can prepare by boiling a one-inch piece of cinnamon in some water for around 10 minutes, can help to tackle any infections that may be present in the intestines.
  11. Onion juice: While this remedy is surely a stinky one, onion juice is one of the best and the most accessible home remedies that can help fight acidity.  Onions are extremely rich in their content of Inulin. This dietary fiber is one of the best food suppliers for the healthy bacteria that is present in human intestines. Inulin helps promote the healthy movement of bowels and promotes the growth of the healthy gut bacteria to help provide lasting relief from indigestion and helps improve the functioning of the digestive system overall.
  12. Slippery elm: This is a remedy that has been used for centuries by the Native Americans as a remedy that can help treat symptoms associated with heartburn and indigestion. The extracts of this plant can help in strengthening the mucous lining of your stomach, which can help to build up your body’s defense against acid reflux. Add 2 tbsp slippery elm powder in 2 cups boiling water, let cool and consume after meals for best results.
  13. Aloe vera: Many people are aware that, Aloe Vera is very effective in treating the problems related to acidity. If you are willing to avail a permanent solution of you acidity problem, you must consume Aloe Vera juice daily before taking your meals.
  14. Cabbage juice: It is very easy to get cabbage at the vegetable market. You can now put the sliced cabbage into the mixer and take out the juice from it. Now cut carrot in small slices and make a juice out of it with the mixer. You can either have a cup of carrot juice everyday to avoid acidity or concentrate on the cabbage juice.
  15. Fasting: In some cases, fasting or staying without eating anything proves to be really wonderful while curing the problem of acid flux. It is good to stay on light diet for the entire day. Avoiding the solid food will be very effective for curing the problem of acidity. If you are really hungry, it will be good to consume fruits and juices.
  16. Honey: Honey being the naturally obtained natural ingredient is also a common item available in every home. Since honey is having some medicinal properties, it is very effective in curing the food wall lining of individuals. You must take 2 tablespoon of honey before going to bed everyday.
  17. Ginger extract: It is one of the important ingredients in most of the Indian kitchen. Crush the ginger pieces and get some juice from it. Now, cut and squeeze some juice from the lemon into a small separator and mix both really well. Create a pulp out of it and drink it.
  18. Papaya: The enzyme that is content in papaya is known as papain. This is very effective in dissolving the protein. People usually consume it after having food as it is very effective in increasing digestion power in individuals. It is quite easy to get this from the vegetable market in your locality. This is also good for constipation.
  19. Bananas: Bananas are rich in potassium and help to control the production of acid in the stomach and protect the body from the harmful effects of excess mucous production in the stomach.Banana helps indigestion and preventing acidity because of its fiber content. Eat a banana to get immediate relief from acidity.
  20. Tulsi: Tulsi leaves help in the production of mucous in the stomach. It has the property to reduce the harmful effect of juices produced in the stomach. Eat few leaves of tulsi if a person feels discomfort and burning sensation in the upper abdomen.
  21. Cold milk: Cold milk is very effective in in giving instant relief to the symptoms of acidity. Milk is rich in calcium. It helps to reduce the building of acids and absorbing the excess acid   produced in the stomach. A cold glass of milk  without sugar gives instant relief from acidity.  The cure becomes more effective if a spoon of ghee is added to the milk.
  22. Saunf or aniseed: Saunf or aniseed is a perfect aid in digestion which also gives relief in clearing the intestines. Simply chewing aniseeds help to give relief from acidity. Another method is to store the water after boiling aniseed at night and drinking this water next day in the morning and evening.
  23. Jeera or cumin seeds: Jeera or cumin seeds help in digestion by stimulating the production of saliva in the mouth. It also improves metabolism and gives relief from gas problems. It is believed by Ayurvedic practitioners that jeera has a soothing effect on heartburn.Consume a spoonful of jeera seeds with some water   or drink the water in which seeds have been boiled and cooled.
  24. Clove: Clove is helpful in digestion and reduces the symptoms of acidity. The nutrients in clove help to push the food down from the stomach to the intestines. Crush a clove in the mouth and swallow the juice to get relief from heartburn.
  25. Cardamom or Elaichi: Cardamom or Elaichi has the properties to balance the three doshas according to Ayurvedic literature which are vata, pitta and kapha. Elaichi stimulates the process of digestion and provide relief from the stomach spasms. Acidity can be instantly relieved by drinking the water in which elaich has been boiled.
