How to get chubby face naturally

Even if a person has a lean and thin body, chubby cheeks are always appreciated. Getting plump cheeks is quite natural when it comes to individuals who have healthy body.

But, a chubby cheek that grows naturally in face is a mark of youthful appearance. There are many people who have narrow cheeks due to their lean body structure. Even they are interested to have chubby face.

You can now find not natural techniques through which your face will become chubby and plump naturally. Some people are seen to adopt the cosmetics procedure in order to get chubby face.

Natural procedures for chubby face

Face yoga

Best foods to get chubby cheeks naturally

Yoga is a very mild technique of breathe in and breathe out sitting in different postures.

Just like it benefits your body and mind, face yoga is also equally effective in creating chubby appearance of your face. There is some gentle and simple facial exercise in yoga that helps in circulation of cheeks.

This helps in making your skin fuller and radiant. This is a wonderful procedure where you will not get any extra fat over your face apart from chubbiness of you narrow cheeks. You need to practice it daily in order to get the best result.

Steps in yoga

  • First of all you need to take a chair and sit there in such a way that your back remains straight. Now, you can relax after making your shoulder blades come down. You also need to keep your chest outward and open.
  • Second step will be to open your mouth slowly and lightly. You also need to imagine that you are carrying on a normal conversation in a very moderate volume. You need to open your mouth moderately to a height which you generally do for a normal conversation. Now it will be important to curl both your lips in such a way that it covers your teeth.
  • Third step will be to pull the corners of the mouth by keeping the above position intact. Try to pull the corners of the mouth till the molar teeth. Remember to keep both the corners in equal pull which is also a vertical position of your face. Along with this you must keep in mind that your chin moves forward slightly.
  • Fourthly, the face which you have made just now must be in hold for 30 second. You will also see stretch in your cheek muscles. Once, the exercise is done slowly bring down your face to normal resting position.

Moisturizing cheeks

Whenever you wash your face, remember that you are removing oils along with dirt. Thus, your face becomes dry and unpleasant. Thus, you need to use a cream or a moisturizer over your cheeks once you have washed it.

Steps for moisturizing

  • If you can get an emollient cream from the market, getting chubby cheeks will be really possible. These are the variety of creams which are formulated to create soothing appearance in your skin. This will also help your cheeks to get moisturized and would eradicate the chapped appearance and damage caused in cheeks.
  • You must also apply moisturizing cream at night before going to bed.

Pinching cheeks

You can also make mild pinches over your cheek bones at its top as well as bottom. For many people small pinches are not sufficient to make the cheeks plumier.

But, if you can carry on this techniques, natural blush in your skin will take place gradually due to which your cheeks will look brighter and attractive. It will be easily for the viewers to have a look at the brighter cheeks which resembles like a plump.

Sugar and shea butter scrub

How to get chubby cheeks in a week naturally

You can now make simple scrubs at home that will make your face chubby and chubby naturally. For this, the ingredient you require would be Shea butter (1 cup) and sugar ( 3/4th cup).

Mix these two ingredients really well in a container and apply it over your face. You also need to rinse the skin with warm water after keeping it for five minutes.

The scrub must be applied in a gentle circular motion and do not rub your skin with any cloth fabric. Rather use a soft towel and pat dry after washing your face.

Since Shea butter is rich in fatty acids, elasticity of your skin will be increased and your skin will look fuller and younger.

The scrub containing sugar is a very good exfoliates which will scrub the dead skin from your face making it look young and radiant.

Aloe vera and apple

You need to take out the Aloe Vera gel from the plant and combine it with apple pulp. Combine both of it really well in a container and apply it on your face.

You must gently apply this over your skin and rub it in a circular motion. The ideal time to do this will be 30 to 60 minutes before going for shower.

If you don’t want to make a paste, there is an alternate way as well to get chubby cheeks. Take Aloe vera juice from the plant and drink 250 ml of the same. You can also get this juice in the market. Make sure that this juice is food grade.

Aloe Vera is really effective in eradicating inflammation over the skin and increasing elasticity of skin.


Honey is always good for your health along with your skin. It is regarded as a natural moisturizer that helps your skin to stay rejuvenated and healthy.

The antioxidants of your skin will be eradicated once you consume honey on a regular basis.

You can also make an organic face pack by using honey. If you can combine natural honey with yogurt and milk cream, it would work better. This pack is really useful for getting a fuller face with plumps in your cheeks.

You can also combine honey with papaya paste and apply it over your face. Keep it for a period of 10 minutes and then rise your skin with warm water to get chubby cheeks.