Tips, ideas to get the glowing pinkish cheeks

Rosy. Pink. Glowing. There are a wide range of beauty trends that are seen on a daily basis. Inquiring minds want to know how one obtains a natural looking rosy pink glow without using harsh chemicals or being embarrassed significantly. I know we have all achieved that rosy pink glow when the heat rushes to our cheeks and we become embarrassed or when grandma pinches our cheeks. But how can one maintain that glow without being embarrassed? Googling the phrases rosy cheeks, pink cheeks, or cheeks that glow bring a slew of results some simple – some requiring a little more work or a little more product.

Which fruits help in getting natural blush?
To get that pinkish glow on your cheeks include fruits like papaya, oranges, banana, kiwi, mango & guava in your diet. Apart from fruits, increase the intake of green leafy vegetables in your diet.
Does yoga help in getting a pink glow on cheeks?
Indeed, yoga does help in getting healthy & glowing skin such as Surya Namaskar, Shoulder Stand, and breathing exercise.
How much water to drink every day for glowing skin?
Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to get flush out the toxins from your body & get that dewy skin. You can also sip coconut water, juices, or buttermilk.
How often should I exfoliate my face?
Exfoliating face with mild scrub can remove the dead skin & impurities, adding natural tint on your face. You can exfoliate twice a week.
Is chemical peel safe for getting rosy cheeks?
Going under a knife has its side-effects on the skin too apart from providing immediate results. A change in your fitness routine & diet can help in getting rosy cheeks apart from improving your overall health.

Tips to get the glowing pinkish cheeks

  1. Rosy Pink Blush: Purchasing a concentrated pink blush is probably the easiest way someone would obtain a rosy pink glow. The blush doesn’t always last throughout the course of the day, however, if you set your make-up with a makeup setting spray, your pink glow will last throughout most of the day.
  2. Permanent Makeup: Individuals who decide to take this route to obtain the rosy pink glow need to be sure it is something they can live with for the rest of their lives.  It is permanent makeup, meaning it is going to remain on your face forever!
  3. Facial Massage/Exfoliation: Massaging your cheeks and exfoliation will bring the blood flow to the surface of your cheeks and in turn will give you a natural blush or glow. Massage used with exfoliation will eliminate the dead skin cells and will give your cheeks a bright and healthy glow.
  4. Warm Water: What happens when you sit in a hot or warm bath for any amount of time? Your skin because pink or rosy. This same concept works for your cheeks, splash your face with some warm water –  but this will probably only give you a temporary glow, not one that will last throughout the course of a day.
  5. Stay Fit/Eat Healthy: I don’t think this should come as a surprise to anyone, or at least it shouldn’t. Individuals who want to maintain and keep their cheeks pink, rosy, and glowing will need to adopt a daily fitness routine and a balanced diet. Your skin is like your messenger to the outside world, if it’s healthy on the inside then the outside is going to look healthy, like rosy and glowing cheeks. A daily exercise routine gets your blood flowing and circulating and when the blood is circulating as it should then one of the positive outcomes is a natural healthy glow on your cheek, and as an added bonus – it will help to clear up your complexion! Lean and green is the best diet to follow when you are trying to eat healthy and get a natural rosy glow – its like you are conditioning your body to glow from the inside out.
  6. Water: Staying hydrated is so important for a multitude of reasons. Staying hydrated helps your blood circulate throughout your body and just helps you feel better overall. It is common knowledge that when you are well-hydrated then you just feel better, and when you are at your best you will have healthy rosy cheeks to show for it.
  7. Sleep – Enough Sleep – That Is: Some may think “What does sleep have to do with having rosy red cheeks”? Everything! Getting enough sleep has everything to do with maintaining a healthy glow. Someone who doesn’t get enough sleep will be tired and fatigued and it will most likely show on their face, dull and bland.Did you know that when you get enough sleep you increase the blood flow throughout your body, and the better the blood flow the more likely your cheeks will have a rosy pink and healthy glow.
  8. Bleaching (This is extreme!): Some people will swear that using some apple cider vinegar directly on your cheeks will help you to achieve that rosy pinkish glow that we all crave. Not sure if this is a course that I would take, because you take the chance of having some severe skin reactions (yikes!). I would caution on using this method because it would also make your skin more sensitive to the daily dose of vitamin D we should all be getting (sunshine!).
  9. Lemon Juice: This method is very similar to using the apple cider vinegar. You simply apply some lemon juice to your cheeks with a cotton ball and it will make your checks have a short-lived natural glow.  Unless of course you have a reaction to the lemon juice, and then your checks would be read. I imagine this method works for some, but I would definitely proceed with caution.
  10. Vitamins: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin D are vitamins that are important to help our bodies achieve and maintain that natural pinkish glow. Simply going outside and spending time in the sun will provide your body with much needed Vitamin D and will also give you a little bit of a pinkish glow on your cheeks (wear sunscreen!). Vitamin C and E can be taken internally and will help you to achieve a natural pink glow on your cheeks.
  11. Proper Skin Care: Taking care of your skin is so important for it to look healthy. Failure to take care of our skin can cause our cheeks to look dull and lackluster. Find a skin routine that works for you, wash your face every night and find a great moisturizer and in no time you will have that glow without having to use makeup.

There are a multitude of different ways to obtain a pinkish glow on your cheeks, these are just a few. The ultimate goal should to be obtain that glow without the use of make-up or other harsh chemicals, but sometimes a light stroke of blush is simply the easiest and quickest way to achieve that pink glow. The healthiest way to obtain a natural and healthy pinkish glow is to eat a healthy diet and stay active.