How to get rid of sore breast – Quick home remedies for breast tenderness

For every woman, breast is an important part of their body, vital stats which is a tool to make them different from male gender. What are the reasons for sore breast or breast tenderness? Like other parts of body, breast can also stay unhealthy and get affected by various critical problems. Even improper diet that exclude right amount of protein and vitamins for a women’s body can give rise to the trouble of sore breast. During the pregnancy period when a lady is in a process of feeding milk to her child, her breast can feel the soreness. This is very well observed when the mild inside the breast loses its fluidity. Sometimes sore breast can also take place due to some hormonal reasons. But, home remedies that include herbs, vitamins and oil will help in fluid retention and make your breast free from soreness.  Even the blood circulation in the breast needs to be improved to make it healthy. This can be retained if proper massage is done to the breast with some natural oil. Let us check out some of the home remedies for sore breast.

Breast tenderness, sore breast or breast pain is a very common complaint by most women. It occurs usually during the menstrual cycle. It is accompanied with discomfort, heaviness, and soreness of the breasts. This problem is also faced by women approaching menopause, breast feeding mothers, and pregnant women.  Breast soreness or pain is classified into two main patterns—Cyclical in which the pain increases and decreases during the menstrual cycle. It is caused by hormonal changes during menstrual cycle and pregnancy.  Non- Cyclical in which the pain remains the same during the menstrual cycle. It is associated with problems related to the structure of the breasts like accidents, cyst or other factors. Sometimes pain in the breasts is also caused imbalance of fatty acids, wearing of ill fitting bras and breast feeding.

Best home remedies for sore breast – How to deal with breast pain naturally?

Olive oil massage is a simple way to treat breast pain

Top reasons for sore breasts

How to treat breast pain with massage? Olive oil is a simple breast massage oil to get relief from sore breasts or breast pain or breast tenderness. You should always take out some time from your busy schedule to take care of your health. Breast massage should be positively done during that time with the help of olive oil.  It will be best before taking shower when you are in the bathroom. Just take a teaspoon of olive oil and apply over your breast leaving the nipples. Massage it in a circular direction starting from the middle of the two breasts and making a circle with an upright lift towards the arm. This will improve the blood circulation in your breast and keep it away from soreness.

Ice to get relieve from sore breast – Natural home remedy for breast pain

How to alleviate breast tenderness or sore breast? If you are suffering from swollen breast, get some ice cubes and wrap either towel or a cotton cloth over the same and apply the bag over the swollen breast. This should be done slowly tapping around the breast region in a circular motion. Do this slowly for around 10 minutes and see the different. The pain and swollen appearance of you breast will be effectively reduced.

Soybeans for reducing breast pain

Soy includes phytoestrogen which is quite like a hormone that can balance hormonal fluctuations. Since most of the soreness and tenderness in breast takes place due to hormonal imbalance, you must consume good amount of soy foods in order to get relief from such breast problems. You can also get some meat substitutes that are based on soy. Those meats must be consumed positively to keep your breast well maintained. You can also consume soy milk to replace soybean as this also have proved to be an excellent source of estrogens.

Vitamin B6 and E food to get relief from breast tenderness

You can consume foods that have combined effect of Vitamin E and B6. These are really effective in making your breast tenderness back to its form. Some of the natural fruits that contains such vitamins include nuts, wheat, Avocados, spinach etc. If you can get them from the market and consume on a regular basis, staying away from sore breast will be easier.

Fiber to relieve from breast pain

You must also consume good amount of fibrous food in your diet in order to stay away from all types of breast complication. Some of the natural fibrous food includes legumes, fruits, black beans, and vegetables. This will easily reduce all types of complication in breasts.

Self massage helps to reduce breast tenderness

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Self massaging of the breasts improves blood circulation and helps to reduce tenderness. Self massage must be done after applying soap on the breasts for a few minutes. It can also be done with warm olive oil twice a day. Another option is to mix camphor oil with warm olive oil and massage the breasts twice a day. Yet another is to mix apricot oil and wheat germ oil in equal quantity and massage the sore breasts. Regular massage of the breasts helps to keep the breasts healthy and prevent them from getting sore.

