Tips, ideas to get the glowing pinkish cheeks

Rosy cheeks are a girl’s dreams! They are considered to be the epitome of beauty as they make one look glamorous. Make up is the way to get rosy cheeks, but it vanishes instantly. There are some natural ways to get rosy cheeks which last for long and make the cheeks bloom like a rose. Males always get attracted towards ladies with rosy cheeks. Whenever you are planning to go out for the parties, putting make ups with pink color blush on cheeks becomes a mandate issue.

But, what if you already have rosy cheeks without putting any sort of make ups? Ladies generally does select either pink or reddish shade of a blush in order to look attractive within the crowd. Now you have a natural way of getting glowing pinkish cheek. With some natural ingredients, it will be possible for you to get pinkish cheeks.

Top tips to get natural glowing pinkish cheeks

Best tips for glowing skin

  1. Eat lot of veggies and fruits and walk with the pinkish cheeks.
  2. Satiate on melons, tomatoes, beetroots or peaches. The beetroot is an all-rounder fruit. It helps in not only getting that pinkish cheeks but also softness.
  3. Exfoliate your skin by washing it on intervals with lukewarm water, this will help to unclog the clogged pores and therefore, allow the moisture to penetrate within. It is the best way to hydrate and open up your skin cells.
  4. Follow an exercise regime and keep yourself fresh all the time. If you have rosy cheeks that is the sign of having a good health.
  5. Grab some green vegetables and stay fit to achieve your goal of pinkish cheeks. Green leafy vegetables and fruits act as a detox to flush out the excessive toxins from our body which, in turn, helps to enhance the glow and exude charm from within.
  6. It is quintessential to have salads and never skip on a balance diet to attain that pink cheeks. Say a straight NO to oily and junk food that disturbs the metabolism of your body and further causes several hormonal imbalances, as a result, your face radiance goes for a toss.

Tips to get natural glowing pinkish cheeks


Since ages, beetroot has been known to cleanse, exfoliate and channel the glowing skin. You can consume it daily or just make a face pack for it has a deep red texture that will give a soft blush appeal to your skin naturally. It is amazing for your skin as it a natural detox for your skin and helps in keeping you hydrated, smooth and supple. So, apply the beetroot at least twice a day.


This is yet another effective home remedy which helps in making your cheeks rosy and soft naturally. Pour some vinegar to a bowl and apply it throughout your face and neck using a cotton plug. Now, let it absorb and leave it to dry. Follow this regime at least once a week for effective results. Vinegar is an extremely beneficial source for making cheeks pink naturally effortlessly.

Cucumber juice, lemon juice and honey pack

Flaunt your smooth glowing and pink cheeks with this cool home remedy. Peel some cucumbers and squeeze to get its juice, pour it into the lemon juice and add some honey over it Now, whisk the mixture till it form s a thick and consistent paste. Apply it all-over your face and let it stay for about 15 minutes, rinse it with cold water. Follow this at least once a day.

Tomato juice

Is there anything red-der than the deep enriching tomato fruit, well we don’t know? Tomatoes are a great source of exfoliators and helps in removing dead skin cells, penetrating deep inside the epidermis, they regenerate new skin cells and aids in pink rose cheeks naturally. All you need to do is take a few tomatoes, squeeze their juice and mix it in 2 glass of water and add 2 cups of honey, drink the mixture. This must be consumed on an empty stomach for desired results.

Egg white and honey

Tips to get glowing skin naturally

Take an egg white of an egg, pour some organic honey to this solution. Now, whisk it till you get a smooth thick paste. Apply it all-over your skin and reveal the beautiful skin with rosy cheeks complementing your gorgeous skin naturally.


Ever wondered why this fruit is so beneficial for our skin health and body health? Well, because bananas contain important nutrients and have antioxidant properties. This is what makes them a wonder fruit. Mash a few ripe bananas and apply them on your face. They will render a soft rosy glow to your skin, follow this practice for an ever-charming skin.