  26. Mint or pudina leaves: Mint or pudina leaves help in digestion by slowing down the production of acids in the stomach. The burning sensation and pain in the stomach can be relieved with the cooling effect of mint.
  27. Amla: According to the Ayurvedic doctrine amla has the property to pacify kaph and pitta and is a rich source of calcium which helps in curing the damaged lining in the stomach and food pipe. Take one spoon of amla powder twice a day with a glass of water.
  28. Jaggery: A small piece of jaggery taken after meals gives  relief from acidity.
  29. Coconut water: Coconut water has the quality to provide relief from acidity and heartburn instantly by cooling down the system.
  30. Pomegranate: Pomegranate juice is a known cure for all problems of heartburn and acidity.
  31. Turmeric: Turmeric is an antiseptic and is the best treatment for all acidity problems. Turmeric can be taken in the raw form or its powder can be added to a glass of milk.
  32. Pumpkin juice: Pumpkin juice with some sugar helps to reduce acidity and heartburn.
  33. Garlic: Garlic is effective in reducing heartburn other gastric discomforts.
  34. Apple cider vinegar: A mixture of apple cider vinegar honey and water helps to reduce acidity.
  35. Water melon or cucumber: Water melon or cucumber provide a cooling effect to the digestive system which helps in giving relief from  the burning sensation in the upper abdomen caused by acidity.
  36. Basil leaves: It is quite easy to get basil leaves in your locality. Most of the Indian house have basil tree as they regards that tree to be pious and holy. Thus, you can get some leaves from that tree and use it to treat the trouble of acidity. Just plug some basil leaves, wash them and eat them by biting. Do not swallow simply, but chew them before swallowing. Alternatively you can also boil the basil leaves in water and add honey to the content and drink.
  37. Buttermilk: Most of us are not aware that the butter milk too can provide a wonderful remedy when you are suffering from acidity or stomach upset. Take a glass of plain butter milk and add a teaspoon of coriander powder and a bit of black pepper in it. Mix them and drink it proportionately. Since buttermilk contains lactic acid, it helps in neutralizing the acidity in your stomach.
  38. Get more acids: It is also important to avail the technique of burning acid with acid. The counter intuitive to have an ingestion on more acids is a vital issue. It has been a very old technique where poison is used to remove the poison. Even in case of acidity and heartburn, this will be effective. This is a reflex action which you can apply whenever you are having more acids in your body. This can be done with the help of natural lemon or else the apple cider vinegar.
  39. Mustard: You can also go ahead with the mustard seed home remedies. It is one of the alkalizing foods which is having weak acid as well as minerals. Just think how you feel after consuming curries that is made with mustard seeds. You will definitely have a wonderful feel with a boost up in your body metabolism due to its strong essence. This taste will be creeping your throat as well. Now, this can be treated as a wonderful variety which will easily give a treatment to the stomach acidity. This will be really helpful for you if you are experiencing acid reflux.
  40. Take daily fresh vegetables: Food items that are rich in digestive enzymes will also help in soothing the ill effect of acid reflux to a high extent. Vegetables like carrots, cabbage, celery, cucumber, and beetroots are rich in alkaline due to which they decrease the production of acid in the stomach. It is preferable to go with half cooked items for safety.
  41. Baking soda to get rid of heartburn: Baking soda has natural antacid properties that alleviate heartburn that is caused by acid reflux as well as it neutralizes acid. Just you need to add 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a ½ glass of water and drink it. Make sure, you don’t use this remedy as if you feel heartburn regularly to avoid the side effects.
  42. Potato defeats the stomach problem: The problem of the stomach occurs due to the acid of stomach and potato juice is a quite better option to neutralize the acid in your stomach as well as the lining of the esophagus. Extract the juice of one raw potato and add the equal quantity of cold water. Make sure, this solution gets converted into cloudy from starch then drink at once to defeat the stomach problems.
  43. Peppermint oil removes indigestion: Peppermint oil is the best remedy to treat the problem of indigestion. There different ways of intake peppermint such as add two drops of peppermint oil in cold water then drink it OR simply you can suck one piece of peppermint candy if you can not drink peppermint oil with water. Using this remedy will give you relief from the problem of indigestion and the irritation of the stomach. Peppermint has been proven a great ingredient to treat heartburn and stomach problems.
  44. A glass of lukewarm water can help: When the initial symptoms of acidity strike you, say low-intensity heartburn, drink a glass of lukewarm water. Doing this will flush out the extra acid content from your body and relieve you.

