Top best yoga poses to increase the metabolism and lose weight

Yoga is all about mental and physical strength; self-belief; determination; will power; concentration and peace. Whether it is about enriching the metabolism systems or draining out excessive weight, all the 9 Yoga Poses have been so far the very best and helpful.

Locust pose

Locust pose

Yoga poses to get rid of back fat

To strengthen the muscles of one’s leg and back, this yoga posture is the best to opt for. It also benefits in enlarging your chest region and spinal region. In order to perform this pose, one needs to lie down on his or her stomach and place your arms alongside with palms above. Slowly and gradually lift your upper body as well as your legs while keeping your head straight, looking forward. Keep up this pose for 45 seconds or so and then repeat it three times in regular intervals.

Bow pose

Bow poseJust like the pose mentioned above, this pose too benefits in the same manner, boosting your metabolism rate and keeping your muscles strong. Lie down on your stomach while your arms rest alongside with palms facing the ceiling or sky, bend your legs from the knee but keep them at a distance from your hips. Try reaching out for your ankles with your arms; remember ankle not foot or toes. Do face at the front with your head straight for 45 seconds for two times.

Twisted chair pose

Twisted chair pose

To lose weight your digestion process needs to be in check, so to help a smooth one take function, try this yoga pose. Stand with your legs and feet placed together in a manner as if you are seating on a chair, knees bent. Fold your hands in front of your chest and bend towards your right from the lower back so that the right elbow touches the right knee. But do not forget to keep your chest straight and not folded.

Fish pose

Fish poseA posture that might sound like that of a non-vegetarian food item but has positive impact on our glands and keeps your body away from respiratory disorders. Lie down on your back and place your arms under your back, palms right under your butt. With the support of your elbows which will remain bent, try raising your upper body. Make sure your back resembles an arch shape; keep lifting your chest while bringing the elbows together while your head touches the ground.

Shoulder strand

Shoulder strand

How to lose weight fast

One of the best yoga poses for the neck and upper back region and benefits people who have back pain issues just as the same for increasing metabolism rate. Lie down on your back, try raising your legs together slowly up in the air; just as you reach the upper body region to rise above, use your hands to support your waist as you gradually raise your upper back region towards the ceiling or sky. Hold the position for around one to three minutes.

Plow pose

Plow poseA posture to balance one’s metabolism system. Though this yoga posture is a bit difficult to perform as all it demands is flexibility. Lie down on your back with arms resting alongside. Press into your palms to slowly start lifting your legs and gradually your upper body behind your head. You can also use your hands for a support at your waist.

Bridge pose

Bridge poseA yoga posture that helps to open up one’s chest and shoulder area is performed just as the same posture mentioned above. The only difference is that in this posture one doesn’t have to lift up their leg and body behind the head, instead one has to just lift on the support of your foot which still rests on the ground. Your knees will remain bent and your palms with press into together.

Eagle pose

Eagle poseTo help your body with digestion and increase energy level, this yoga posture should be performed daily. You need to stand straight bending both the knees, lift your right leg up and cross it with another. Similarly cross your elbows together and fold your hands.

Easy spinal twist

Easy spinal twist

Best yoga practice for all

In order to lose weight, this spinal twist posture is a great move. You need to lie down on your back, hold your left knee that is bent over your right leg which remains straight on the floor. Stretch out your left arm and turn your head alongside your left shoulders. Similarly repeat from the right side for another 45 seconds.