How to prevent sagging breast after pregnancy

Handling pregnancy isn’t an easy task, and every woman who fights her life to bring a life in this world is great. So is breastfeeding, as breastfeeding is one of the best things and very healthy for every baby. But what women go through during that stage is the havoc of rise and drop of the breast size, earlier due to pregnancy because of milk engorgement and later when the breastfeeding stage is over.

What is Breast Sagging? Causes behind it

Home remedies for sagging breasts

Originally Breast Sagging starts right from the time you are pregnant, it is initially not caused because of breast feeding. Well, initially it depends on the shape of your breast which you actually have, percentage of fat in your body, age and the fact of the number of pregnancies you have had before. Medically breast sagging is known as Ptosis. As the ligaments support our breast, they enlarge during pregnancy and continue to be like that till your breast-feeding days are in count, once done the ligaments now shrink off leading to breast sagging. One is bound to notice such a change if she had a fuller breast before which has now sagged.

Prevention: Ways you can prevent such sagging

Instead of going for medical surgeries, one can easily opt for the following preventions which are not expensive and do not have any side effects too. They are as follows: –


Once your doctor has given you the permission where you can go to gyms and continue your workout sessions, start with lite exercises at the beginning. Try getting off the pregnancy weight first, and don’t be too fast, start slow. As during the initial days of exercising you need to give some time to your skin to adjust to the variations it is experiencing. Do much of walking, jogging and swimming exercises.

The right bra

Nevertheless, the perfect size bra that gives enormous support to your breast is something every woman searches for and one during pregnancy is desirable. Buy one that doesn’t just fit right but is equally supportive too. Whenever you go for lingerie shopping, do not hesitate to ask for help, as they might help you measure your size. Look for a bra with wider straps and a cup size that holds your breast firmly, so that they do not slip out at any moment.

Moisturize your skin

During pregnancy and after pregnancy our skin undergoes a lot of change, first of all it enlarges too much and then it shrinks off a little. Also, when you gradually lose weight, it experiences variation because of which it is very much important to keep your skin moisturized always with moisturizers that have been formulated for use during pre and post pregnancy.

Food habits

Best tips to prevent breast sagging

Breast Sagging can also be prevented by maintaining a proper diet, as food have a great impact on our health and the changes it undergoes. A diet that is rich in proteins, healthy fats, vitamin B and E, nutrients and complex carbs ensure a healthy skin. Food with fats that are low saturated are important as they ensure the elasticity and firmness of your breast is not lost such as egg and butter.

The correct posture

Now this is something very important as most women are seen breastfeeding their babies in the wrong posture where they lean over the baby to feed him or her. Instead of doing that bring your baby to your breast’s level, as this will prevent your breast from sagging because when you slouch or angle your breast down while nursing, it counts towards sagging.


Yes, massage helps a lot. Try massaging your breasts while bathing once with cold and once with hot water as both types of water have great impact on your breasts. Hot water increases blood circulation while cold water tightens the skin. One can also use massaging oils which are rich in Vitamin E for a light massage.

What makes your breast stay away from sagging is your individual attention and the care you take towards your body. As nothing is going to beat your continuous efforts in making your body and skin both Healthy and Fit.