Cabbage leaves to get relief from sore breasts

Best home remedies to get relief from sore breasts or breast tenderness. Cabbage leaves are found to be useful in giving relief from sore breasts. Place raw cabbage leaves on the breasts and covers then with a cotton cloth and leaves them for some time. The leaves have the ability to reduce the pain

Evening primrose oil

How to deal with breast pain? It is one of the best treatments for swollen breasts. The oil contains an acid which minimises hormonal changes and controls breast pain. Massage the breasts with evening primrose oil. This massage should be avoided by people suffering from epilepsy and pregnant women.


It is an herb that can be used for the treatment of cyclical pattern of breast pain.  This herb helps to suppress the release of prolactin from the pituitary gland which is normally responsible for sore and tender breasts during the menstrual cycle. Chaste berry is available as an extract or in liquid form. It is to be taken with water once in the morning for a few months.

Home remedies for severe breast pain – Dandelion for sore breasts

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This ingredient is recommended in naturopathy for breast pain and tenderness. It contains a good amount of potassium which helps to clear the extra fluids from the body and prevents water retention. Breast pain and swelling can be reduced with this. Dried dandelion roots have to be boiled in water and strained. Add few drops of honey to this herbal tea and taken thrice a day. Naturopath doctors also keep the dandelion supplements which can be taken as prescribed.

How to treat breast pain at home with Fennel seeds

It is found to be useful in giving relief from breast pain that is associated with the menstrual cycle. It is also helpful in maintaining the hormonal balance and in preventing water retention in the body. It also prevents the accumulation of toxins in the body. Prepare some tea with fennel seeds and drink it three times a day. Alternatively fennel seeds can be roasted and eaten few times a day to get relief from breast pain.

Apple cider vinegar to deal sore breast

Does apple cider vinegar treat breat pain? This helps to remove toxins from the body and reduce water retention. It also regulates hormonal changes. This in turn helps in giving relief from breast pain. Prepare a mixture of unfiltered apple cider vinegar with warm water and few drops of honey. Drink this mixture twice a day.

Magnesium reduces the breast tenderness

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It is an important nutrient which helps to reduce tenderness of breasts and reduce the pain occurring during the menstrual cycle.  It also prevents fluid retention by which the pain and swelling of the breasts get reduced considerably.

Soya a best home remedy for treating breast tenderness

Soya is usually used in the form of soy milk, soybeans and soy burgers. It is found to be beneficial for maintaining the breast health. Soya is a rich source of certain compounds that help to reduce the tenderness of the breast.

Treat breast pain naturally with home remdies – Corn silk, uva ursi and buchu

These herbs are used to prepare tea by boiling them in water. This herbal tea is very useful for giving relief from the discomfort and pain in the breasts. You can now get this natural remedy to stay away from the condition of sore breast.

Flaxseeds for breast pain

How to treat breast pain or sore breast with flaxseeds? Regular consumption of flaxseed helps to reduce breast pain in a short time. These seeds can be added to ice creams, fruit juice or yogurt or they can be taken daily by adding a spoonful of flaxseed to a glass of water. So, you can now get a delicious taste of flax seed even if you don’t wish to have it raw or in.

Use lavender oil to massage the sore breast

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Best essential massage oils to cure sore breast or breast pain or breast tenderness. You need to use some type of natural oils in order to remove the breast pain. Sore breast is generally observed when you are pregnant or you are breast feeding your child continuously. It can also take place for some hormonal changes. The natural oil can replenish the scarcity. You can stay away from sore breast in this way.

Consume greens or green vegetables to control sore breast

Why do boobs hurt? The green vegetables are very important for the women to consume especially when she is having the sore breast. The vegetables that you can consume due to sore breast are Brussels sprouts, Kale, broccoli, etc. These green vegetables have the chemical compound that easily helps the estrogen to get detoxified. Also the fibers present in it are really amazing clear it out before it is got absorbed.

Digestive system working clearly

Many of you may not have digestive system properly developed. All you have o do over here is have proper fibrous food as well as exercise so that the digestive system works clearly and effectively. You can have herbs and warm water early in the morning so that the bowel movement is clear. This would also affect the estrogen level in your body. As a result the soreness over the breast will be controlled.

