Bodybuilding food – High protein rich foods for bodybuilders

There are many men who love to have fit and confident body structure. They thrive to tune their body according to their dream but what all matters is a right regime to follow. If you know what to do and what not to, the length of reaching the target will become short.

Foods that are helpful for the body build up are lean meats, almonds, eggs and so on. On the other hand avoid eating the foods which contains cholesterol and non-essential fats, also replace whole grains in place of rice to discard the unwanted carbs.

Must recommended foods for body building

Egg whites

Best protein rich foods

Amino acids are the building blocks of the muscles, to get those essential amino acids eggs are considered as one of the best sources. One can get all eight types of amino acids from eggs to build and maintain your muscles.  Along with that eggs also offer you a set of vitamins, nutrients and acids. They helps for muscle tissue re-growth. White portion of the egg has no fat but it is the yolk that contains fat in an egg.


Oatmeal, the fiber rich content food encourages anabolic process in our body. It helps to lower the cholesterol levels and to improve the body glycogen store. It is one of the best food to consider as your breakfast and even after the completion of your workout.

Whey protein

Whey protein is one of the best foods offered to body builders. The protein quantity instantly absorbed by the post-workout body.  Mix one or two tablespoons of whey protein in the water and drink it, it gives your body immediate energy. It also helps to improve anabolism and curbs muscular catabolism.


Another potent requite for the body building includes essential fatty acids. Though you are needed to stay away from the intake of trans fats and saturated fats, essential fatty acids like omega-3 fosters the buildup of muscles. So, get the recommended fats from variety of fishes such as tuna, trout, salmon, and sardines. These fishes are known as excellent sources of healthy fats and protein.

Lean red meat

Top fiber rich foods

Lean red meat with its brilliant composition of iron, protein, zinc and vitamin B works excellent for the build of the body. It promotes high calories in each and every serving, hence it become a great choice for the men who are looking serious to build their body.


There are several benefits to attain from broccoli, it offers rich amount of soluble fiber, increases the metabolism rate, provides cellular longevity through its high vitamin C content, and especially helps to achieve lean physique. Moreover it helps your stomach to feel fuller and to lose weight.

Legumes and beans

Not just the servings of red meat and eggs will build your body all alone, your bodies requires much more proteins apart from those. Consume good amounts of beans and legumes daily to get the fiber and vegan protein, especially kidney beans are known popular for its rich contribution of protein and fiber. In a cup of kidney beans one will get nearly 14 grams of both protein and fiber.

Yellow fin tuna

Protein power: 25g per 3 oz. serving

Health benefits of fiber rich foods

Tuna is loaded with efficiently digestible and premium quality protein. The amount of healthy vitamin B which is present in the Tuna and also the effective antioxidant selenium which is in its flesh is what you will benefit from a lot.

Need to know: Look out for troll or pole caught tuna, which are the most common options.


Protein power: 25g per 3 oz. serving

Fishmongers now in large numbers are offering up octopus. So if you are aiming at granite-dense muscle then it is very beneficial for its high amount of protein.

Need to know: Frozen octopus is more beneficial than a fresh one as its subzero process helps in tenderizing the meat.

Sockeye salmon

Protein power: 18g per 3 oz. serving

Sockeye Salmon not only tastes better than wild salmon but also have 25 per cent more protein. Also its plethora helps in fighting the omega-3 fatty acids.

Need to know: Salmon with the skin still on it adds flavor while cooking.

Roast beef

Best calcium rich foods

Protein power: 18g per 3 oz. serving

Lunch meats based on beef provides more protein than any other options for lunch. When get to know that roast beef is a leaner option, many people gets surprised.

Need to know: Watch out for brands such as Applegate which avoids nitrites or nitrates as high intakes of it may cause diseases like cancer.

Swiss cheese

Protein power: 8g per 1 oz. serving

Swiss cheese contains more protein than any other cheese which is available in the market, thus making it a better option for muscular people to use it for their sandwiches and burgers.

Need to know: If you have a problem with the high calorie content then you can go for the low-fat options which has a protein to fat ratio of 8 : 1 with still providing good flavor.

Greek yogurt

Protein power: 23g per 8 oz. serving

Greek style yogurt has twice the amount of protein than the regular ones. It also has probiotic bacteria which is beneficial for gut and calcium that helps in body-building.

Need to know: Greek liquid of plain flavor contains thrice times of less sugar content than other flavored Greek yogurts.


Protein power: 21g per 3 oz. serving

Scrambled eggs, soups, pasta dishes and salads all can be made into a high protein content meal by just using this Spanish-style of seasoned pork sausage.

Need to know: Busy cooks should note down that before eating Spanish chorizo doesn’t need to be cooked while Mexican chorizo does.

Peanut butter

Protein power: 8g per 2 tbsp serving

Though not in hype as the other nut butters such as almond, but it still has high protein content.

Need to know: Don’t go for the reduced fat peanut butter as it only replaces the healthy fat with that of not-so-healthy sugar.

Mixed nuts

Protein power: 6g per 2 oz. serving

Peanuts, cashews and almonds are nuts which provide more amount of protein and unsaturated healthy fats in your diet.

Need to know: If you are looking out for your sodium intake then go for those packs which are labeled as “unsalted.”


Best anti-inflammatory foods

Protein power: 12g per 3 oz. serving

If you are thinking about starting Meatless Monday then you should go for Tofu can it makes sure your intake of protein doesn’t suffer too much.

Need to know: Slices of tofu can be eaten well by stir-frying it or by grilling them so that it gets a smoky flavor.