Home remedies to prevent acidity

Acidity is the final result of poor digestion of food items. The situation follows with heartburn and acid reflux that needs to be immediately taken control. Some of the easy to follow home remedies to prevent the occurrence of acidity are:

  • Drink milk everyday: Consume daily a glass of cold milk or cup of vanilla ice cream. Raita made with fresh curd, fresh coriander along grated cucumber and tomato.
  • Try mint juice: Mint juice is very popular and good for the health. Freshly prepared mint juice will keep abdomen acids at cove.
  • Take basil leaves: Chewing of basil leaves will help in relieving the body from acidity and flatulence.
  • Drink pineapple juice everyday: A glass of freshly prepared pineapple juice after the meal.

Yoga poses for acidity

Hero’s pose (Virasana)

Hero’s pose

  • Kneel on the floor.
  • Place folded blanket beneath the knees, feet and shins for comfort and support.
  • The inner knees should be together while the thighs are perpendicular to the floor.
  • Now slightly open your feet wider than your hips are. Keep the top of feet flat on floor and let the big toes angle out at each other.
  • Press down evenly and across the top of both feet.
  • Exhale and lean torso slightly forward while you are sitting with hips halfway back.
  • Use your hands to reach back. Pull the skin of your calf muscles towards the heels.
  • Sit on your feet and rest weight equally across both the sit bones.
  • Heels and shins should stay alongside hips and upper thighs. Thus, your feet directly stays aligned with the shins. Make sure the feet don’t splay wide open or get an inward turn.
  • Now, slightly allow the thighs to turn inward. Press your thighs down with your hands.
  • Drawn your shoulder blades against back ribs as you sit straight up. Broaden the collarbones and drag shoulders away from the ears. This will lengthen tailbone on the floor.
  • Lay hands on thighs and place palms down. Roll your eyes towards your cheeks and hold the pose for a minute.
  • For releasing the pose, press palms firmly on the ground and lifts your buttocks.
  • Cross ankles and shins below the body and extend legs in front.

Thunderbolt pose (Vajrasana)

Thunderbolt pose (Vajrasana)

  • Fold both the legs as you place hips on your heels. Keep the toes pointed out while the big toes touch each other.
  • Part your heels and sit on the pit you create.
  • Keep your head, spine and neck aligned. Place palm up and on the thighs
  • Hold the posture for a minute and breathe deep.
  • Breathe out and relax yourself.
  • Straighten the legs and then repeat.

Bow pose (Dhanurasana)

Bow pose (Dhanurasana)

  • Lie on stomach and place hip-width apart.
  • Keep arms by the side.
  • Now fold knees and grab the ankles.
  • Breathe in while you lift the chest and pull legs up and at the back.
  • Look straight in front and smile to yourself. You will notice the curve of your lips match the posture of your body.
  • Hold the pose for a while and concentrate on your breath.
  • Your body will look like a taut bow at this stage. After this you should retrieve back to the initial position.
  • Don’t over stretch your body at once, repeat the yoga instead.

Peacock pose (Mayurasana)

Athleta Spring 2012 Kauai, Hawaii

  • Kneel on floor and keep knees wide apart.
  • Sit on the heels and then slowly lean forward.
  • Press palms on the floor while fingers are turned backward. The palms should fall between the thighs and the elbows should rest on your abdomen.
  • Move the legs back slowly, and one after another. They should be straight and touch the toes.
  • Raise your body by tensing abdominal muscles and then rest the body weight on the palms.
  • You should stay horizontal to the floor and balance body with your elbows and abdominal muscles.
  • Try to hold this pose for 5 seconds and then gradually increase the time.
  • Retrieve back to the initial stage and relax your body.

Camel pose (Ushtrasana)

Camel pose (Ushtrasana)

  • Kneel down and sit on heels. Place them slightly apart and raise yourself on knees.
  • Now stretch hands at the back and gradually bend head and back. Keep your chin up and continue the stretch till hands can feel the heels.
  • Remain in this position till you are comfortable. It can be anything between 30 to 180 seconds.
  • Release the posture by inhaling and come back to the initial position.

Additional tips to avoid issues of acidity reflux

Try lemon juice frequently: Lemon is well known for its acidic value. Consumption of a glass of sherbet by mixing lemon juice along with a teaspoon of sugar and glass of water will help to relieve acidity. It is really a good homemade remedy that will clear your digestive system at the best. Bananas and watermelon also help a lot in relieving a person from irritating issues of acid reflux.

Take gooseberry juice: A mixture of a tablespoon of Indian gooseberry juice and chebulic myrobalan will also help in relieving you from acidity. It is advisable to adjust your diet from too much spicy to normal one to prevent issues of acidity at the best. Foods you enjoy must be taken once in a week because you need to enjoy your life.
There are times when you need to attend a party where you will be enjoying exclusively spicy food items. After coming back you must take two teaspoons of blackstrap molasses to prevent heartburn. It is readily available in almost all medical stores. It has really proved to be a great remedy to reduce acid reflux.

Reducing size of meals to prevent inconvenience: Consumption of meal must be taken in such a way that you do not suffer from undereating and overeating. In short, you need to have a balanced diet. Rather than having large meals, it is advisable to break your meal into six or seven slots for comfort. Such a gigantic step will put less pressure on your stomach thus preventing issues like heartburn and acidity.
Adjusting your bed will also help you up to a high extent. You need to raise your legs of bed head by about six inches. It will help in debarring the movement of acid on the upper portion of your body thus preventing acidity. It will definitely be of great help especially to people who become prey to acid reflux quite often.


It can be easily made out that each and every problem as a solution. If you are a good observer, you will get the same within your home itself. Try your best to lead a healthy and balanced life so that you can enjoy a sound health for long. Even after taking several precautions, if problems persist; go to a doctor.