What to eat and what not to eat to gain weight

If you are aiming to gain weight, you can easily do that by changing your food habits. Foods that we eat are majorly responsible for our body weight, and hence by including foods that supplies high calorie and fat to our body in your daily diet you can ensure to gain weight.

When you are trying to put on some weight, following a diet plan according to the information mentioned above can be highly helpful.

However, excess weight is never good for your body; so while you are in the process of gaining weight keep a strict check on your weight to ensure that you do not become overweight.

The best way of weight gain is to couple the right diet with the right exercises. Exercises help in building muscles, which ensures that the food that you eat is used for muscle building and is not stored as unwanted fat in the body.

Here is a list of what you should eat to gain weight

Top healthy foods to gain weight

  • Ice-creams: Ice-creams are extremely high in calorie, unless they are of the diet variety. They contain lots of sugar and fat and can be ideal to gain weight as you are sure to love the taste of it as well.
  • Chocolates: Chocolates are also high in calorie and fat. However, dark chocolates have lower calories comparatively, hence stay away from them and concentrate on all those sweetened and extra sweetened chocolates to gain quick weight.
  • Pastries: Again comes a super-high source of carbohydrate, fat and sugar; pastries with extra cream toppings can be your ideal friend to gain weight.
  • Opt for the egged varieties of pastries to make them the best source of carbs and fat.
  • Butter: Say a complete no to margarine and shift to butter made from the whole butterfat of milk. Include butter not only in your bread, and vegetables but also consume butter cubes directly to put on weight.
  • Cheese: If you are trying to put on some weight, there is hardly anything better than cheese to help you in this war. 100 gm of cheese can give you 402 calories along with high fat, cholesterol and protein to put on weight quickly.
  • Dry fruits: Dry fruits including raisins supply a great amount of calorie and can be a high source for extra sugar. Munch on high quantity of dry fruits regularly to facilitate the weight gaining process.
  • Eggs: Protein is important for building of muscles and gaining weight; and eggs being a rich source of protein can help in quick weight gain. 100 gm of egg supplies 13 g of protein along with essential vitamins and can be an ideal food for weight gain.

Best foods to eat for weight gain

  • Avocado: Avocado has one of the highest calorie contents among st fruits. 100 gm of Avocado can give you 160 calories along with fat, sugar and carbohydrate. So, include this fruit in your daily diet for putting on weight.
  • Banana: A single banana can offer as much as 105 calories to your body. It works as a rich source of carbohydrate promoting weight gain by the body. You can include a banana milk shake in your daily diet to put on weight quickly.
  • Whole milk: Substituting the double toned milk in your diet with whole fat milk can help you to gain weight quickly. Whole milk is rich in calorie, fat and vitamins and this simple swapping in milk type can ensure a quick weight gain.
  • Potatoes: It is important to include carbohydrate in high amount in your daily diet to gain weight. Potatoes work as a great source of carbohydrate along with amino acids that can help you to put on weight without any fuss.
  • Rice: Substitute your chapattis and brown breads for rice. Rice gives high amount of calorie and has a good percentage of carbohydrate. Eating rice in proper quantity 3 times a day can be actually the easiest way to gain weight.
  • Meat: Red meat is full of protein and fat. Including a good amount of red meat in your daily diet for a month can easily add a few more kilos to your body. If you are not keen to consuming it regularly, add enough of red meat to your diet at least thrice a week for a quick result.
  • Energy bars: The energy bars available in the market are high in carbohydrate and calorie. They are often loaded with dry fruits. Hence, having more than 1 energy bar each day can help you to gain weight.

Best tips to gain weight quickly

  • Pasta: Just like rice, pasta is also a great source of carbohydrate and can be highly beneficial for people trying to gain weight. Including sufficient quantity of pasta in your daily diet can help to put on weight.
  • Soya bean: Soya beans are rich source of high calorie and are also rich in protein and vitamins. They also have high mineral content along with dietary fibers. Include Soya beans in extra amount in your daily diet to gain weight.