Milk and gram flour

Take one glass of milk and three tablespoons of gram flour, mix it well and add some curd and wheat barn to the solution. It is said that milk and gram flour are enriched with several whitening and brightening properties that will lend a rosy touch while curd will curtail the bacterial infections to rest at bay and wheat barn maintains the even skin tone and helps in unveiling flawless skin naturally.

Rose water and glycerine

Add equal amounts of rose water and glycerine as they are mild anti-septic and anti-oxidant in nature. Both these ingredients are nourishing in nature as they help in imparting the healthy dose to your skin, thanks to their moisturizing properties that make the skin look smooth and supple. Mix both of these to get a solution and massage your skin naturally before going to bed. Wash your face with lukewarm water the following morning for a healthy rose-tinted cheek. Follow this till you achieve the desired result.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera contains extra-ordinary properties. It acts as an antioxidant and also helps in curing skin problems. To extract its maximum benefit, you can take out the gel from the leaf and apply it on your skin directly or if you feel irritation then, you can apply it with curd or honey.


Cut down the consumption of red meat from your diet as it is high in bad cholesterol and increases unnecessary fats in the body. Instead, you can include chicken, egg or fish as healthy diet ingredients. Drink low-fat milk products to cut down extra fat and calories consumption from your body.

The key to healthy skin is proper and sufficient diet. Crash diet and skipping meals is not good for health. One must take four well distributed meals a day — Breakfast, Lunch, tea and Dinner. A daily healthy diet must contain fish, chicken, sprouts, milk products like yogurt and milk, lentils and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Exercise and hydration

Face packs for beautiful skin

Regular exercise and proper hydration by drinking lots of water and juices helps to maintain and preserve a bright and beautiful skin


Daily exfoliation with a mild scrubis the best solution to get soft and rosy cheeks. Exfoliate on the cheek bones to get rid of dead cells that make the skin tone dark.

Mild bleaching

Mild bleaching with cider vinegar or lemon juice will help to get rosy cheeks

Fill in the deficiency

The two Vitamins E and C are vital to give a natural glow to the skin Dryness of cheeks and cracking lips may be the cause of deficiency of Vitamin E and C. The supplements for them must be taken on doctor’s advice. Alternatively apply a paste of orange peel cream and a broken Vitamin E capsule on the face. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash it off with Luke warm water.

Anger and stress

Anger and Stress and anger can rip the natural glow of the skin. Try and manage stress and anger with the help of yoga or meditation. Stress levels increase in cases of lack of sleep. One feels fresh after proper sleep and the face glows naturally. The skin nourishes itself with the secret oils during sleep.

Proper massage

Proper massage in circular and anti-circular ways increases the circulation of the blood under the skin and makes the skin look rosy.

Wash and wash

Wash and wash always rinse the face with warm water which will help in keeping the face clean and appear rosy.


Top fruit facials for glowing skin

Sugar massages sugar on damp cheeks for 3-4 minutes and then washes off. It will make the cheeks look pink in a weeks’ time.

While massaging your face, try to make your cheeks blush. Use fingertips to massage your cheeks

Dead skin on your face might be a reason for dull and tan skin. Your natural skin color might get hidden due to dead skin. You can now exfoliate with natural products to get back pinkish cheeks.

Washing face with warm water will increase your blood circulation which will automatically create rosy cheeks with pressure.

Proper exercise of your face and cheeks has become a necessity today. Providing healthy way of treating your face and cheeks will be exercise in circular motion. When you are applying any lotion or cream on your face, your movement should be from lower to upper movement. This will help your face not to slag down with age.

You can also flush out the toxin content from your face with proper exercise. Your complexion will also be improved with enough oxygen and nutrient supply to your facial muscle.

