How to gain weight in one month for male & female? – Diet plan and foods

Weight gain seems to be the problem of all these days; people run, follow a diet, follow courses and accelerated diets, seek expert advice and, of course, go to the gym. But most people fail to lose the right amount of weight, for some, there is no improvement and why?

For people having high metabolism rate, gaining weight can be little tricky. However, according to many, weight gain process need not be healthy.

Remember that by following few tips and a proper diet accompanied by a muscle gaining exercise routine you can achieve your desired weight within no time. Also, we must not forget the fact that gaining weight is similarly difficult to losing weight and therefore one must be very patient throughout the process.

Some healthy food items for gaining weight for both men and women within just a month

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According to some people gaining weight is very easy, however, it is not. We are not just trying to gain weight but we are aiming to gain weight in a healthy manner. Below we are mentioning a list of all the healthy food options that you can have for gaining weight.



Most people in the world have rice on a regular basis and is therefore one of the popular grains. Having just 100 grams of the grain, you will be able to have around 130 calories. Also, not to forget that rice is very cheap. It is very easy to prepare and contains various vitamins.



Granola is a great breakfast option while you want to gain weight. Granola is loaded with proteins and fiber and at the same time it contains high amount of calories.  

As we have mentioned above, while gaining weight you must consume more food, therefore, all you have to is consume more than a cup of the cereal regularly. A cup of granola contains 450 calories.



Banana, as we know is an energy snack and a must have for everyone. An average sized banana contains around 100 calories. Also, banana is very tasty at the same time.

Bananas are a great source of fiber and potassium. Also, as bananas contain a high amount of sugar, they great for post-workout snacking.

Whole milk

Whole milk

If you are someone who is aiming to gain weight, make sure that you consume dairy products and whole milk. Consuming a glass of whole milk you will be able to put in more than 150 calories in your body.

We would like to advise you that include whole milk in your smoothies and this way you will not have to drink milk separately.



Diet chart for weight gain in 7 days

When someone is aiming to lose weight, they are suggested to have only egg whites whereas if you are someone who is aiming to gain some weight, make sure that you consume the whole egg and not only the whites. An egg contains about 75 calories.

We recommend you to not overeat eggs as they are high in cholesterol, however, you can have around 5-6 eggs per week.



Including nuts in their diet is essential for everyone irrespective of the fact that they are willing to lose or gain weight.

Eat more carbs

Eating more carbs when you are trying to gain weight is a must. Include carb sources like pasta, rice, potatoes and cereals in your daily diet as this will help you reach your dream weight fast.

Besides these, consume healthy fats like milk products and nuts to make sure that you are getting the amount of calorie needed. Bagel and sweet potatoes contain around 60 grams of carbohydrates whereas raisins contain around 40 grams of carbohydrate.

Increase your calorie intake

It is very important for you to increase your calorie intake day by day. Make sure that you consume around 1,000 calories more a day after following the process for about a month. When you increase the calorie intake day by day, you make your body used to the process without feeling full very quickly.

Eat frequently

It is essential for you to feed yourself every 4 hours for achieving your desired weight within a month. Having food within an interval of 4 hours will ensure that your metabolism rate is high and you are on your weight gain course.

Make sure to prepare a weight gain chart which contains the needed amount of nutrients, proteins, healthy fat and carbohydrates. Include food items like eggs, chicken, lean red meat and fish in your diet. Also, it is highly advised that you don’t skip your meal.

Add more calories to your meal

Since your goal is to gain weight within just a month, it is very necessary on your part to increase your calorie intake. Including extra sauce and toppings are good ways for increasing your calorie intake.

Moreover, you can also drink different kinds of smoothies, juices, milkshakes and whole milk to add calories to your diet. Also, as olive oil is a great source of calorie, you can prepare your food using olive oil instead of any other oil.

Include healthy fats

Best foods to eat for weight gain

You might already know that healthy fats are needed by your body and therefore you must eat them as much as possible. You will get healthy fat from coconut oil, bananas, egg yolks and much more.

There is a misconception that fats are bad, whereas, not all fats are bad for our health. Consuming bad fats are harmful to our health as they clog our arteries and result in heart problems. However, healthy fats are having the opposite reaction on our body.

Practice weight training

As mentioned earlier, only following a diet will not help you gain your desired weight, regular exercise is also essential.

In order to gain weight make sure that you visit the gym or practice some weight training in your home on a regular basis. Remember, exercise and diet together will result in healthy weight gain. Include exercises like squats, military press and deadlifts in your regular exercise.

Reduce aerobic exercise

When you practice different aerobic exercises, they burn a lot of calories making it difficult for you to gain weight within a given period of time.

Therefore, it is very necessary to reduce aerobic exercises. Though these exercises are good for your heart’s health, they are not the best for gaining weight. As your aim is to gain weight and lose weight, limit practicing them.

So these are some of the tips and food ideas which you need to follow if you wish to gain weight within a short period of time. Also, make sure that you follow the diet and practice exercise on a regular basis, only then you will notice visible results.