Interesting junk food facts

Junk food or fast food is usually the food that can be cooked and served quickly. It is often served in restaurants as take away foods in packaged form. The most popular forms of junk food include pizzas, French fries, hot dogs, burgers and fried chicken. These foods also include   some breakfast cereals, candies, chips,cookies, ice creams and sodas. Most junk foods are inexpensive, but they lack nutritional value. They are mostly greasy, fatty, and high in calories and so should not be eaten regularly.

You must be consuming variety of junk foods that are available in the market. But, did you ever think that it is having some of the fascinating facts? Yes, the junk foods too have variety of facts which you can enjoy learning and knowing. Let us find out such interesting facts on junk foods.

Where are junk foods sold?

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Junk foods are commonly sold at departmental stores, petrol stations and well known restaurants like McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut and Burger King.  Most of these restaurants are chain restaurants situated at different locations.  Their fast food is highly processed and produced on a large scale in one location and are then sent  to restaurants to be cooked, re- heated  or assembled and packed to serve.

History of junk food

Noodle stands were the first fast food restaurants that stayed open all night   that have been recorded in a Han Dynasty text in 25-205 AD.  Street food carts were seen in New York City in the years 1700s and 1800s. They were the first sellers of oysters from the Hudson. In 1802 French fries were served with sandwiches in America by Jefferson who remains the father of French fries. Today French fries are the second most popular fast food item.  In earlier days fast food was sold through vending machines. These Automats were vending machine restaurants starts in Berlin in the year 1896 and then in America in 1902. It was an interesting way to get food by inserting coins.

Junk food chains

The first fast food chain was White Castle that was opened in 1921 in a little white shack in Wichita, Kansas.  The name White castle was named because “White” signifies purity and “Castle” represents strength and stability.  The unique way to cook patties for the burger was by making five holes in the burger in order to cook the patties faster without flipping.   Today there are 423 running White Castles in the America.

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The most famous of all junk food joints is the McDonalds which was established in 1955. In California as small hamburger selling shack. They sold the stand to Ray Croc and they all went into business together selling Kroc’s Multi Tier shake. McDonalds became an international name in 1967 and has now has its outlets in 119 countries.

Kentucky fried chicken

KFC was started in 1952 by Harland Sanders in a front room of a gas station in Corbin, Kentucky. The chicken was originally fried in an iron skillet, but on popular demand the pressure cooker was used to make this finger licking food.

Burger king

Burger king was founded in 1953 under the name “Insta-Burger King” in Jacksonville, Florence. It moved into several hands and was then acquired by a British company who put it up for sale in 2000 and now the current owners in 2010 are 3G Capital of Brazil. Whopper was the first item on their menu which is still the number one selling hamburger at Burger King today.

Junk food facts

French fries

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French fries, though take the name of France are not from France. They were first made in Belgium in 1876.  The word French refers to the way of cutting the potatoes before frying.

Chop suey

It was initially created in America in the 1800s, by a Chinese cook who worked in a California mining camp. He stir-fried different types of vegetables and called it tsaSui, Mandarin Chinese for “various things,” so people called it chop suey.


Sandwiches are named after John Montagu who was the fourth earl of the county Sandwich. It is said that this earl was great card player. He wanted to eat something several times while playing cards with his one hand. Thus the cook served him two slices of bread with meat slices placed in between. This recipe became popular and there were many other versions of it made later on.


Junk food is often linked with weight gain problems, increased chances of diabetes, heart attacks and other diseases. In the modern times due to awareness of public health fast food restaurants are making efforts to make menus that are getting healthier and more nutritious.

Facts on junk foods really interesting

Year of junk food foundation

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The term ‘ Junk food’ was started in the year 1960. This soon has become a populous words among the crowd especially when the song named ‘ Junk food Junkie’ came into the being. Yes, the year of its popularity was in the year 1976.

Negative effects of junk foods

The junk foods are also associated with some ill effects. If you are consuming the junk foods on the regular basis, no one can stop you from getting the trouble of heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol, cancer, tooth ache, etc.

Present in TV commercials

The junk foods are very well associated with the TV commercials. Yes, when you switch on your television on Sunday morning, you will be able to see most of the TV advertisements are based on the junk food promotion. You might not have realized the fact but it is true.

Inclusion in western diet

It has been found out the western diets include variety of snacks filled with sugar. Those are no less than the junk foods. This results increase in insulin level along the individuals throughout the say. Many of us are unable to realize the same. But this is going to affect the metabolism of individuals. The serious issues related to the type 2 diabetes can be easily found out.

Related with postage stamp

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Did you know that the corn flour with which the snacking item is covered is also used in the postage stamp as a glue? Yes, those are used over the envelopes as well as the stamps.

Risk for young women

Young women consuming the junk foods on a regular basis can have a serious issue with the Polycystic Ovarian syndrome. Yes, it is popularly known as PCOS.