How to gain weight quickly – How to get fat

We have seen people complaining about weight gain. But, at the same time people with the problem of underweight also suffers a lot in day to day life. This can be due to low level of healthy food. If you have a problem of low weight as per your height, it is the time to check it instantly. This is a sign of getting unhealthy. People have a tendency of consuming the products that increases the mass. But, does all products actually work well and make an individual healthy. This should be checked right from the beginning. This article will provide you with some tips that help you gain weight quickly.

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How to gain weight

Diet chart for weight gain in 7 days

You must also have proper choice of food while you are in the process of gaining weight. Following are some of the tips:

Carbohydrate rich foods

People who go for dieting cut down on their carbs content in their food. Having carbs can help you to gain weight quickly. Eat more of rice, breads and potatoes in your lunch and dinner to add weight to your body. Each of your meal should have something of high carbohydrate content.


Do not cut down on sugar in your tea, coffee and juices. Keep the sugar on, even though low to add some weight to your body. Sugar has high carbohydrates and calories that increase your weight.

Milk and banana shake

Milk is the best food for natural weight gaining and muscle building. Milk has adequate balance of fats, carbohydrates and proteins that give you mass gain. If you mix milk and banana together for a healthy shake, it adds even more protein to your diet and helps you to gain weight quickly and safely.


Best foods to eat for weight gain

Taking food rich in starch and carbohydrates will help you to gain weight faster. Potatoes have natural nutrient and fibres and its carbohydrates and calories increase your mass.

Salmon and fatty fish

Fatty fish like salmon is rich in protein and healthy fats needed by your body to increase muscle mass. Protein and calories contained in salmon makes you gain weight.


Avocado is a fruit that contains a lot of healthy fats. One avocado has about 322 calories and 29 grams fat. Including avocado in your diet is a healthy way to gain weight.


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Dark chocolate

Chocolate lovers should be happy as dark chocolate is not only rich in nutrients and healthy compounds but also contains huge amount of calories needed for you to gain weight soon.

Protein rich foods

The secret to immediate and healthy weight gain lies in consuming the building blocks of life, foods that are rich in protein content like chicken, fish, eggs, milk, almonds etc. Aim to achieve 8.1 gram of protein body weight to regulate a healthy metabolism and enhance the strength of your muscles. It is a healthy way adding those essential pounds with the goodness of added nutrients that will further aid your body to function better and promote your overall well-being.


Eggs in your breakfast are the best way to gain weight quickly. Have egg whites every day to give your body healthy calories and proteins to build muscles very soon. They are an excellent source of high quality proteins.

Nuts and dry fruits

If you have to increase the fat content of your diet, it is better to increase it by adding nuts like almonds, walnuts and peanuts and dried fruits like raisins and dates. These have healthy fat content that increase your weight pretty quickly.

Whole grain rich in carbohydrates

Top foods to increase the muscle strength

In order to gain weight, you must consume adequate quantity of carbohydrates in your diet. Carbohydrates are a particular nutrient that is required for your body to burn and give rise to energy. It is true that without burning energy also you can gain weight but that gaining weight is filled with fat which is unhealthy. Thus you must consume the whole grain meals to gain carbohydrates and vitamins. Replace white flour with whole wheat.

Wise inclusion of meat

It is important to eat lots of protein rich foods like meat. Protein helps to gain weight by building muscles and not fat. A high protein diet can help you to gain weight in a safe way. Include meat in your soups and salads to increase your daily dose of protein.

When you are including meat in your diet, it is important for you include it in a wise way. It is true that, I order to gain weight meat will be an important food item to consider. But, excessive meat especially the red meat is really harmful for your body as this can lead to high cholesterol and heart disease. 3- 5 servings in a week will be enough.Including 3- 5 servings of meat  in a week for a person will be another important among the best tips to gain weight quickly.

Food rich in unsaturated fats

Saturated fats will be harmful for your body and thus you can replace your body with unsaturated fat. Unsaturated fats will easily help you gain weight and that too without the risk of heart disease. It is very important to make yourself focus on good fats instead of bad ones as the saturated fat will give rise to variety of health conditions which your body may not be able to bear after some time.  The food items that you must consume are salmon, avocados, peanut butter and nuts.

