How to prevent breast sagging for women

Breasts are made up of many muscles and tissues which tend to shrink with age. These cause the breasts to shrink and start sagging. It is a natural process that takes place in women after the age of 50. But there are other reasons that lead to sagging of breasts in younger women as well.

Breast is such an important part of human body that distinguishes a woman from a man. Proper figure of a lady is also defined with the breast size and shape. With age and due to other factors women gets saggy breast. But, there are certain tips that will help women to get breast in perfect order. If you are concerned about getting flab in your belly and thighs due to lack of exercise, it is also important for you to take care of your saggy breast. There are some simple tips that can help you get your breast in shape once again.
Every woman is identified physically with their breast. The curve makes them different from another sex. They all are really proud about their breast and the appearance within their body. Some women has very large and voluminous breast which gives rise to complications after they aged. Yes, their breast tends to sag as they get old. There are some ways through which the breast sagging for women can be prevented.

A woman’s breast is an asset and a emblem of attractiveness and femininity. although, often the natural progression of life is callous leading to sagging breasts. It is an inevitable occurrence caused by aging, fuming, pregnancy, and unwarranted workout.

Causes of breast sagging

How to firm the sagging breasts

There are several factors that are involved in sagging of breasts. Besides aging other factors that contribute to sagging of breasts is improper clothing, changes in lifestyle, hormonal changes and sudden loss or gain of weight. Pregnancy plays a vital role in the sagging of breasts. During pregnancy the breasts increase in size by stretching the ligaments. These tend to droop after pregnancy. Certain diseases like breast cancer or respiratory problems like tuberculosis can lead to sagging of breasts. Other factors like smoking, alcoholic drinks and carbonated drinks can also contribute to breast sagging.

It is mostly glimpsed in older women, but due to the contemporary way of life, expanding number of juvenile women are dropping a prey to it. While you cannot battle against the nature, you can avert unwarranted and premature breast sagging by incorporating these tips:

  • Wear a correct fitting bra:One of the most widespread causes for sagging breasts is an ill-fitted bra. It is very vital for you to pick a correct size bra, as it keeps the breast in form and enhances its overall attractiveness. After wearing the bra, make certain that your breasts are not bouncy. When the straps become lose, either squeeze them or replace the brassiere. If you are not aware about your correct bra size, confer a professional and have your size correctly assessed. Many branded lingerie store provide this service for free.
  • Massage:To hold your curvy bosoms in form, request a moisturizer daily. It will hold the skin supple and help your breasts keep its elasticity. Gently massage your breasts in a circular shift from upside down and vice versa.
  • Correct posture:bad posture can lead to breast sagging. To make your breasts emerge firm and lifted, habitually stand straight with your bears dragged backwards, and do not fall when being seated or employed.

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  • stable heaviness:Maintain a stable weight by exercising frequently and eating a balanced diet. Weight fluctuations such as profiting and mislaying weight regularly can result in extends on the skin, which can sway the elasticity of the breast.
  • unwarranted workout:any thing in surplus is bad, and so is unwarranted workout. slash down on large amounts of workout. Do not jog for extended time span of time and wear a supportive and a snug sports bra when committed in personal undertaking. The weight of bigger breasts can lead to extending of the skin followed by drooping breasts.
  • Be Hydrated-Drink at-least eight crystal of water everyday to keep your body hydrated. Skin with less water content often becomes wrinkled and saggy.While, sagging breasts can depart you worried and less-confident, recall it is generally wholesome and perfect breasts that only need a little support to gaze attractive and seem great.

Ways to firm the breasts

Maintain a proper weight

One must try to maintain an optimal weight, as constant loss and gain of weight has a negative effective on the breasts. The skin around the breast stretches in weight gain and sags in rapid weight loss. This regular loss and gaining of weight leads to stretching and relaxing of the muscles and tissues of the breast which tend to loosen the skin of the breasts.

Consume plenty of water

 it is believed that that the skin is made up of cells that contain water. The skin around the breasts starts looking dull and shrunken with lack of water. Loss of water on the skin makes the skin dry, flaky and wrinkled. This leads to symptoms of premature aging of the breasts making them loose and sagging.

Nutrition and exercise

Home remedies for tightening breasts

Healthy food and regular exercise is the most effective method to reduce excess weight by keeping the skin firm. Sudden weight loss with crash diets also leads to sagging of breasts. Deficiency of nutrients like proteins are required for the growth and support of the breasts also leads to sagging of breasts. Lack of proteins in the diet can lead to the loss of strength and firmness of the breast muscles, which tend to sag the breasts.

A daily balanced diet containing nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats are essential to keep the health of the skin around the breasts. It is advisable to include carrots, cabbages, tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower in the daily meals. Pomegranate is an excellent ingredient to prevent sagging of the breasts. Pomegranate seed oil is rich in nutrients that are helpful in firming the breasts.

Breast movement

Breasts are made up of fat and not muscles, hence there is nothing to tone or tighten.  Chest exercises help to strengthen the ligaments surrounding the breasts which may help to give a fuller appearance to the breasts. The simplest exercises for breasts are push –ups which strengthen the muscles beneath the breasts.  They help to reduce the fat deposits around the chest area and give shape to the breasts. Other exercises include dumbbell fly’s, elbow squeezes, overhead presses and pec presses.

