How to get curves for your hips?

Every individual would like to have beautiful curves which will be a rear view to people once they turn back. A flabby person might have fats on various parts of their body but that might not affect hips.

Getting a toned hips with muscle looks really beautiful as this would suite you in every dress that your wear unlike the ladies with flat hips who will look totally blunt.

You might come across many ladies who have very beautiful curves over their hips. Those ladies have gained it from their ancestors through hereditary.

But, if anyone in your genes does not have beautifully curved hips, you can achieve it through some diet tips and exercise.

This in turn will provide you with well shaped figure. Let us have a look at some tips which will give you a fascinating figure with curve hips.

Your hips play an important role to create a well shaped body. The flat hips are often said to be unattractive in nature. Even if you have a very beautiful shape from the front, the back portion too plays an important role to give you a beautiful looks.

You can get a beautiful appeal of your body with a curve over your hips. Some ladies are really lucky to get the same right from the birth as their genes carry the same.

But, there are people who have flat and unattractive hips. Exercise and healthy diet can help you reach your goal.

Tips to get curves for hips

Modification in diet

Bits by bits

How to get curves for your hips

You must have been different types of food throughout the day. Some people have an impression that consuming full stomach food is healthier.

But, this is totally a wrong concept this will rather get fat deposition over certain areas on your body as full stomach food cannot be digested in a go.

Thus, it is better to have bits by bits throughout the day instead of consuming full stomach at a time. This will fulfill your hunger and also provide you energy with the food that you consume.

Type of food

If you really wish to get a well shaped body with curved hips all you have to do is be choosing about the food.

You must consume more of fruits as well as vegetables. Try having berries, carrots, avocado etc as your snacks. This will curb your appetite and will also improve your digestive system.

Go for low fat dietary products within your diet chart as this won’t allow to deposition fat over your body. These low fat dietary products include skimmed milk/ double toned milk, low fat cheese as well as Greek yogurt.

You can consume fried items or dessert after your meal but do not make it a regular habit, rather go for it on an occasional basis in order to have some changes in your taste buds.

You can consume these for a day or two in a week but not more than this.

Fibrous food

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If you are willing to have a perfect curve of your hips that means you have to reduce some calorie.

The fibrous food such as vegetables, whole grains, brussel sprouts, legumes as well as oatmeal will be ideal to provide a boost in your bowel movement.

But do not take too many fibers in your diet as this can give rise to stomach aches and other problems such as diarrhea, stomach upset as well as nausea.

Water intake

As compared to men, women have a tendency of consuming less water. But, for well curved hips, it is really important to drink water on a regular basis that too around 8- 10 glasses in a day. This will keep your hydrated and will help you get beautifully curved hips.

But, you also need to avoid alcoholic beverages within your diet routine. The ice water, aerated drink should also be avoided. These are the drinks that will make you fat instead of getting a beautiful curve.

Prepare your body

If you have too much fat in your body, all you need to do is replace the fats with the muscles.

There are certain routine which you need to follow strictly. Following are thetips to make your body prepared for the curve.

Schedule of sleep

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You should be very particular about your sleeping and waking up time as proper sleep is an important consideration in order to prepare your body for beautiful curves.

It is important to have 7-8 hours of sleep everyday in order to stay healthy. Reduction in the hours of sleep can give rise to variety of complications in your body. Also get a sound sleep within this 7- 8 hours of time schedule.

Stress reducing activity

If you want to stay healthy and go ahead with beautiful curved shaped body, all you have to do is reduce your stress level.

Today people are too much stressed out due to various tasks at office and home. Thus, the stress reducing exercises works really well. These exercises include Yoga, meditation, deep breathing etc.

Cardio workouts

You can now tone your muscles with the cardio exercise with burning of excess fat under your skin layer.  If you have not been doing the workouts on a regular basis, this is the time to increase the workout schedule in order to get well curved hips.

You can start with jogging as this will warm up your body but there after you can go ahead with running. Start with cardio workout for 30 minutes in a day and then increase it to 45 minutes.

Even in the evening after dinner you can go ahead with a long walk. This will help you digest your food easily.

Muscle confusion

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It is important to have a balance of upper body workout with that of lower body workout.

You can also deal with some free hand exercise alternatively few for the upper parts of your body and others for the lower part of the body.

This will make it a proper balance of your body and create a wonderful curve. You can also go ahead with the activities like swimming, speed walking as well as hiking.

You can also use either weight machines or the gym equipment in order to get a lovely curve of your body.  You can also try the step up exercise which will help improving your glutes as well as thighs.

Even the pushups are really effective in making a well shaped body. You can also get wonderful curves over your shoulder areas. The exercises of flexing stomach will be ideal to get wonderful curve over the waist and hips.

Dressing sense

If you want to show curves on your body and hips, you’re dressing sense matters a lot. There are varieties of dresses available in the market but all does not suites with everyone.

You need to choose the dress in such a way that it creates an illusion over the viewers eye which in turn can give rise to a curve look on your body and hips.

Horizontal stripes- If you want to show your curves, it is really important to go ahead with the horizontal stripes as dress prints.

This will create an illusion on other’s eye and create curve on your body. You can also get more roundness if you can try out some wider stripes.

No black- It is true that black is such a color which will make you look slim but at the same time it will also won’t expose your curves.

Thus, do not try total black color. Go for a light color at the bottom and try out a dark color at the top. This will create a mesmerizing view of your body shape.  You can also balance your body shape with the choice of right dress for yourself.

Exercises to get curve hips

Lifting one leg

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This is one of the effective exercise where you have to lay down with your chest touching ground. Now slowly lift your body by taking support with two hands and two legs.

Now keep two hands as it is and a leg steady. Lift another leg up with the heels facing the sky and bring the leg down. Do this exercise continuously. Also do the same with another leg.

Pelvic lift

To accomplish with this exercise first lie flat over ground with your back portion facing the ground. Now keeps both of your hand straight lying down with horizontal position.

At the same time bend your knees and place your feet perpendicular to the ground. Now slowly lift your stomach with hips up and settle down. Do not bend your hand while doing this. This will definitely develop attractive hips.

Side lunge

First of all you have to stand up straight. Then step in to one side with your right leg bend and left leg stretched straight. Now do the side with your left leg and at the left side.

While doing this, you should make sure that your knees donot past your toes. Try to do this step 15 times in each side. It means in total you have to do 30 times.

This exercise will not only help you build up a wonderful hip curve but your thigh muscles will also be really attractive with this particular exercise. Try this today.