Dairy products with full fat

For every human body two important elements are important such as vitamins and calcium.  This is very well available with the milk or other dairy products. In order to increase your calorie, you must consume full fat dairy products. People willing to reduce fat layer would go for double toned dairy products. When you are cooking the diary products such as paneer or cheese, use butter instead of oil as this helps in boosting your fat layer.

Ingredients rich in calories

When you are preparing food for yourself or someone who has a desire to put on weight, the calorie rich ingredients must be used in this regard. If you are consuming salads, add hard boiled eggs to it. Again boost your pizza with lots of cheese and mayonnaise. If you are preparing gravies and sauce try and add meat to it.Since this is rich in protein, it can be easily treated among the best tips to gain weight quickly.

Techniques for gaining weight

Nuts and dry fruits to gain weight

There is variety of techniques by using which you can easily gain your weight. But while doing it you also need to take care of your health.

Late dinner

When you are consuming dinner, make a habit of sleeping just after you have had dinner. For the ones who wish to reduce weight will do it opposite. Since we human being and our body requires very less calories when we sleep, if you consume more that what is required in our body, it will give rise to conversion of the same to fat which will deposit in our body as a fatty layer. This way you can gain weight.Thus, the excess fat accumulation can even give rise of heavy weight which is once again one of the best tips to gain weight quickly.

Protein shakes to boost

Protein shakes also have good amount of energy which is made with a perfect blend of protein powder and milk. You can also get variety of protein powders in the market that can easily help you boost your muscles. Preparing protein shakes with added fruit can also give your body a perfect boost. You can consume such protein shakes throughout the day in order to gain weight and increase in muscle lump.

No fluids before meals

Water based fluids tends to fill your stomach and when you are going for a meal, you don’t have enough space to place your food. Thus, you must make a habit of not consuming water 30 minutes before the time of your meal consumption as this will allow you to have enough space in your stomach where you can store your food in full belly. This way your food will help you gain weight.

No refined sugar

Everyday several times we are having an indigenous habit of consuming sugar. But, refined sugar is not at all good for health. Even if you are focusing on high calorie, refined sugar must not be consumed. Even you won’t get any nutritional value over the processed sugar. You can also get the problems of hormonal disorder, diabetes, heart disease, etc. It is always good to consume unpolished sugar as it is a healthier alternative as compared to that of refined and polished sugar type.  The sugar food such as candy, cookies etc must be avoided.

It is very important for everyone to gain weight in a healthy way. Thus, you must avoid the practices and food that are too harmful for your body. The food which is too much oily and spicy should be avoided. Even the sugar rich food is avoided to stay healthy.

Say yes to healthy calories

Healthy natural foods to gain weight fast

Mind it, we don’t mean calories that you can enjoy munching on the street side with a plethora of options available including Chinese vans, Gol Gappe and Chaat. Instead, invest in foods that are rich in calorie and are healthy for your body too. Here are a few recommended food items that you must consume:


Switch to healthy oils like olive oil or canola oil which are good for your heart and cholesterol too. Taste similar and they have lot of benefits apart from keeping your body fit. Olive oil is known for its skin and hair benefits too.


One serving of cheddar cheese is believed to be worth 69 calories. However, apart from the milk and fat, it is also a good source of vitamins, cholesterol, calcium and fat.

Energy bars

When feeling hungry on the go and the clock struck four, we know you would be starving and looking for some unhealthy bites. But, hey, did you know energy bars exist that are a great way of adding protein enriched supplement with a net calorie count of about 500 calories. Ain’t that bad, we’d say!

Healthy food habits for healthy fat

How we know that this fast-moving city life can have a toll on our body, mind and soul quite deeply. However, we got you covered with a healthy regime of food habits that can turn your skinny flesh into a great physique.

  • Avoid consumption of beverages like tea of coffee immediately or during your meals as it hinders the supply of vital nutrients to the body parts.
  • Be a smart cook and incorporate fresh fruits and leafy vegetables in your everyday diet. You can add fruits to salads with lettuce, broccoli, and relish your breakfast.

