How to firm the sagging breasts – tighten saggy busts

It is very often that the breasts start to sag after pregnancy or with aging. Breasts can be lifted with the help of surgeries but it may cause some side effects such as affecting the sexual sensitivity of the nipples. So here we are introducing some of the remedies which can be tried out even at home, such as exercise techniques, use of sports bras and use of weights etc… So try out these to get a healthy and fit busts.

Arm circling firms breast tissues

Home remedies for sagging breasts

Strengthen the underlying muscles of the breasts by doing arm circling to lift the breasts. To get an overall look of the breasts and increase their lift, do it regularly, by repeating in forward and backward arm circles. To increase the effectiveness of this exercise, use light weights also.

Simple exercises to tighten saggy breasts

To get the breasts firm, use free weights. Lift weights up to the shoulders by reclining on your back on an exercise bench. Do at least for 10 times and repeat thrice. For better result workout on Nautilus equipment, in which it focus on the chest and upper arm areas. This will help to build and firm muscles below the breasts and in the chest region.

Yoga for firming saggy busts

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Do yoga regularly. While performing yoga exercises take care that the exercise should focus on the breasts and upper arms to enhance breast beauty. Yoga can be performed not only for breast beauty but also to strengthen the entire body and tone all areas. For better result you need to be focused. Proper posture can make the breasts look higher and firmer.

Push-ups to maintain firm boobs

Perform push-ups for at least thrice in a week. You can do the standard push-up or the modified push-up. Both standard push-up, in which the entire body raises into the air and the modified push-up, in which the knees are bent and only the upper portion of the body comes up off the floor can give better results. Initially start with as many push-ups which you are comfortable with and then you can simply raise the number in each session.

Dumbbells for firm breasts

Dumbbells for firm breasts

This is another exercise that can keep your breasts from sagging. Lie down on the mat and take a dumbbell in each hand. Extend the arms straight. The dumbbells add weight to your muscles. After keeping the position for 2 minutes, lower the hands to both sides of your body. Do not bend the elbows and do not touch the mat on the floor. Keep your hands a few inches above the floor level. Keep your hands in this position for 10 minutes and then bring your hands on your body. Repeat this exercise for 10 times each day. This is good for making the chest muscles strong.

General activities to stop breast sagging

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If you want to go for jogging or running for exercise, your breasts will tend to sag. The forward bending also causes the breasts to sag. The jerks that your body receives while you do these activities loosen the muscles and stretch the muscles.  If you are going for running or your work consists of forward bending, use sports bras for such activities. These must be of the correct size to reduce many movements of your breasts.

Special & appropriate bras

If you are using the right sized bras then your breast should not sag. Select the bra that is appropriate and provide right support for keeping the breasts high. The special bras will have support system for the cups and these will help you to lift the breasts. These help to keep the breasts firm and uplift it with support at the shoulders and under the cups.

Breast massage and essential oils

The essential oils are good for tightening the saggy breast. Oils like carrot oil, lemongrass, fennel, cypress or spearmint oils are known to make the muscles tighter. The firmness of the breasts will increase when you take a few drops of these oils to massage your breasts.  Mix the oils with some base oil or vegetable oil and then massage the breasts. Use upward strokes for about 15 minutes each day. The rubbing creates warmth and this increases the circulation of blood through them. The connective tissues sap the strength in this process and the muscles also become elastic.

Ice massage for firm saggy breasts

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This is a process by which the breasts can gain its firmness back. You need to use 2 ice cubes and massage the breast muscles with these for 1 – 2 minutes. Circle the breast clockwise and then anti clockwise for some time. The cold sensation tightens the muscles of the area and you must put a proper bra on just after the massaging. This gives your breasts a better position as the muscles gain strength.

The right diet for firming sagging breasts

Diet plays a very vital role in the way we look and feel. Often, sagging of breasts even in younger age might be caused due to lack of the vital nutrients like protein in the diet, which can weaken the tissues, causing the breasts to sag. Losing a lot of fat quickly through dieting can also be a vital cause of breast sagging. So, when you are trying to correct your saggy breasts make sure that you are taking the right diet that is filled with sufficient protein, vitamins, minerals as well as healthy fats. Do not opt for steep dieting plans that can make you lose weight quickly, because losing weight quickly can result into breast sagging.

