How to remove blackheads with clay mask? / Clay mask recipe for blackheads

Blackheads appear periodically, on our face, in the nose, chin or the forehead, in the back, neck, and sometimes on the chest and shoulders too. These are caused due to the accumulation of dirt, excess oil that is secreted by the oil glands and dead cells of the skin, on the pores of the hair follicle which get clogged as a result. These show up as tiny whiteheads, but on coming in contact with the air it becomes black, and are therefore called blackheads. Blackheads make our skin looks dull and aged. There are many home remedies that can help us in getting a flawless skin, devoid of blackheads.
Using clay is an excellent way to free the congested pores and getting rid of blackheads. Clay helps to balance the oil secreted by the skin and it also acts as a deep cleanser too. There are many different types of clay, that can be bought online or from a store nearby, in the form of powder or as a mask that has clay as its base ingredient.


Home remedies for whiteheads

  • Clean the face and remove all makeup and wash with water, keeping it a little moist.
  • Now gently spread the clay mask on the face and the neck.
  • Let the mask remain on the face and neck for some time or as directed.
  • After the mask has dried up completely, wet fingers in warm water, and start to massage the face from the nose area or the forehead, in a slow, circular way. In this way, the clay mask will loosen up and you can massage the skin with this clay, thus scrubbing the skin in this process.
  • Time and again keep on dipping your fingers in water so that the clay becomes wet as you go on massaging the skin.
  • The T- zone which is the most affected area needs to be taken care of by soft and gentle circular motions of massaging. The areas where there are no blackheads, massaging can be done with bigger strokes.
  • The strokes, while massaging should be very softly done, so that there is no excessive pull and tug during the process. The clay, on the face, should feel very soft and smooth to touch, unlike a scrub. This process of massaging can be done for a few minutes.
  • With the help of a clean, soft and wet piece of cloth wipe off the mask from all over the face and the neck, repeatedly wash the cloth under running water as you go on cleaning the mask.
  • After wiping the face clean apply some serum or any moisturizer of your choice. You may not apply anything afterward if you so wish.


Honey blackhead mask

  • Those with dry and sensitive skin should not use this mask too often.
  • A drop of honey or some good oil can give extra protection if the mask feels too dry. So, try it now!