Healthy ways to gain weights

Top fruits to gain weight

Today, most people are very eager to lose weight spontaneously. But, there are people who are suffering from the situation of underweight. They too have the problem and wishes to gain weight like normal people. Expensive weight gain products are acquired from the market and consumed by individuals willing to gain weight in fast pace. But, it is very important to find out whether these weight gain products are safe. There are some natural and side effect free ways to gain weight in a healthy way.

How to become fat?

Most of the people wish to become thin and slim. Thus, diet and exercises for becoming thin can be found in ample. But, there are many individuals who struggle for gaining weight as they are extremely thin. It is not good to be very thin or very fat. A proportionate body structure is the way to achieve perfect health. Today, there are always ways to put on weight in a proportionate way.

Two ways of putting weight

If you are very thin, you must consider two of the following ways to increase weight.

Increase muscle structure

You can increase your muscle structure and create fitness in your body. In this case, people increase their body mass with professional demand. This is generally true for wrester, body builders or people belonging to that type of profession. But, if you are a normal being and do not wish to become a wrestler, few exercise and tools of weight lifting can be appropriate.

Random increase of fat

Another way will be random increase of fat. This is done by mostly the underweight people willing to put on weight. You can also visit gym and speak to your gym instructor to get the random increase of fat. Since this procedure is also one among the best tips to gain weight quickly, you will definitely be benefitted from it.

List of foods to become fat

The basic way to increase weight or become fat will be to consume protein in an adequate way. Since the fat people have an aim of reducing their weight, you must also take a step forward to increase your weight.This can be consumed after a specific interval every day to gain weight.

Diet plans

Health benefits of taking flaxseeds in your diet

Some people have an aim of just increasing their weight without having much botheration about the physical structure. In that case, just try to consume as much meals as you can and sleep. But, this can be harmful when it gives rise to obesity. Thus, it is important to follow the proper diet plans.

Diet plans for men

If men wish to increase their body weight, the ideal way will be to consume 2-3 raw egg daily in the morning as well as the boiled eggs in the afternoon. Since egg contains good amount of protein, it can easily increase muscle mass in men.

Diet plans for ladies

The physical structure of a lady is much more different than that of a male personality. Thus, the diet plans for women will be quite different. Women should consume the calorie content food such as cheese, potato chips, pizzas, oil content foods etc to increase weight.

Tips for gaining weight

One of the important ways of increasing weight will be to consume right amount of food each day. Planning for diet on a daily basis will be better to eat randomly. If you really wish to be healthy by gaining weight, you must consume good fats. Do not eat anything only for the sake of filling your stomach.

This is a typical sensation that any of us listen to men and women speak about slimming down in addition to making unique body structure. Let me tell you, if you would like learn this art regarding getting weight, you have the best tips to gain weight quickly. You absolutely need to have the best diet along with the physical exercise so that gaining weight becomes an ease.

Eating often

Another way of gaining weight will be to eat often in specific proportions. For example, if you are consuming snacks at a time, you must break your routine and create two slots to consume snacks. Similarly, if you are thinking of having one large lunch, you must break it into two or three mini meals to be consumed in every 2 – 3 hours. This way you can make a routine to consume meals 6 times in a day.

Enhance calorie consumption

High protein rich foods for bodybuilders

Without a doubt, a person find enhancing calorie consumption can be suitable to gain absolute weight. You need to take it in excess of your normal calorie consumption since this can be the most straightforward way to obtain more weight. Consume as much as healthy proteins, foods including beans, pulses etc. Next step will be to create dairy food including ovum, sea food, and animal meat in your platter. You can even overeat upon starchy foods including spud since they provides assistance in developing pounds beginning. Make sure you create merely those numerous calories which have been required and not an excessive amount of that it turns directly into weight. An additional critical best tips to gain weight quickly is usually seek to stay with an occasion routine regarding taking in dinners and you’ll start to see the change oneself.

If you are willing to put on weight, consume something healthy in your diet.  People have a perception that consuming food with high calorie with a lot of sugar and fat may help in gaining weight. But, this is not at all a right fact. You have to choose the food items which are packed with vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. With each bite, you must be loaded with adequate nutrients.

