Best tips to reduce body heat

Every individual has his or her own body temperature which might slightly vary. Normal temperature must be around 98.6 degrees. But due to several physical and health conditions this might vary. Even the weather and climatic variation can be responsible for non maintenance of body temperature. Whether you have rise or drop of body temperature than the normal degree, there will be various health issues. You must have experienced the increase in body temperature when you suffer from fever. Even you can suffer from heat stress which can never be neutralized automatically. You need to induce some steps to reduce your body heat.

Best tips to reduce body heat

Honey dew melon

Honey dew melon is one among the healthy fruits that is loaded with freshness and nutrient content. After consuming it, your body will cool down and you can be in a state to reduce your body heat. This is generally a very good and preferred fruit during the summer. You can have this in the breakfast and enjoy being healthy.


You must have known about several remedies of mint in all seasons. The cooling effect of mint leaves and the juice extracted from it during the summer is really appreciable. During the summer days when you body has got excessively heated and you do not want to go for any beverages, mint leaves will be a wonder. You can prepare tea with mint leaves and enjoy.


If your mom is using sesame in your kitchen, this can be easily obtained at home. Otherwise you can easily get sesame in your local grocery shop which can be a great ingredient that can turn down your heated body temperature. You can soak some sesame seeds in water and drink that water to get a cooling effect of your body. You can also grind it and make a paste. The paste can be consumes with little salt.

Coconut water

You must have heard the health practitioners or experienced people asking you to drink coconut water on a hot summer day. This is just because it works really well in bringing your temperature down on a hot summer day. You can also fight variety of summer health problems with the coconut water. The coconut water is even very tasty and can be easily consumed without a second thought.

Poppy seeds

Poppy seeds bring a great taste in food. This spice is used in many of the Asian kitchen. You can use poppy seeds while preparing curries or do in a different way. You can soak a handful of poppy seeds in water and drink it. This will easily give you great benefit in getting a control over your body temperature.

Cold milk

We all have known that milk is an ultimate complete food that is having all nutrition together. Now, you can easily get another benefit of milk in cold form that is reducing your increased body temperature. If you want to reduce your body temperature on a hot summer day, cold milk is the ultimate remedy.


Pomegranate is the fruit that has a good content of iron. Even if you are feeling really tired on a hot summer day and your temperature rose, all you have to do is take a pomegranate fruit and make a juice out of it. You need to drink a juice of pomegranate everyday in order to normalize your body temperature. This will help your stay cool and get a lowering of your body heat in a natural way.

Fennel seeds

Spices have wonderful benefit in reducing your body heat and keep you healthy. You need to take a handful of fennel seeds and soak it in water. Let it soak for a night and once you have get up in the morning Steve it and separate the water aside. Drink this fennel seed juice and stay healthy throughout the day. You need to drink this fennel seed juice every morning on a regular basis in order to stay cool.


Radish is one of the vegetable that is rich in water. This is also a wonderful vegetable that is rich in vitamin C. The antioxidant lowers the oxidants in your body and keeps your body temperature ideally down.