Tips for your hands and feet in summer

Both your palm and feet are really important as those play an important role in variety of activities in our life. Since these two are an important part of our life, you need to care both your hands as well as feet properly. Summer shoes are quite hard to wear as your feet remains exposed to the sunlight as well as dust and pollution. There are some simple and effective remedies which can make you feel fascinated. There are some effective pampering tips for your feet to get rejuvenated.

It becomes very important to care your hand and feet along with your skin and other internal health during this summer. Ladies are very cautious about their skin in various parts of the body. Even the skin associated across the hands and feet needs wider discovery. People have tendency of giving more care to face only. But, hands and feet are also important parts of your body which should not be ignored.

This article will speak about tips to keep your hand and feet healthy during this summer. You can try some home remedies to keep your hands and skin in good condition.

List of summer care for feet and hands

Pack a pair of gloves

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In order to keep your hands protected from the harmful rays of the Sun, always wear a pair of gloves. Always remember it is a crucial factor to keep your hands hydrated all throughout the day. This prevents the occurrence of calluses and wrinkles.

The application of olive oil

Olive oil is rich with polyunsaturated and saturated fat. It gives the skin a natural glow and keeps it moisturized. Massage olive oil on your feet and hands. Do this everyday before you are about to hop in your shower. Take your bath after half an hour. Apply a non-comedogenic and alcohol free moisturizer.

The benefits of tomato juice

Mix two tablespoons of tomato juice with one teaspoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of milk. Massage your feet and hands with this pack. After half an hour wash it off with cold water. Tomato is the powerhouse of antioxidants. It can bring a natural glow and shine to your skin. Lemon juice is packed with bleaching properties that can help to remove the sunburn and give the skin a natural glow. The presence of lactic acid in milk gives your skin a soft and supple feel.

On regular application of this paste you will see a positive change.

Choose the right shoes

Wearing covered shoes in summer can cause your feet to smell and stink. You will also get rashes if you wear shoes that are too tight. Make sure you wash your feet more often in summer. Don’t forget to apply lotion.

The rule of wearing socks

You should try to cover your feet every time you are planning to be out in the sun. Make sure the socks you wear are not repeated everyday. This will keep your feet smell free and also protected.

What food should you eat?

Summer tan removal scrubs for hands

You will think that we are bluffing, but we are assure that we are not. There are a range of foods that you can avoid to stop your feet from bloating and swelling up in the summer season. The worst problem for your feet are food items rich in salt. Stay away from packaged and highly salted food. Too much sugar in your beverages, drinks and food can also cause problems.

Cool your feet and hands

Apply the juice of cucumber on your feet and hands, everyday with the use of a cotton ball. This will help to soothe and calm your feet and hands in the hot summer season.

Coat your palm with lotion

Summer weather remains quite dry and temperate. It is important to use a light moisturizer in your hand. You have variety of options in this regard. You can either use the moisturizer made up of rosemary extract, peppermint, and camphor or pine oil. Applying sunscreen lotion is very important before stepping out in the sun. Wear gloves to protect the hands from the heat sun.

Proper grip for your foot

There is a proper procedure of gripping your foot with hand. If you are using the towel for your feet treatment, it will be important to twist your feet with the same. If you have been facing the cramp in your feet due to the dehydrated in the summer climate, twisting your feet will help removing the pain in this regard. This can also take place due to long hour of standing. You can simply leave the massaging activity by slowly pulling and releasing each toe finger of your feet.

Long stroking motion

Long stroking motion is quite effective when it is concerned about caring your food during the summer season. You must also apply extra pressure to the arch or your feet. There are two places in your feet which are prone to pains and tightness. Releasing the stiffness will provide great relief to your feet.

Soaking and pampering

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Sometimes pampering your feet is also quite important today. In order to do it, you have to soak your feet in water which have variety of ingredients mixed in it. You can put the rosemary leaves, dozens of ice cubes and few drops of tea tree oils. Dip your feet in the solution for a period of 30 minutes constantly. After that, rub your feet with towel vigorously.

Exfoliate your palm

Some people have a tendency of getting their hand palm filled with sweat. In order to eradicate this, you need to exfoliate it. You can either use a branded scrubber from the market or a homemade scrubber with sugar and olive oil will be important. This will help removing the excess sweat from the palm and body. You can also look out for the products that include the fruit juices, milk and earth fuller. You will feel relaxed and safe in this hot summer climate after this exfoliate.


If your feet become hard, you must soften your feet with scrubs. It will remove scaly skin from your feet and make it soft and lovely during the summer season. You can avoid razor to peel out the scaly portion of the skin. Don’t neglect your elbows. Get rid of dead tissues by scrubbing the elbows twice in a week. Rub your elbows with lemon slice to keep clean. For better results use coconut oil and lime.

Best homemade tips for glowing feet and hands

  • Sprinkle small amount of salt on the lemon and rub it on hands and feet. Lemon acts as natural cleanser and bleach. It helps to remove dead skin and gives glowing skin.
  • Mix almond paste with tbsp of gram flour, tbsp of milk and few drops of limejuice. Apply on hands and feet by massaging in circular movements.
  • If you want to gain fair glowing hands and feet then apply yogurt. Apply regularly for best results. You can use raw milk also for gaining best feet and hands.

Tips for your hands and feet in summer

Application of sunscreen

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It is better to use sunscreen in your hands and feet whenever you are trying to go out on a hot summer day. Along with your face, your skin associated with feet and hands also get tanned and black. Thus, it is always better to apply sunscreen over your feet and hands to get a protection from sun.

Pedicure and manicure

Some parts of the nation have a very dry and rusty climate even during summer. Thus they get cracked heels quite easily. The best way to stay away from such problem is doing pedicure and manicure. You can do this in parlor with the help of a professional. This is step by step process of keeping your feet and feet smooth, nourished and soft.

Apply powder

Some individuals are too much prone to sweat that they hardly gets the chance of staying dry. The best way to keep them dry and healthy is application of powder. You can apply talcum powder on your hand palms and feet so that the sweat cannot bother you for a long time. The powder will be easily in a state of soaking he sweat and keep it dry.

Drink lemon juice

Drinking lemon juice can help making your skin soft and flowing. Even the dark patches that develop due to sun effect can be rescued with the help of lemon juice. Even lemon can be applied over your hands and legs to bring a lighter impression.