How to blush cheeks naturally

When it is about parties or events you know that you have to give your cheeks an external blush. But having a natural blush would be so much cooler than applying something externally! Of course, natural is better than cosmetic and especially when it is about our face, we try to be extra careful.

We have some amazing tips for you to make your cheeks blush naturally and make it look healthier too.

Women or girls having rosy cheeks are appreciable always due to their looks. If you too are willing to have the same in your bucket there are some step by step process which you actually need to follow.

There are also some home remedies that you can avail to get it done without worry. Even you would like to have those pinkish and attractive cheeks when you are out with your friends or attending a social gathering.

Facial massage

Facial massages are one of best ways to make your cheeks blush. You can take professional help and helps your fingertips do the magic to you.

Facial massage helps to improve the blood circulation on your face and adds some natural blush. They help you exfoliate your skin by cleaning away the dead skin cells and also add moisture to it.

Exfoliating the cheeks

Exfoliation of your cheeks is very important to highlight the natural glow and make them blush. The dead skin cells usually dampen the original skin color and make it look really dull.

You can opt for homemade scrubs for exfoliation and make your face rejuvenate. A simple remedy is to take some uncooked oats and adding honey/milk for making a gentle scrub. Use it for your cheeks and scrub regularly for best results.

Rinse face with warm water

Washing your face regularly with warm water helps you improve the blood circulation of the cheeks. This is a simple two-minute solution for obtaining rosy cheeks.

Now, remember that the water shouldn’t be more than lukewarm, since there are chances of skin drying. After using face wash or a scrub, you can wash your face with lukewarm water. Remember to apply a moisturizer after that.

Exercise regularly

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Rosy cheeks are a sign of healthy living. When you aren’t healthy enough, you start looking dull and your cheeks start to sag.

Have a proper exercise regime to keep your body stimulated and for improved blood circulation as well. Your body starts flushing out toxins with regular exercise and improves blood circulation which contains nutrients and oxygen. Exercising improves our complexion and leaves a pinky tint on it!

Healthier diet

You need to consume foods which are rich in carotenoid for having better colored cheeks. Carotenoids are basically orange, red and yellow pigments which are present in fruits of veggies.

For example, some of them are carrots, capsicums, tomatoes, peaches, melons, etc. Try and consume foods which are rich in Vitamin C and E for improving the tone of your cheeks.

Drink more water

From keeping your body hydrated to relieving toxins through urination, drinking water benefits us in a lot of ways.

It not only removes the toxin contents and benefits us internally, but it also makes us glow externally. Our face starts having a slight glow and our lips look fuller. Drink water regularly for maintaining a better look and feel.

Vegetable oil with rose petals

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It is quite easy to get vegetable oils in your kitchen. At the same time plucking some rose petals from a fresh flower is easy if you have the rose growing in your garden.

For this remedy, you have to take out few rose petals and grind it to get paste. Add a spoon of such paste and add two spoons of vegetable oil.

Mix it well and apply over your face. Use your hands to apply this paste against your face. Let it dry and absorbed by your skin in 30 minutes and then wash with cold water.

Raddish hues

You need to take the natural radish hues to make your skin really attractive. The cheeks of women can be really attractive with the help of natural remedy.

Yes, the radish hues are used in this regard to make your face look attractive. You can also use the red wine vinegar in this situation.

After applying it over your cheeks you can feel a sticky substance all over your cheeks. Leave it for some time and wash it away. Do this several times in a day and see the result.

Egg white and honey

You can easily get egg white at your home refrigerator. You must take one egg and break it in a bowl. Now separate the egg yolk and egg white.

Now add a spoon of organic honey over the egg white portion. Mix it really well to make it a smooth pulp. Apply it over your cheek where you require natural blush.

This needs to be kept for 10 minutes and then removed with lukewarm water. You actually get great blush with this natural remedy.

Kitchen remedies

Tips to get glowing pinkish cheeks

We now list you with some home remedies which can make you have a natural blush easily:

  • Make a pack by combining lemon and cucumber juice. Add honey and lemon to it. Apply it on your face and let the ingredients absorb. Wash off once its dry and see your cheeks glow.
  • You can wash your cheeks with apple cider vinegar and get red rosy cheeks! Pour a little bit on a bowl and soak cotton ball in it. Pat them on your cheeks and let it soak well. Take it off and see the glow!
  • You can also apply vegetable juice on your cheeks. They give them a nice glow. All you need a beetroot for extracting its juice and for adding some sugar granules to it. Apply the extract on your face and let it dry for 15 minutes. Wash your face once it dries up and you’re set for a party. You could replace beetroot with grapes or pomegranate as well.
  • Take a handful of almonds and add crushed rose petals to it. Now add honey and blend the ingredients well. This is easy to make and can be stored for a week. Rose petals add the pinky texture to your cheeks.
  • You can also make a paste with dry rose petals and apply it directly on your face. This would give you a natural blush and brighten the cheeks.
  • You can make some banana pulp and then add milk cream to it for another remedy. Apply the mix on your face and let it dry for 20 minutes. Wash off with cold water.
  • Also try cucumber or tomato pulp for natural blush.