Flawless pink cheek remedies

You can also make use of the kitchen remedies and flaunt the flawless skin effortlessly

  1. Apply lemon juice with turmeric to remove all the tan and channel the vibrant skin.
  2. You could also apply apple vinegar on a cotton ball and dab it over your face to get the rose-tinted cheeks.
  3. You can apply banana pulp. Just take two bananas and smash it by adding some honey and slather your face with the rich pulpy paste. This will be the best fodder for your face to unleash the graceful skin within.
  4. Massage your face with honey and sugar. It will give you that perfect edge and flush pink cheeks instantly.

Face exercises

How to get the instant glowing skin

  1. Try to make your face into a fish pout and repeat this exercise 8 times. It will help you get the rosy cheeks and also get a toned face. If you’re a selfie addict, pout and pose will not be a great hassle for you, so keep pouting to get that perfect jawline and rosy cheeks.
  2. Make your lower lip move in the upward direction to squeeze your neck muscle. This can be done at least 5 times a day.
  3. Do the giraffe kiss. This will help to stress on your jaw-line muscles and the cheekbones. This, in turn, will change them into the beautiful rose brush and also attain perfect shape.
  4. You could also try to face massage with your own and learn the pressure points to make it effective. Do face exercises by massaging the jaw-lines, near the cheekbones and one the fore-head. This will help you to get that amazing rose blush.

Homemade packs to get rosy cheeks

  • Apply a paste of two mashed bananas on the face .Wash off after 20 minutes. This face pack is very helpful in giving a red rosy/pinkglow.
  • Apply a paste of boiled and mashed beetroots on the face. Leave it for 20 minutes before washing. It will give a rosy effect on the cheeks.
  • Soak up majordeal in raw milk for 30 minutes .Grind into a smooth paste. Mix with kaolin powder .Dab on your face. Leave this mix for 20 minutes .And see how your skin glows like a rose.
  • A paste made of gram flour, milk cream wheat bran and curd is a face pack which will give a soft blush.
  • Pulp of cucumberapplied onthe facegives a rosy effect and helps to fade dark circles. Cucumber is a good skin lightening and skin exfoliatingagent.
  • A rosy pink effect on the cheeks can be achieved by applying apple cider vinegar on the face.
  • A homemade face pack of grated cucumber, lemon juice,honey, and milkand gram flour made into a thick paste and applied on the face after cooling it in the fridge for 4-5 hours gives natural rosy pink cheeks.
  • A concoction of amaranth juice with a pinch of turmeric when applied on the face acts as natural bleach and helps in getting rid of wrinkles and dry skin.
  • Massage the face with milk and lemon juice to increase blood circulation and giving a pinkish glow on the cheeks.
  • Mix together ground almond paste, crushed rose petals, mint juice and honey. Apply this

Recommendation to get rosy cheeks

Drinking plenty water

Drinking water in gallons is always good for health. You must take 6-8 glass of water every day so that all toxins in your body is flushed away with the water. Since, water will help individuals to keep the lips and mouth moist, getting pinkish cheek can be achieved all the way.

Balance diet

Beauty tips for face to glow & shine

Diet is also an important way to achieve healthy and pinkish cheeks. You must consume the food items which are rich in carotenoid. The fruits with red, yellow and orange pigments will be very beneficial in this situation. Some of the vegetables that can help individuals in this regard include capsicum, carrots, tomatoes etc. The fruits rich in vitamin E and vitamin C are also quite effective in such situation.

Kitchen remedies

You can now find variety of kitchen remedies that will help you to get back cheeks like babies. If you are eager to get the cheeks pink following are some of the procedures:

  • Dip cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply it on your cheeks to get pink rose
  • You can now make a pack with honey, cucumber, lemon juice and milk and apply it on your face and cheeks to get rosy cheeks
  • You can also apply the vegetable juices such as beet root, carrot etc. A perfect combination of beet root and sugar mixture will be beneficial way.

Conclusion—it is easier and safer to get pink cheeks by using homemade masks and by following a healthy lifestyle than by using cosmetics containing harmful agents. Natural methods are cheap and long lasting.