How to gain weight quickly with natural healthy foods

Most of the people want to lose weight with a few weights even with their heart’s content. It is our human nature to knock the door of change always, whether the change is from simple to better or better to the best.

In the similar, many of us crave to gain weight due to several reasons and yes it is needed sometimes to escape from health disorders also. These are a few things that you can do well to help you to gain weight.

Check the simple tips to put on weight

Fruits for healthy weight gain

Best tips to gain weight quickly

The fruits that are indulged with natural sugars will help you to gain much weight and energy also.

Use can eat banana, pineapple, pear, papaya, durian and pepino. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, similarly tropical fruit helps you to gain weight.

Tropical fruits are mango, bananas, papaya, and pineapple are best to gain weight as they are full of natural sugar and gives you great energy.

Serve these fruits into your diet as it is a great and healthy way to gain weight. It is difficult to eat enough fruits and vegetables in a day. Try to blend them to make a delicious smoothie as fluid also.

Whole wheat bread to get sustained energy

Bread is an excellent source to gain weight. It better to choose whole wheat bread instead of white bread because whole wheat bread is loaded with rich fiber and nutrients.

This makes your tummy full and brings great energy. It is also recommended to eat cornbread to gain weight. Whole wheat bread contains a fiber and minerals that are missing in white bread and gives you sustained energy.

How to gain more weight by fluids?

Drink a good some amounts of fluids which can supply nutrients and calories, such as fresh fruit juices, milk and energy drinks.

Drink a healthy and nutritious fruit juices to gain weight. Sip pure fruit juices that are full of sugar and added nutrients.

Cheese better home remedy to gain weight

Cheese is the best source of high fats, but has nutritional benefits of milk products; it is good in nature that it can be admitted to any of the dishes and salads. Cheese is a good choice for the people who are looking to gain more weight.

Cheese to your meal is a fun experience in moderation. So, try to get goat cheese with eggs, and swiss it with roasted chicken, and add Parmesan on top of asparagus. Cheese makes a great snack as its high in protein.

Peanut butter high protein food

Best foods to eat for weight gain

Natural peanut butter is rich in protein and fat content. Eating peanut butter easily increases the weight of your body as simple as spreading the butter to bread.

It is enriched with the wholesome nutrients, fats and proteins. In addition to that, grab the Vitamin E, B3 and manganese from the peanut butter. Peanut butter is a great choice of people who are trying to gain healthy weight.

Take one tablespoon of peanut butter as it contains 100 calories. Peanut butter has 4 grams of protein. It is high in folate and magnesium. Enjoy eating peanut butter in oatmeal, topping a slice of whole grain bread, dip for apples.

Dry fruits that are fiber rich foods

Dry fruits will help you to gain the weight very quickly; they are the sources of vitamins and lengthy calories. Gain back high calories by eating dried fruits instead of fresh fruits. This is because they have high amounts of calories that are still very nutritious.

Egg best to gain weight

Eggs are the portable houses of high calories and Vitamin A, D, E. High calories food are easy process that will always promote for gaining the weight. It is economical and loaded with protein, and good cholesterol.

Best diet chicken breast to gain weight

Chicken breast is equipped with low fats and good amount of calories. So, add it to your weight gaining diet. The chicken breast is the healthiest and non fat part that has approximately 78 calories in each serving.

Beans increase the weight

Top fruits to gain weight

Beans are the best choice for those who don’t go near the non-vegetarian dishes. It helps to increase the weight.

Beans can offer protein in the same time lapse. Beans are good substitutes for vegetarians; they share the benefits of animal proteins.

Seeds and nuts best choice to gain more weight

Nuts are great at snack to gain weight. Nuts are full of nutrients, fat and fiber.  Eat a handful of nuts that keep you full for hours. Seeds like pumpkin seeds and nuts such as almonds, peanuts, walnuts promote for the increase of body weight.

These are high calorie stuffed poly unsaturated fats. Almonds are great choices, while macadamia nuts that are very high in fat. Mixed nuts are great source because you can get the most of the nutritional benefits that has many varieties in one snack.

Potatoes added to your diet

Just by eating the potatoes that are baked may increase your weight as they are the houses of carbohydrates and sugar complex. Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and have nutritional values.

Potatoes are great in protein and it contains a ton of Vitamin C. Eat potatoes with the skin to get optimum nutrition. They’re peeled; the protein is cut in half. You can mix it up with mini reds and sweet potatoes that pack more flavors those white potatoes.

Omelet with the add up of mushroom

Add some proteins and calories with the help of mushrooms to your normal egg omelet punch. Mushroom has more than 500 calories than compared to normal egg. Mushroom is good for health with its high protein content.

No to skim milk instead whole milk

Unhealthy food to gain weight

Replace your skim milk with whole milk to get more calories than the usual. They consist of rich fat amounts of nutrients, proteins and vitamins.

Whole milk is the brand name for Vitamin A and D. Where ever you use skim milk replaces it with whole milk, such as for soaking oats or cereals or while having a cup of milk in the morning.

A glass consists of 60 calories as and when you keep fat in milk. Add whole milk ever you would use skim, such as cereal, oatmeal, sauces or just a glass of milk. You can also enjoy them in your coffee, you can also use cream here.

Avocado high calories

The delicious avocado is one of the good choices to gain weight; they are rich in calories, Vitamin B, E, folic acid, potassium. Add them to salads or juice toppings to increase the intake rate.

Avocado is an excellent heart healthy fats to your diet. One half of an avocado contains 140 calories. Include avocado to salads, cut up on meat, spread on toast. You can also add it by mashing half a ripe avocado onto bread and mix it with salt and pepper.