Take high calorie food: Take the calorie rich food? What is the food with rich calories? Here is the answer. The dairy foods like milk, eggs, fish, and meat all are having the high calories. Go for the starch food like potatoes are helpful in gaining the the vegetables like beans, spinach etc. Not to take too many these foods. It will leads to another health problems. Too much calories may convert into obesity. Chocolates and sweets are high calories food add this foods in your diet plan.

In no way eat berries: Fruit is often a boring meal that is made up of so numerous vitamins, minerals as well as other essential vitamins and minerals. Each calorie in a bit of fruit incorporates so significantly benefit connected. It is much better to just forget about eating this specific food and choose breads, man-made cereals as well as other fatty lunch choices.

Mix carbs in addition to fats: Having a major bowl regarding pasta covered in a very cheese based sauce is a great way to get extra fat. Mixing both types regarding food which has been hardest to help burn seeing that energy is a superb way to make sure your meal gets converted towards fat outlets.

Tips from health care professionals

People with a profession of building, weight generally consume a lot of protein in a day along with the activities to burn the excess fat. Similarly, individuals willing to gain weight must also consume good amount of protein and carbohydrates. Similarly, individuals willing to gain weight must also consume good amount of protein and carbohydrates.  Before taking the weight training you must also consume protein shake. This can help you in gaining weight.

Mini meals

Unhealthy food to gain weight

Not to eat the whole meal at a time is one of the best tips to gain weight quickly. Take the meals in the specific interval of time. It will help your body to have the nutrients continuously. Break the meals give the best result in the weight gain program. You have to take more food when the meals are divided into mini meals. Take minimum 3 hours gap in between the each mini meal. It will help to digest easily and make you hungry for the next meal.

Try to eat before bedtime: If you wish to add just one some Completely useless comes of extra fat then you need to have another food after an evening meal or at the very least have ones dinner seeing that close as possible to bedtime. That way your body will don’t have any chance regarding burning any of the calories and it will be absorbed direct as extra fat!

Try to eat three meals per day: Follow this old tradition of 3 square meals per day and enjoy the weight seriously. Not only will it slow ones metabolism down but it really makes a person snack on refined food when you are dying for just a meal in between big dishes. Good strategy!

Take snacks in between the lunch and dinner

It ought to be kept in mind particularly for anyone who would like to gain pounds that will he/she don’t want to omit dishes. Test consuming each and every 2-3 a long time. This will ensure that a regular amount can be preserved and your body contains the important supplements without a split. You possibly can partition the meat in to claim 3 key dishes having 3 among tiny dishes. You can try several dried fruit, power cafes, granola and also laddu with regard to appetisers.

Focus on hefty food

You can also try out some traditional way of gaining weight.  The food items with high fat must be consumed to increase your weight substantially.  Some of the foods include:

  • Drinks – It is good to avoid diet sodas and consume whole milk, protein shakes and juices adequately
  • Vegetables – You must consume the vegetables that are rich in starch such as beets, carrots, potatoes. Green Beans, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower etc.
  • Added oil – When you are in the process of cooking, you must make a consideration about your cooking oil. The healthiest variety of oil includes variety of extra virgin oils such as palm, olive, canola etc.  You can also consume the oil that is rich in Omega 6 fatty acid. Omega 3 fatty acid is also an options.

Take a balanced diet regime

Best ways to gain weight

In your pursuit to get fat, you need to make sure take in a balanced diet regime and can include a range of vitamins just like healthy proteins, starch, vitamins, vitamins and minerals etc in order that the person is not really helpful to ingesting merely foods. Furthermore, though selecting a balanced mealtime, you need to stay away from ingesting food items that contain awful fat just like vansapathi, crimson meat, margarine etc since they usually are awful for the health of your current heart and will just get away from anyone additional nervous.

Take the balance diet for the weight gain. Do not go for the more calories they become converted to fat in the body. Balanced diet contains the minerals, proteins, vitamins etc all in them. Balanced diet is another cause for lose weight. If you’re insufficient of the body compounds then you can’t gain the weight. So eat the balanced diet.

Try to eat less: Eating less is often a sure fire way to slow straight down your rate of metabolism, cause that you binge on refined food and allow you to be feel weary and very lazy. Keep the item up!

