Top fruits to gain weight

Increasing body weight might be necessary if you are too thin and trying to put on some weight for a better health. For athletes as well gaining weight might be necessary at times. There are a number of food supplements in the market that claim to add body weight quickly, but they are not surely the best option. Fruits, particularly the ones rich in sugar, fat and carbohydrate content can be excellent for weight gain. The good thing about having fruits to gain weight is that, these fruits do not only supply extra carbohydrate, fat and sugar to the body, but also a good amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fibers which ensure a overall good health and wellbeing promoting weight gain. The top fruits that can help you to gain weight quickly include,

Healthy foods to gain weight fast

  • Banana: Bananas are rich in calorie. A medium sized banana can give you around 200 calories. They also have a high Sugar content which helps in quick weight gain. The presence of dietary fibers in banana along with Iron, Calcium, Vitamin A and C ensures an overall good health. So, add more than 2 bananas in your daily diet to gain weight. You can also make a banana shake with milk to get best results.
  • Avocado: A medium avocado holds as much as 240 calories along with high fat content. Though it has a lower content of Sugar, it is rich in dietary fibers and is a source of over 20 types of vitamins and minerals. Avocados can be consumed directly as a fruit, or used in vegetables. It can also make a good constituent in a mixed fruit juice.
  • Dry fruits: Cashew, almond, walnut and raisin all are high in calorie content and can be the most effective source of calorie along with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They also offer a considerable amount of dietary fibers ensuring a good digestive health which can help in gaining weight. These dry fruits can be eaten roasted or raw; they can also be used in any type of sweet and salty foods to add taste.
  • Dates: 100 gm of Dates can supply a good 277 calories to the body, most of which is absorbed as carbohydrates thus boosting the weight gaining process. Along with carbs and dietary fibers dates also offer a bunch of Vitamins and Minerals. Eat at least 8-10 fresh dates daily to gain weight.
  • Mangoes: Mango has high sugar content and can be a great fruit to gain weight quickly. The fruit is able to provide quick energy to the body and is reach in vitamins. It is also rich in rare minerals, antioxidants and pre-biotic dietary fiber that ensure the best health for your body. Eat at least 2-3 fresh mangoes daily. You can easily make a mango shake or mango juice with ripe mangoes according to your taste.
  • Dried figs: 100 gm of dried fig can give you 249 calories directly and its antioxidant value is comparable to that of an Apple. The food is rich in good carbohydrates that can help in muscle building. High calorie content along with Minerals, Vitamins and dietary fibers make dried figs an ideal fruit for weight gain.
  • Coconuts: 1 ounce of dried coconut can add 2.1 gm sugar to your body. It is high in saturated fat, and 1 ounce of dried coconut has 18.3 gm of total fat. The fruit is also high in calorie providing 187 calories for one ounce. So, being a rich source of calories, fat and sugar coconuts can be ideal for quick weight gain. You can simply munch on slices of coconut or make a coconut smoothie to include this fruit in your daily diet.
  • Durian: 100 grams of durian fruit can give as much as 147 calories to the body. It is rich in Carbohydrate, fat and protein and can be an ideal fruit for weight gain. The fruit also supplies good amount of Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6, Magnesium and Iron, ensuring an overall good health that can promote weight gain.
  • Passion fruit: This fruit is native to Brazil and offers 97 calories in every 100gm serving. It has high carbohydrate and Sugar content which helps in quick weight gain. The fruit also supplies fat to the body.