Get the right posture

The right posture also plays a vital role in giving the breasts the support they need. Poor posture can work as one of the primary reasons of breast sagging even at younger age. So, if you are suffering from this problem, make sure that you have the right posture.

Homemade breast masks to tighten loose boobs

Some homemade breast masks can be actually effective to cure the problem of saggy breasts. These masks provide nourishment to the breast tissues. Here are some of the selected breast masks that you can try,

Cucumber, butter and egg yolk mask

How to prevent breast sagging

Cucumber is known for its toning properties and the egg yolk is filled with protein, vitamins and minerals that can nourish the tissues of the area. The butter also ensures maximum hydration and nourishment of these tissues.

To make this mask, grind a medium sized cucumber in the grinder and add 1 spoon of hot melted butter to it. Now add the yolk of an egg to the mixture. Mix all the three ingredients well and then apply it onto your breasts while the pack is still warm but not hot. While applying the pack use strokes in the upper direction and let it set for 30 minutes before removing with a damp and soft cotton cloth. Repeat daily.

Egg white with honey pack

The white of an egg is highly nourishing and it can give a toning effect on the skin. Honey also ensures maximum nourishment of the tissues of the area applied. Make the mask following the next steps,

Take the white of an egg and beat it at least for 5 minutes. Now add 2 spoons of liquid honey to it and mix really well. Apply the resulting pack onto your breasts and leave on for 30 minutes so that the mask completely dries off. Finally remove with a damp piece of cotton and wash off. You should use the pack on loose breasts daily to get best results.

Aloe vera massage for sagging breasts

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Aloe vera is a highly nourishing natural ingredient that can be very helpful to tone the skin of the breasts and to firm the sagging breasts.

To use Aloe Vera for this purpose, collect a fresh Aloe Vera leaf, remove the skin and scrape out the pulp from inside. Smash this pulp and grind it to make a gel. Now use this gel in excess for massaging your breasts and the surrounding area in an upward motion for 10-15 minutes. Once you are done massaging, let it get dry completely and then wash off with water. Take this treatment daily for the expected outcomes.

Fenugreek massage for sagging breasts

According to Ayurveda, fenugreek seeds can be helpful for better growth of the breast muscles and breast cells. It can help in making the breasts firmer and well-toned. Take fenugreek seed dust and add sufficient water to it to come up with a smooth paste. Now use this paste to massage the breast area for 15 minutes in an upward and circular motion. After massaging, leave on for 10 minutes with the pack and then wash off with water. You can also use fenugreek seeds with warm olive oil for massaging the breasts for preventing breast sagging.

Watch your sleeping posture

The wrong sleeping posture can be a reason of sagging breasts or it can at least add to the problem of breast sagging even more. When you sleep on your side, your breasts are not well rested on the surface and as you do not use a bra while sleeping (which is recommended) hence the extra pressure can easily make the muscles of the area become lose. So, it is best to sleep on your back if you are suffering from sagging breasts and want to see some quick improvements.

Wear supportive bras while exercising

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Exercising is important in order to get well toned and firm breasts but when you are exercising make sure that you wear proper supportive bras. There are sports bras and exercise bras that offer more support to the breasts and prevents the jerking effects on the breasts which can work as a cause of sagging breasts, particularly if you have a bigger bust size. So, use proper supportive bras every time you engage in exercising or any active sports.

Replace your bras at the right time

One very common reason of breast sagging is wearing improper bras. Your bras might look just fine for years, but they start losing their supportive properties within 6 months or even in less time depending on its quality. So, once the supportive bands of your bra seem to have stretched, do not wait for it to get completely wasted, change it for a new one.  Bras that have lost its ability to support the breasts should be rejected immediately.

Prevent fluctuation in weight

Quick and heavy fluctuation in weight can easily work as a reason of sagging breasts. When you lose weight quickly, the skin and muscles around the chest do not get enough time to get toned which loosens up the skin around causing sagging of the breasts. So, if you are planning to lose weight, make sure that you lose it along with proper exercises and breast massage so that the muscles and skin of the chest are well toned.

Use a collagen enriched cream

Home remedies for tightening breasts

There are a number of creams available in the market that comes with ingredients like collagen or some ingredients that help in boosting the natural production of collagen in the skin. Collagen can be most effective to control breast sagging and hence using a cream that contains collagen or some other ingredient that helps in the production of collagen can be effective for firming the sagging breasts.