Best foods to get chubby cheeks

It has become very easy for people to have chubby cheeks right at home with some simple home remedies. Some exercise, diet and day to day lifestyle will be really helpful for you to get chubby cheeks naturally at your home. Some deep breath exercises are also effective if you can hold your breath tight by keeping the air inside your mouth tightly.

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Food/diet for chubby cheeks



The wonderful natural ingredient which is extracted from the honeycombs is indeed an amazing way to get your chubby cheeks. The moisturizing effect of honey leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. It will make you look plumper and healthier. Rich in antioxidants, honey is known to remove the toxins and dead skin cells naturally. All you need is a blend of concoction of honey with lemon water to begin your day on a sweet and healthy note. Drink the holy goodness everyday for getting the chubby cheeks on point.


Here is the best way to moisturize your cheeks naturally and add a touch of rich texture to your skin with the healthy and enriched with nutrients, milk. No matter how much you ignore this essential food, you will regret it. So, drink the holiness everyday to flaunt your chubby cheeks. Loaded with nutrients, vitamins, proteins, calcium and a rich source of minerals, milk is something that you just can’t avoid if you want to have that picture perfect luminous skin.

Consume carb rich foods

Card foods are the one that are naturally loaded with carbohydrates in moderate quantities like pasta, rice and bread. The goodness of carbohydrates is that is gives you more energy plus doesn’t even increase your weight. Isn’t that just downright awesome? Keep munching on carb rich foods to burn your fats and accumulate fats in places that will make you look cute and charming- your cheeks of course. So, get all the carbohydrates in your diet from now.


Yet another kitchen staple to help you flaunt that radiant skin with chubby cheeks, you can soak a few fenugreek seeds overnight n water. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, fenugreek seeds will help in detoxifying the skin thereby exuding a smooth and supple surface. You can also ix it with curd which is a great source of antioxidants that helps in removing the dead skin cells from the surface and penetrate the healthy skin cells naturally. Just consume a moderate quantity of this mixture and be surprised to find effective results in a few weeks’ time.

Olive oil

Oh yes, the healthy monounsaturated fats of olive oil helps in building the protection from several factors like weight gain, ageing issues (wrinkles and fine lines appearance), unhealthy diseases and disorders, etc. Consuming one tablespoon of olive oil is extremely empowering as it will help in tightening of your skin and detoxifying your skin of the illicit substances. So, go ahead, pamper yourself with moisturizing goodness of olive oil.

Drink lots of water

How to get chubby face naturally

The natural liquids available is water and it should be consumed daily, as the doctors suggest that the average 8 glasses of water is what our body needs to function properly. Water contains several healthy substances that will help in nourishing our body internally and give a great kick to effectively detox. The essential minerals in water makes way for glorious skin and as a result, you can be proud of your chubby cheeks.

Eat healthy green leafy veggies

Consuming healthy green leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage, broccoli, avocado etc. to include in your daily diet. Eating a balanced diet is the foremost requirement to maintain good health and ensure the essential goodness of such foods will reflect on your skin and hair. Such foods help in boosting your metabolism and enhance your rich diet naturally.

Rose water and glycerin mixture

You must have glycerin at home during winter as it helps in making your skin tight and keep away from wrinkles. Even the rose water will be readily available in your dressing table where you have other cosmetics and beauty products. Make a good mixture of glycerin and rose water; apply it over your cheeks where you wish to get the flab. This mixture is really amazing to provide nourishment to your cheeks and make its fuller by providing fresh lift.

Apple paste

This is one of the effective foods for your cheeks that will definitely help getting chubby cheeks. We have been hearing apple to be the healthiest food which can even keep doctor away on its regular consumption. Apple is rich in all types of nutrients and vitamins that is really effective for getting healthy skin type. Take a raw apple, slice it and mash it. Now apply it over your cheeks really well. You also need to keep the paste for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it away. Apple also has collagen and elastin which is really important to get fresh skin.

Olive oil

Olive oil has wonderful benefit towards skin as well as health of individuals. Today, people are leaving vegetable oils and adopting olive oil in cooking. Olive means health which also has no exception when getting chubby cheeks. You can now consume one tablespoon of olive oil daily in order to get chubby cheeks with natural look. It has been proved worth for building skin fat. You will be able to see visible results in just 15 days once you continue consuming it everyday.

Supplements for fluffy cheeks

How to blush cheeks naturally

You can also consume food supplements available in the market which will work effectively in the process of getting attractive chubby cheeks. Since these supplements have good amount of calorie, gaining weight will be quite easy. As soon as an individual gain weight, it will be visible over the face of individuals. Supplements are for all those who cannot gain weight even with their regular food habits. Weight supplements will be really sufficient to fulfill the deficit in human body.

Milk to get chubby cheeks

Milk is regarded as a complete diet. It has right amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins. If you are not consuming nutrients in your daily diet, a glass of milk everyday will definitely fulfill the gap. If you can consume daily two glass of milk, once in the morning and another at night, and if this can be continued for the period of three months nothing will stop you in getting chubby cheeks.

Crab rich food

Some people might not be aware of crab rich food items. The food items which have good amount of carbohydrates are known to be crab rich food items. These are bread, rice, pasta etc. In order to meet your body energy requirement, carbohydrates will be really effective. If your diet contains fewer crabs, this might give rise to burning up of fat under the skin layer. This will stop you from getting fuller cheeks.

Butter sugar paste

This is an effective remedy to get fuller cheeks without using any chemicals and cosmetics. Make a paste of butter and sugar and apply it over your face in equal proportion. It will be preferable if you can do this before going to bath. But, you need to tie your hair tight up and make a bun so that not a single hair falls over the buttery face or else it can damage your hair. Put your fingertips in the paste and apply it on your face equally. Keep for 15 minutes and wash away. You can get amazing chubby cheeks.

Aloe Vera gel

The antioxidants in Aloe Vera gel will help to tighten your skin and stimulate elasticity of the skin. Your skin will look younger and more firm as Aloe Vera also stimulates the production of collagen. Scoop out the gel of Aloe Vera and massage it on your cheeks for fifteen minutes in a clockwise motion. Let it sit on your skin for another ten minutes before you wash it off. Do this everyday.

You can even drink the juice of Aloe Vera to get firm and chubbier cheeks.

Shea butter

To improve the skin’s elasticity you can use Shea Butter’s fatty acids. Shea Butter is rich in E Vitamin which helps the cheeks to get a firm, tight and chubby look. Massage Shea Butter in your cheeks for fifteen minutes everyday. Do this in a clockwise motion and always move towards the temples. Leave it for about fifteen minutes and then use cold water to wash your face.

You can also make a mixture of Shea Butter and sugar. For this, you have to melt a cup of Shea Butter and add it to three-fourth cup of sugar. Keep it in a clean container and store it until it turns solid. Massage your face daily with this mixture and wash it with water after letting it sit for ten minutes.

Say no to smoking and drinking

Harmful habits cause serious damage to the elasticity of your skin. It loses flexibility and gives your cheeks a narrow look  Consuming a lot of Turmeric isn’t good for your cheeks either. The harmful rays of the sun can steal away your face glow and charm. It makes the cheeks look leathery, gaunt and narrow.

Do yoga

How to get chubby cheeks in a week naturally

The best way to lift up your sagging skin and get chubby cheeks is by doing yoga. This will help to produce elastin and collagen.

Facial exercises like cheek lifts and presses will help to tone the muscles of your cheeks.