Say absolutely no to unhealthy food

They’re incredibly easier and also little finger licking good, yet ingesting rubbish isn’t the answer for a pounds achieve question because they comprise wide range of calorie consumption, bad fatty acids and also away course very little nutrition. Therefore, the cheese burger or perhaps a pizza as well as little finger motherboards are a tight absolutely no while ingesting a lot of fast foods aid pounds achieve through weight, not necessarily through healthy lean muscle mass. Also, being a healthy guidance stay away from eating prepared food.

Avoid the Junk food: Junk food is very tempting. There are rumors like” junk food helps in weight gain”. But all these are not correct. Junk food converts our body calories into the fats. Junk food contains the unsaturated fatty acids like vanaspathi etc. This may leads to heart related problems. So keep away from the junk food.

Remain hydrated

Consume a lot of normal water, milk, fresh new juices in addition to electricity products to make sure you are adequately hydrated. As a one of the best tips to gain weight quickly, people should not intake less than  8- 10 glasses of water.. Nevertheless, recall not ingesting normal water prior to supper in addition to in between the particular supper as it might lessen your calories. It is the common that thin people are to gain the weight and fat people are in losing the weight. Thin people are looking bad in their shape. Weight gain is necessary for those people. Weight gain gives the good shaped body and appeal in the public.

Significance of water in gaining weight

Gaining weight is not so difficult when it compared with the losing weight. Gaining weight means not to eat more. Gaining weight means eating more calorie food and kept the fat away from the body. Drink lot of water. Water keeps your body in the normal level. Water clears the anti toxins from the body and purifies the body.

Best tips to gain weight quickly

Set a goal

Shortcut methods to weight loss

For every activity, it is really important to set up a goal. Even to gain weight quickly an individual need to set a goal. It is important note about how much weight do you wish to gain. Once your goal is set, you can easily draw a schedule and automatically gain success in gaining weight. Best tips to gain weight quickly also include setting a goal.

Since you are in a desire of gaining weight, the important point to note is consume food more than the amount you can burn. More precisely, more food and less activity to restrict calorie burn are important. There are tools to estimate this ration which you can use to abide with your goal.

Slowly gaining weight

Some people are too much hurry in gaining weight that they end up with variety of side effects. They even if the habit of consuming more than what is their capacity. But, this will be really dangerous as you can get problems of indigestion, increased blood pressure level, increase in cholesterol etc. Thus, it is important to start slowly. First of all, start with the calorie intake which is 200 gm extra than what you consume. Once your body is capable in adopting the same, increase it with much more calorie intake. This way you can gain weight without having any side effects.

Proper meal plan

In order to gain weight, you should also have a proper meal plan to accomplish with the target. We all have a standard meal consumption of three times in a day. But, those who wish to gain weight can’t gain enough with only three meals. You have to go beyond the three meals. Along with the three meals go ahead with some healthy snacks in the middle

But, consuming meals does not mean any type of meal; rather you need to be cautious about its proper balance. A balanced diet is an important consideration. The meal which you are in taking must have adequate quantity of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins as well as minerals. The three nutrients are really effective in making you gain enough weight.

Strength training

Once the diet is set, you need to channelize your energy in such a way that you get strength. You must go ahead with some effective exercises that will help you gain muscles. The exercise will channelize all your food that you have been consuming to gain weight and will give rise to spectacular muscles.  Once you gain muscle, it will be an assurance that individual gaining weight does not gets channelized to fat, rather it gives rise to energy.Suggestion about the strength training can be one of the best tips to gain weight quickly.

[Hindi tips to become fat]

Check your BMI

How walnuts are good for weight management

Before going for weight gain quickly, it is very important to check you BMI. It is the calculation of Body mass index where you need to check whether your weight is proportionate to your height. If you fail and get a negative status in BMI chart it becomes important to start the treatment. If you are underweight it is important to check how you underweight you are.

Find out actual cause of underweight

If you are underweight, it is important to find out the actual cause of getting underweight. If you have hereditary issue, that can give rise to genetic disorder. If you have reduced weight for a medical condition, it becomes important to treat that medical condition at first. If you have changed your lifestyle and the health condition is the result of your lifestyle changes, it is time to make some alteration to your lifestyle.

