Summer care for hands and feet

Both your palm and feet are really important as those play an important role in variety of activities in our life. Since these two are an important part of our life, you need to care both your hands as well as feet properly. Summer shoes are quite hard to wear as your feet remains exposed to the sunlight as well as dust and pollution. There are some simple and effective remedies which can make you feel fascinated. There are some effective pampering tips for your feet to get rejuvenated.

During summer, the major problem you face on your hand and legs is sweating. Some people have a problem of excessive sweating that gives rise to rashes and other skin problems. You should also care your hands and feet during summer. This article will speak about some easy ways for summer care. Cleanliness and hygiene factors must be considered when dealing with summer care of human skin. This article will highlight some of the factors that will be suitable for summer care of feet and hands.

List of summer care for feet and hands

Need for sunscreens

Tips for hands & feet in summer

The wrath of summer’s heat leaves behind rashes, sunburns and a lot of irritation. To stay away from all these things lather every inch of your exposed skin with a sunscreen that has an SPF of 50. If you plan to wear your wrap dress, shorts, sleeveless tops or anything that leaves behind uncovered skin. You have to make sure it is coated with sunscreen.

Don’t forget the elbows

Are your elbows darker than the rest of your body? To make sure they are of the same skin tone and match your complexion, use a scrubber. This will take care of the accumulated dead skin cells, dirt and impurities. For best results, mix two tablespoons of lemon with a tablespoon of honey and apply this on your elbows. Apply it everyday for best results. Keep it for ten to fifteen minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Apply moisturizer later on.

The use of shades, hat and umbrella

The power of umbrella in the sun is undeniable. All you have to do is put it above your head and walk out of your house in the sun. If you think umbrella cause a lot of inconvenience then pair your outfit with a stylish hat. Over sized shades are great too. They keep your eyes safe and protected. Never miss out on a pair of great shades. They are stylish, chic, and useful.

Use of socks

The use of socks will protect your feet from getting sunburnt. Use a pair of breathable socks. Don’t wear the same pair everyday. This will cause a lot of unwanted stink in your feet.

Coat your palm with lotion

Summer weather remains quite dry and temperate. It is important to use a light moisturizer in your hand. You have variety of options in this regard. You can either use the moisturizer made up of rosemary extract, peppermint, and camphor or pine oil.

Proper grip for your foot

How to remove tan on hands

There is a proper procedure of gripping your foot with hand. If you are using the towel for your feet treatment, it will be important to twist your feet with the same. If you have been facing the cramp in your feet due to the dehydrated in the summer climate, twisting your feet will help removing the pain in this regard. This can also take place due to long hour of standing. You can simply leave the massaging activity by slowly pulling and releasing each toe finger of your feet.

Long stroking motion

Long stroking motion is quite effective when it is concerned about caring your food during the summer season. You must also apply extra pressure to the arch or your feet. There are two places in your feet which are prone to pains and tightness. Releasing the stiffness will provide great relief to your feet.

Soaking and pampering

Sometimes pampering your feet is also quite important today. In order to do it, you have to soak your feet in water which have variety of ingredients mixed in it. You can put the rosemary leaves, dozens of ice cubes and few drops of tea tree oils. Dip your feet in the solution for a period of 30 minutes constantly. After that, rub your feet with towel vigorously.

Exfoliate your palm

Some people have a tendency of getting their hand palm filled with sweat. In order to eradicate this, you need to exfoliate it. You can either use a branded scrubber from the market or a homemade scrubber with sugar and olive oil will be important. This will help removing the excess sweat from the palm and body. You can also look out for the products that include the fruit juices, milk and earth fuller. You will feel relaxed and safe in this hot summer climate after this exfoliate.


If your feet become hard, you must soften your feet with scrubs. It will remove scaly skin from your feet and make it soft and lovely during the summer season. You can avoid razor to peel out the scaly portion of the skin.

lukewarm water

Best summer skin care tips

You need to tender and care your feet by soaking them in warm water including salt. This will remove toxins and pollutions present in your body. Also you can get relaxed with this soak when you have come back from a hectic schedule on a summer day.

Elbow care with lemon

Within your hand, elbow too is an important part which should be cared during summer. Usually the elbow portion is darker than the rest of your hand. During summer due to the sun rays, the portion becomes much darker. Summer care for hands includes using lemon to remove dark portion.

Foot powder to soak sweat

Some individuals sweat too many that effects even over the portions of feet. They cannot even wear shoes and slippers. The sweat gets accumulated over their lower portion of the feet making it quite slippery. Thus, the best way to win over it is applying talcum powder.

Gloves for hands

During summer there is a good chance that your hand can get the effect of tan due to excessive exposure of sunlight.  The best way to protect your hand will be wearing of gloves. The sun rays causing troubles and making your skin tone dark can be hidden with the help of gloves.

Drink water

You must drink good quality of water throughout the summer season. Water will keep you stay hydrated for a long time. The skin will stay wrinkle free and elastic in nature. This will also reflect positive towards your hands and legs. Try this today and feel the difference.