Sunglasses/shades styles for women according to face shape guide in 2019

A pair of sunglasses has the power to instantly elevate or sabotage a woman´s look, no matter how basic or fancy the outfit. When picking a pair to invest on, there are two factors that must be considered.

How basic are they?

In other words, the question you need to ask yourself is “How often would I wear this?” and “How many clothing styles can I match with it?” .
If you know you are a conservative woman that likes to keep it basic, it doesn´t matter how beautiful you thought those rainbow-colored star shaped glasses were at first sight. Do not purchase before you are certain that you would actually wear them on a daily basis or with multiple outfits.

Does it complement your face shape?

Learning how to pick a pair of glasses that will complement the shape of your face is a life skill you will be thanking us for. Once you figure out what kind of shades work best for you, setting up a stunning look will be a fluid and easy process. Now let´s learn what are the best types of sunglasses for your face shape.

Oval Face

sunglasses oval face

Sunglasses for oval shaped faces

Oval faces have slightly wider cheekbones with soft narrowing at the jaw and forehead. This is considered to be the best facial shape to have due to its balanced proportions. Women with oval shaped faces are like chameleons in a sense, because pretty much all shapes of sunglasses will suit them well.

Ideal Sunglasses: Square, Rectangular frames, all types suit them well
Avoid: Sunglasses that are wider around the eyes

Oblong Face

Oblong Face

Face that is long and narrow with few angles. The goal for this face shape is to choose shades that will make the face appear shorter and more balanced.

Ideal Sunglasses: Wrap, Shield, Square, Wayfarers and rectangle styles that are oversized
Avoid: Small frames

Heart Face

Heart Face.jpg

Characterized by a wide forehead and tapering down through the jaw. This face can give off a very delicate and attractive vibe because of how easily defined each plane is. Strong brow lines and defined temples will often help make the forehead appear smaller which is ideal for equilibrium. Also, the ideal shades will elongate the face.

Ideal Sunglasses: Cat-eye, Shield, butterfly, rimless and aviator
Avoid: Wider rather than longer sunglasses

Round Face

Round Face

Sunglasses for round shaped faces

Round faced women dispose of soft angles, cheekbones that are a bit wider and a similarly wide jaw and forehead. Here, we want shades with edgy lines to contrast with our round features. Sharp angles also help to balance and create more dimension to this particular face shape.

Ideal Sunglasses: Square, Wrap, Shield, and Rectangle, cat-eye
Avoid: Curved features

Square Face

Square Face

Sunglasses for square shaped faces

Square shaped faces have more angular lines with equally wide chiseled jaw, cheekbones and forehead. Here the idea is to round out the sharp and bold features with rounded and softer lines.

Ideal Sunglasses: Aviators, round, oval, butterfly and cat-eye for a bold statement
Avoid: Square, Rectangle

Triangle Face

Triangle Face

Sunglasses for triangular shaped face

This face shape is very wide at the jawline and narrows gradually through the forehead. Our goal is to reach a balance through the use of bold brow line designs. A cat-eye shape for example will draw attention to the top portion of the face, thus, complementing the wider jawline and elongating the forehead.

Ideal Sunglasses: Cat-eye, D-frame shapes
Avoid: Shades that are wide at the bottom and widest on top

Diamond Face

Diamond Face

Diamond faces have a narrow jaw and forehead with broad, high cheekbones. This is the rarest shape to have. Though, do not fret! It does not mean finding the perfect shades will be difficult, in the contrary. Usually sunglasses that sweeps upward towards the eye will do a good job at drawing attention to your key features and therefore, look great.

Ideal Sunglasses: Rim-less, oval and cat-eyes
Avoid: Larger than cheekbones

Choosing the Right Color Shades

While picking the right shape of sunglasses is key to looking beautiful, colors also play a major role when you´re seeking out those stunner shades. Below you will find some practical tips to knowing which pair to pick according to either skin tone, eye or hair color.

Skin Tone & Eye Color

Skin Tone and Eye Color

  • Warm tones: People who have green veins and tan easily
    1. Eye color: Warmed toned people will generally have black, brown or hazel eyes
    2. Best color frames: Brown, Red, Beige, Gold, Orange, Yellow and Nude
    3. Best color lenses: Brown, Red, Orange and anything fiery
  • Cool tones: People who have blue veins and tend to burn faster
    1. Eye color: Cool toned people will generally have blue, gray or green eyes
    2. Best color frames: Silver, Blue, Purple, Pink, Green and Nude
    3. Best color lenses: Silver, Green, Blue, and Pink
  • Neutral: People who have a mixture of both warm and cool tones fall under this category
    1. Best color frames: Can use either set of colors
    2. Best color lenses: Can use either set of colors

Hair Color

The concept here is simple: For people with dark hair, dark sunglasses look best. For people with light colored hair, light colored sunglasses look best. It´s as simple as that.

General Tips for Picking Sunglasses

Sun safety tips for skin

  1. Sunglasses that are “polarized” will help to reduce glare, but it does not block out sun rays.
  2. Check to make sure the sunglasses fit. If they slip down the nose constantly that´s a sign that they are not the ideal size for you.
  3. Check to make sure they have UV protection. While some amount of sunlight is healthy for the eyes, these shades will ensure your eyes aren´t being constantly damaged by strong rays on a daily basis.
  4. For fair skinned people, black sunglasses isn´t ideal as it is too dark. Replace it with a dark brown such as mahogany or tortoiseshell frames.
  5. When investing on any pair of shades it is crucial that you evaluate its long-term impact. This will ensure that the item will serve you for a long time and you´re not throwing your money away.
  6. Pick a pair that you love. That will guarantee that you will be confident and happy every time you put it on.

This is everything you must know to be an expert on sunglasses and look stunning everywhere you go this year. Enjoy!