What Should You Look For In A Gynaecologist?

Choosing your gynaecologist is important because your gynae is the one who helps you with all your intimate questions.

Be it about your sexual activity, your wellness, doubts about having a baby or preventive measures to not have one, you need to go back to your gynae to get all these questions answered.

And all these reasons make it important to choose your gynae doctor in Chandigarh after proper research .The gynecologist in Chandigarh whom you choose to show should be approachable and should be someone with whom you are very comfortable.

Before you go to meet a gynaecologist, it is important that you ask yourself these questions that will make it easy for you to decide if the gynaecologist suits your requirements.

What do you need a gynaecologist for?

For an annual examination, a general gynaecologist or a health specialist should be able to administer you properly. An obstetrician-gynaecologist should be consulted if you have doubts regarding your pregnancy.

If you have a condition for which you may need a gynaecologist who is a subspecialist, then you may have to choose a gynae accordingly. So for example in case you are suffering from urine inconsistency then you will need to meet a doctor who is specialised in female pelvic medicine.

In case you want to show any special condition to your regular gynaecologist, then you may ask the doctor some questions like the kind of surgeries that he or she has performed to be sure that the doctor is suited for the job.

Find out about your doctor

The best way to know about your doctor is through word of mouth. You can ask your friends or family or you can also look at the websites of the hospital that mentions the credentials of the gynaecologist.

The doctor’s number of years of experience and patient reviews can help you decide on one.

You and your doctor should be sharing the same values. The doctor should also be someone who is able to discuss your concerns by being compassionate and respectful.

You may need consultation regarding sex or family planning and the doctor whom you consult should not be judgemental or short on time .This may not make you confident when discussing the topics with the doctor.

A doctor who listens and engages in a dialogue will take your concerns and questions seriously and will be able to advise the best course of action.

The doctor should be able to give you time to explain the pros and cons as well as any side effects of the treatment that you are planning to undergo. If you think the doctor is in a hurry to answer your questions, then you may want to look for some other gynaecologist.

The gynaecologist should have a good reputation and it should also be easy to get an appointment with the doctor. Also, consider the fees that the gynaecologist charges for every visit.

However, the most important point is that if you are comfortable with your gynaecologist, then it will put you at ease as you will be relaxed to ask the doctor any questions that you may have.