Tips to prevent sagging breast

Healthy diet

Your body that includes breast also has a great need of all types of vitamins and nutrients. Your body should always receive the balanced diet so that new and healthy cells are built up by replacing the old ones. With proper vitamin inclusion in your diet, your breast tissue will gain strength. Automatically it will stay away from sagginess. Even you must have Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet so that the risk of breast cancer can be easily avoided.  It is really important to have fresh vegetables such as carrots, spinach, beets etc along with whole grains to stay healthy. 

Quit smoking

Tips to make big breasts look smaller

Some ladies have the habit of having cigarettes on a regular basis. This was never expected way back in 80’s as women are always regarded as pure spirit who inspires men to quite the addiction. Today, time has changed and even the changes in lifestyle have given rise to smoking habit in ladies. This gives rise to variety of complications in women body. Saggy breast is also one of the reasons behind it. You need to quit smoking immediately, if you want to avoid saggy breast.

Replacement of old bras

There are ladies who are constantly wearing the old and loose bras. They say it is comfortable as they wishes to stay relaxed at home. But, they are unaware of the fact that, using those loose bras can give rise to saggy breast. It is better to change bras at least in every 6 months so that it can hold your breast upright and stop getting saggy. If your breast is voluminous, it is better to wear push up bras from the beginning.

Use olive oil

As you massage all parts of your body, even the breast massage is important when you don’t want to get saggy breast after few years.  The olive is a wonderful remedy as the amount of antioxidants will remove the free radicals inside your body. If you can massage it on a regular basis, getting a juicy and plump breast muscle will be quite easy. For this, you need to pour some olive oil on your palm and apply it around the breast region leaving the nipples.  You need to rub the breast with the hand palm from the lower to the upward direction. You must massage your breast in a circular motion by making a push up attempt so that it gets up and stops sagging.

Egg white treatment

You will be amazed to know that egg white can also be used in making your sagging breast lift up. Some people are still unaware that the white portion of the egg includes skin nourishing properties which will help your breast cells to repair easily. If the skin around your breast has become loose, this is the time to hold it back with the wonderful property.  You need to get an egg, extract the yolk and beat the white portion of it. After beating it properly, you can get a foamy texture. Now use a brush to apply it over your breast. Leave it for 20 minutes till it becomes so tight to hold your breast from below. Remove it with water once 20 minutes is over.

Cucumber and egg yolk for saggy skin

How to keep breast firm after pregnancy

You can now make a wonderful mask with a good combination of egg yolk as well as cucumber. Take out the yolk and beat it in such a way such that it becomes light yellow in color. Now add the blended cucumber of around 2 spoons with it. Now add a teaspoon of cream or butter so that it becomes a good paste. Apply it over your breast and leave the same for 30 minutes time. There after you can easily wash it with cold water. You breast will stay firm and beautiful for a long time.

Breast masks

It helps to make the skin around the breasts firm. This mask is made with vitamin E oil, yogurt and egg. Prepare a paste using yogurt, vitamin E oil and egg and apply it on the breasts. Rinse it after 10 minutes with cold water.

Ice massage

It is another good method to reduce sagging of breasts. Ice is very helpful in toning the skin in and around the breast. Simply rub a few cubes of ice on the breasts. This can be done by placing crushed ice cubes in a zip loc bag and massage the breasts several times during the day to firm the skin of the breasts.

Plant oils

Massage of breasts with vegetable oils like coconut oil, almond oil, olive and grape seed oil help to nourish the skin around the breasts and make it firm. Besides plant oils even essential oils like carrot oil, lemon grass oil and fennel seed oil helps to regain the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. Just massage the breasts several times during the day with any of these oils.

Aloe vera

Home remedies for sagging breasts

You must have heard about variety of benefits extracted from Aloe Vera. This is a wonderful plant that is used for tightening of skin. The sagging of breast can also be a reason for the effect of free radicals in the skin. You can easily eradicate sagging of skin with the application of aloe Vera gel over the breast where you can see sagging of skin. The leaves of Aloe Vera plant are long enough. You need to cut it from the middle and take the gel. Now apply the gel over your breast and keep this for 20 minutes. Then you can wash away.

Breast pack

You must have made variety of face packs at home. But, did you ever try a breast pack? Yes, you can easily get a breast pack with the home ingredients. The ingredient that you require is orange peel powder, milk and honey. Take 2 spoons of orange peel powder, 1 spoon of honey and 2-3 spoons of milk. Mix them all really well and apply over your breast. This should be kept for 30 minutes and then wash it away.

Push up bra

Since the skin and muscles around your beast has become sagged, all you have to do over here is apply the technique through which it can be pushed up. Yes the push up bras available in the market will be wonderful in this situation. It will keep your breast upright and restrict it from getting sagged.  You can easily get these varieties in any of the lingerie shops. If you still don’t feel it cozy from stores get it from the online stores with home delivery option.