What you should not eat if you are trying to gain weight

  • Cucumber: Cucumber contains water in high amount and is very low in calorie content. 100 gm of Cucumber has a close to nil fat content. Eating cucumber keeps your stomach filled for long while providing not much calorie to the body. Hence if you are trying to gain weight, exclude cucumber completely from your diet.
  • Strawberries: Strawberries and in general all the types of berries are low in calorie and fat. They can fill your stomach but will not add to your weight.
  • Citrus fruits: Citrus fruits like orange and grapefruit are exceptionally low in calorie. They contains water, dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals in high amount which can promote overall good health but not weight gain. They are also believed to trigger the calorie burning process of the body and hence they are a strict no if you are trying to gain weight.
  • Watermelon: Watermelon is a rich source of minerals and vitamins, but it has a very low fat and carbohydrate content. The high water content of the fruit fills stomach easily, but does not provide any much calorie to the body. So, if you are trying to gain weight, do not choose watermelon as your preferred fruit.
  • Leafy vegetables: Leafy vegetables serve as the primary source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers to our body. Dietary fibers are indeed essential for a good digestive health. However, they do not provide much calorie to the body. Hence, do not fill your stomach only with leafy vegetables in case you are trying to gain weight.
  • Broccoli: A whole broccoli provides you only around 31 calories and it is quite low in fat. Being a rich source of Vitamin C, A and K along with Iron it can help in fat burning process.

Top fruits to gain weight

  • Turnips: 100 g of turnips give only 28 calories to the body while it keeps your stomach filled with dietary fibers. So, turnips are not surely good if you are trying to gain weight.
  • Skimmed milk: Skimmed milk is prepared by removing all the cream from the milk, which makes it sufficiently low in calorie and fat content. So, if you are trying to put on a few extra kilos, do not drink skimmed milk.
  • Margarine: Margarine are considerably lower in calorie compared to whole milk butter. They are prepared from skimmed milk and are low in fat. Use butter instead of margarine in your daily diet if you are trying to gain weight.
  • Yogurt: Yogurt has poor fat and carbohydrate content. 100 gm of yogurt only provide 59 calories to your body while filling your stomach with other nutrients that will not help you in gaining weight. It is also believed that yogurt boosts the fat burning process of the body; hence staying away from it when you are trying to gain weight is a good idea.
  • Whole grain bread: Whole grain breads have much lower calorie compared to white breads and they have high content of dietary fibers that fills stomach. So, exclude whole grain breads from your diet for putting on some extra kilos.
  • Diet soda: Diet sodas available in the market are exceptionally low in calorie. They kill your appetite and reduce the quantity of food intake. You should stay away from diet sodas if you are trying to gain weight.
  • Mushrooms: Mushrooms are exceptionally low in fat content and rich in dietary fibers, proteins, vitamins and minerals. So, opting for mushrooms while you are on a weight gain regime is not a good idea.
  • Warm water: Warm water boosts the process of fat burning in our body by increasing the body temperature; hence if you are trying to gain weight, resort to drinking cold or even chilled water instead of hot water.

Couple the weight gaining foods with weight training for the best results

Unhealthy food to gain weight

If you are past your growth stage, weight training along with the right diet can be the key to gain muscle mass, which will add to your body weight and will also make you more curvaceous.

While selecting the exercises, always focus on the areas that tend to store more fat, like the stomach, belly, thighs and the hip region.

If you take a full of calorie diet and continue with your weight training focusing on the particular areas that are prone to store fat, you are more likely to gain muscle mass and weight without putting on a lot of extra fat that can give you a flabby appearance.

Choose your high calorie but healthy foods

When you are trying to put on weight for a more curvaceous figure or for better health, it is best to choose your high calorie foods cautiously.

Foods like ice-creams, pastries, cold drinks, will surely add lot of calorie to your body but they will not provide any vitamins or minerals which are particularly needed by the body.

So, it is best to depend on the foods that add calorie along with other food nutrients; hence for healthy weight gain opt for more dairy products, meat, chicken, eggs, rice, potatoes, beans and fruits like banana and avocado.