Increasing breast size

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The grown up child gets too much muscle cramp as they are growing up. Similarly when the young girls are within the stage of getting increase in breast size, this can lead to soreness and bust pain. This is just due to the excessive hormonal secretion within your body. Your boobs get pain for some time. But, this is generally a temporary pain. You can easily overcome from this pain once your breast is totally developed.

Push ups

Pushups is not only done and confined to gents. You must have heard that gents do these pushups in order to increase their muscle mass and chest. But, this is also beneficial for women. You can now stay away from the sore breast if you slightly try to do pushups. Do this very lightly and do not give more stress. Stop when you feel uncomfortable and pain. But this has been a great remedy to many.

Foods to avoid or control to get relieve from sore breasts

Intake of sodium

Some people have a habit of consuming excess salt which include sodium. But, you should be very cautious with regards to the intake of sodium as excessive amount of sodium consumption can give rise to swelling in breast. It is important to avoid raw salt frequently as this can also lead to tenderness and breast soreness. Since sodium increase the sodium retention, it will also cause the breast to swell. If you can restrict the consumption of sodium intake, you don’t need to visit doctor to reduce breast tenderness.

Restrict methylxanthine

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Some food contains methylaxantine which is can also give rise to pain and soreness in breast. These foods include tea, beer, cheese, mushrooms, coffee, wine, chocolate, peanut butter etc. You must not consume these foods on a regular basis if you are often suffering from the trouble of soreness in breast tissue.

Eat less sugar

We all keep on consuming sugar day and night without controlling.  But, this gives rise to variety of health issues. Sore breast is also one of the issues which you can face with the consumption of excessive sugar. If you want to have a control over your sore breast you must consume less sugar. If possible consume honey instead of the sugar.

Reasons behind breast soreness

Cyclical mastalgia

Women with regular menstrual cycles every month is observed to get sore breasts and even those who have taken hormone replacement therapy also have the change of getting the soreness in breast due to Cyclical Mastalgia.  This is a reflex action of the body when the breast tissues become responsive to certain hormones. Since the level of oestrogen in the body increases just before the menstrual period starts, it also gives rise to swelling of milk ducts and glands in a woman. For many women regular breast soreness can be observed during the menstrual period whereas others gets very little or no soreness.

Non cyclic bust pain

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Women within the age range of 30 to 50 years can suffer from non cyclic bust pain. Ladies gets this type of breast pain in a single breast which is quite different than the cyclical pain. Here the breast pain is much more severe backed with burning sensation. Normally this pain takes place in a particular area of a breast. The reason behind non cyclic bust pain can be due to formation of cysts or fibrodenoma.

Inappropriate brassier

Soreness and pain in breast can give rise to wearing inappropriate bra. If your breast size is 34 and you are wearing bra with 32 sizes, getting breast pain and soreness in it will be quite common as the particular under garment for holding your breast is not appropriate and puts extra pressure in it which can give rise to breast pain.

Gaining weight

Sometimes gaining of weight can also affect your breast. Since your body is expanding, there can be expansion of your breast as well. Thus, cramp on your breast can also take place due to expansion of your muscle mass. Again if your breast size becomes bigger than your body soreness of breast will be quite possible.

Excessive physical activity

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If you are working throughout the day such that your body is strained too much in doing all types of physical activity, it can obviously give rise to soreness and tenderness of your breasts. If much physical strain is put on pectoral muscle, chest as well as shoulder of a lady, more will be the chance of getting burst pain.

Injury in breast

If you have experience any type of breast injury while travelling or at home, this can give rise to severe breast pain. If the injury is mild, there will be chances of soreness and tenderness on your breast. Even if there are some surgeries you went into, getting breast pain and soreness will be quite natural. Some ladies are even scared about the thought of operation. Even those female can suffer from breast pain.

Breast cancer

Today, biggest concern for many ladies will be breast cancer. Even if they come across a mild pain or soreness they think as if they are a patient of breast cancer. But, every soreness and breast pain may not be reason behind breast cancer. But sometimes if a lump is form with no pain, that can lead to malignant stage. If proper care and precautions are not carried on at the preliminary stage this can be malignant.

Thus, it is important to see a doctor immediately if any complication is observed with regards to the normal functioning of your breast cells and tissues.