Protein intake

If you are fit and have no underlying medical conditions, treatment of your low weight can be easily done. You must take enough protein in your diet so that you gain excess energy and mass. This will actually help you gain the mass that you are lagging according to your height. Some of the protein rich food includes lean meat, eggs, nuts etc. You can also speak to a dietician to make your diet chart. Follow the diet chart and you can enjoy having good health with weight.

Steps to gain weight safely and quickly

If you are trying to gain weight in a safe way, you have to keep in mind that it cannot be achieved in a month or in few months. A quick change in body weight be it gaining or losing weight, is never healthy for the body. So, when you are trying to bring a change in your body weight safely, it is important that you give your body enough time to adjust to the new condition. Starving to lose weight quickly or eating excessive fat and calories for quick weight gain, both can be harmful for your health as a whole.

How to get chubby cheeks naturally

To gain body weight safely you should give yourself at least 8 months to a year of time. Following the right food habit can be most effective to ensure that you gain sufficient weight in a healthy way. Without going into much ado, we will now directly present you with the steps that you should follow for gaining weight safely and quickly (but not in a month).

First check your Basal Metabolic Index(BMI)

The first step to gain weight safely is to be informed about your present BMI. BMI stands for Basal Metabolic Index and it is a number that you can get easily by using your current body weight and height. There are several BMI calculators available on the web, all you need to do is to provide the inputs in proper units and you can get your BMI.

The right BMI for a person varies depending on his/her gender and age. So, to find the right BMI for you, you will also need to check the BMI guide, which is usually provided along with the BMI calculator, so that the users can easily decipher what their BMI actually says about their physical fitness and health.

If you are concerned about gaining weight safely, it is important that you try to gain weight only if your BMI is less than the recommended limit for your gender and age. If you have the exact BMI or BMI in the higher range, gaining more weight is certainly not healthy for you. So, the first step to gain weight safely is to ensure if you actually need to gain weight.

Try to find the cause of being underweight

If your current BMI is less than the recommended limit, before you start opting for numerous ways to gain weight, first try to find out the basic reason for being underweight. Often an underlying illness or disease can be the root cause for being underweight. If you go on increasing your calorie intake without treating the underlying health problem, you might gain weight but that will not be the healthy way.

Find out if there is an illness like anemia, digestive problems, vitamin or mineral deficiency or excessive stress and tension in your life that is working as the primary cause of being underweight. Some people have the natural habit of neglecting their diet, which is a common cause of being underweight and sickly. Once you are able to point the cause and work on it, gaining weight will become much easier and healthy.

Bank on the right calorie

Best fruits to gain weight

To gain weight quickly, increasing your consumption of junk and fatty foods can be an easy way but it is not certainly a healthy option. To gain weight in a healthy way, increase your total consumption of easy digestible protein and carbohydrates. Including lots of fatty fishes in your diet is a healthy and efficient way to gain weight.  Banking on veggies can be helpful to cure any digestive problems as well as to fill in any vitamin or mineral related deficiencies that might be working as the primary hindrance for gaining weight.

Exercising is vital to gain weight

Yes, you got us right. Exercise is indispensable not only for losing weight but also to gain weight in a healthy and safe way. Exercising helps in muscle building which is the safest and most healthy way to gain weight and not just to get fat and disfigured. If you want to gain weight and stay healthy, proper exercising along with the right calorie intake is the key.

You can certainly join a gymnasium and opt for particular muscle building exercises to get the body you have always desired. You can also opt for simple exercises like jogging, running, cycling, rope skipping and others to make sure that you gain weight in a healthy way.

Yoga can be helpful

Best ways to lose weight

If you are underweight, that is, if your BMI is less than the recommended range, yoga can be very helpful to gain healthy weight. On the other hand, if you are overweight or if your body is more bulky than it should be, yoga will help you to reduce weight. So, opt for yoga as a means of weight gain only if you are underweight or sickly and need to gain weight to become healthy.

Yoga helps in curing underlying physical and mental problems which might be working as the primary hindrance in gaining healthy weight for an underweight person. If you are trying to gain your old body back after an illness, but you are not physically fit enough to opt for exercising, yoga can be the best thing for you to get healthy again without straining yourself.