How to gain weight in 10 days for male & female? – Diet plan and foods

If you are underweight or is heading towards that direction, following a steady meal plan will be very helpful. A proper diet plan for weight loss must have sufficient calories. Within just 10 days, a man and a woman can easily and safely gain around a pound, given, he or she follows a calorie and nutrient-dense diet. Also, make sure that while you follow the diet, you combine it with strength training as it will help in building muscles.

The meal plan which we are mentioning below will help in adding around a pound within just week. It can also be followed until you are satisfied with your weight.

The general principle for gaining weight in 10 days

Diet chart for weight gain in 7 days

One pound equals to 3,500 calories, so to gain one pound, you need to consume the same calories within a week. Therefore for gaining one pound within a week, add 500 calories more to your daily diet. So, by following this formula, you will be able to put on more than 1 pound.

Food items that you must eat to gain weight

While you are starting your weight gain journey, you might be tempted to put on kilos just buy stuffing yourself with junk foods. However, it is the wrong way and should not be followed. Food items like pastries, cookies, french fries and ice cream are all calorie-dense but contain very less amount of nutrients. Apart from this, these food items also contain a high amount of sugar and fat which can harm your health. Your body needs a diet which is full of nutrients to repair itself if you are underweight because of some eating disorder.

Instead of eating junk food throughout the day, you must add 500 calories a day by dividing it amongst all meals. When you follow a well-planned diet, you will be adding all the nutrients which your body is lacking. Foods which you must consume include nuts, nut butter, avocado, seeds, olives and olive oils, dried fruits, whole grains, dairy products and lean protein foods.

Meal plan for gaining weight

The list containing food names having high nutrients and calorie is never-ending. For breakfast, you can have a bowl of Greek yoghurt or whole milk yoghurt by mixing it with few banana slices and chopped walnuts. If you are an oatmeal person, prepare your oatmeal breakfast using whole milk instead of water. Also, add some raisins and a spoon full of maple syrup to it. However, if you are someone loves eating toast, go for a whole-grain bread, toast it and spread almond butter on it.

For lunch, instead of having plain old vegetable salad, have a grilled chicken salad or a baked tofu salad. These salads are a great source of lean protein. On other days, you can have a tuna salad or a cottage cheese sandwich with avocado. Also, make sure that you combine your lunch with fruits having a high amount of calories such as banana, mango, etc.

Top fruits to gain weight

For dinner, you must have more protein as this will help you in building muscles. You can marinate your salmon with olive oil and garlic as this will add some healthy calories. Serve your salmon with sweet potatoes and broccoli drizzled with olive oil. As for the desert, you can have few cubes dark chocolate.  One ounce of dark chocolate contains around 170 calories, however, they are loaded with plant compounds which are known as flavonols. Flavonols help in keeping the heart healthy.

If you face any kind of trouble in having large meals, try spreading out the calories in different meals. Instead of having three meals a day, try to have five to six.


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Snacks for weight gain

Another very effective weight gain strategy is to eat high-calorie snacks. You can add half a cup of nuts to your diet by spreading it throughout the day. Consuming nuts throughout the day will bring you closer to the 500 calorie mark. A half cup of almonds yields around 400 calories while it provides 15 grams of protein. Therefore, in a small bowl mix raisins and almonds and have it as a snack.

So these were some of the foods items that you must consume on a daily basis if you want to gain weight. However, as we have mentioned earlier that a proper diet should be accompanied by some muscle gaining exercise. Therefore, similar importance must be given to exercise as well. If you miss out the strength training part you will only be gaining fat and not muscles.