How to get rid of wrinkles under bum

Ladies, if you can notice stretch marks, uneven skin tone and rough patches under your bum, then you’re reading the right article.

About 92% of women (virtually no men) have cellulite. Cellulites are the fat cells that are found below the top layer of collagen tissue, which is attached to the muscles of the skin.

According to recent studies, it has been observed that structure of women have a structure of vertical connective tissue which can be said to look like a mattress springs, whereas in case of men the fat cells is always angled, thereby making less pressure.

Dermatologists say that sometimes the production of cellulite can also be mostly generic. Poor blood circulation can increase cellulites. People keep wondering to themselves if at all they can have the perfect butt.

Well, there may not be exact straightforward ways for reducing cellulites, but there is sure few ways which if followed regularly, then surely one can get rid of cellulites.

It’s not just the exercise

When you decide to finally work on your cellulites, you simply cannot do this by neglecting your lifestyle. Yes, you heard me right!

A lot of difference can be visible if you eat right and then put some effort in working out. This doesn’t mean that you will starving yourself– starving will instead lead to adverse affects on your mechanism.

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A healthy diet stimulates in keeping the cellulites under control, and moderation is key. For example, too much of salt intake can result into swelling of the fat, thereby increasing the cellulite.

Also food rich in carbs like rice, bread should be avoided to certain extent, and you should make sure that you are eating more of vegetables and fruits since they have great nutritious properties.

And as I have mentioned earlier, exercise too plays a vital role.

  1. So the first thing which should be kept in mind is to divide your meals into six major portions throughout the day. That is, you cannot stay empty stomach for more than 3 hours. You should fill your appetite with healthy eating habits. Also, fast food should be avoided, because ladies trust me – those French fries and KFC chicken aren’t doing any great to your cellulite. Eating regularly after every 3 hours interval will help in boosting up your mechanism and therefore act as a fuel to weight loss and toning, it will keep your metabolism highly charged up and force your body to use fat for fuel.
  2. Second thing is to cut down the amount of simple carbohydrates from your regular eating regime like sugar, cookies, white bread, white pasta, potatoes, etc. The key word should be reduction in the intake, not giving up completely!
  3. Third thing you need to do is increase the protein intake. Usually it has been seen by studies that if protein intake is increase in the morning, this helps in increasing your metabolism by 30%, I assure you. So rely on those boiled eggs, bananas, peanut butter, yogurt, or you can even make some healthy protein shake for yourself, which will help in keeping you supercharged all through the day.
  4. Lastly, increase the water intake. It is the most important factor of any diet. But how much should you increase your water intake? Well, it should be ranging between 2 litres to 3.5 litres of water everyday.

Cardio training

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For reducing the fat and making your bum area cellulite free you need to allow your muscles to move, and cardio acts as a wonder in doing that. All you need to do is, focus on the trouble areas where you want to reduce.

There are many options, but I would suggest you all for trying out swimming, running, and elliptical as the best cardio workout! Your target should be to do the cardio workouts at least four to five times a week and per workout session should be not less than an hour!

Perfect butt exercises

Apart from cardio exercise there are some mainstay exercises for the buttocks area which if, incorporated into your workouts will definitely show a better result for good. The perfect butt exercises vary from time to time, but the best ones are squats, and lunges.

However, the effort also lies with the total number of reps! For the starters, you can divide your reps into 10*5, that is, a total of 50 squats or lunges within a specific time interval. There should be a minimum of 30 seconds gap between each interval.

Dumbbell squats

Squats are best, but one can increase the effect of the workout by adding dumbbell to it. All you need to do is, first start on with light weight dumbbells, say about dumbbells of 2.5 pounds in each hand.

Then stand apart and your hand should be in a direct angle to that of your shoulder level. Keeping your back straight, you also need to place your heels firm on the ground, now do the squats. Again, repeat the reps into 10*5: 3 sets of 10 – 12 repetitions


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Kickbacks are another great form of exercise which helps in toning the buttock muscles. All you need to do is take a mat first, then place your hands on your knees with your back completely parallel to the level of the ground.

Now slowly lift your right leg in the air with your knees bent and you should keep in mind to keep your thighs in a direct angle with your butt. This is how you are supposed to start. Now keep repeating the exercise in this exact manner with your left leg.

With a regularity in doing this workout, you will see a gradual development in the reduction of your cellulites. Remember, even in case of this workout you need to follow the repetitions. Your target should be 20*3 sets per leg. Now enjoy, building a good toned butt.