Hairstyles & Haircuts according to face shape male

If you feel stuck with your hairstyle, you need to be updated on the latest versions. Your personal style speaks a lot about you. You can turn out well in different cuts and hairstyles, however you need to know what works well for the shape of your face. Just about every style is not cut out for you. Check here, what is best for your face.

6Oblong Shapes

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Best Oblong Face Shape Hairstyles include Side port style, comb over hairstyle, Fringe hairstyle, undercut hairstyle, Mon bun hairstyle, Swept-back hairstyle, Clean shaven head, Buzz cut hairstyle, and Caesar Hairstyle. Key Styling tip is not to keep hair extra-long to avoid the longer look of the face. The classic scissor cut is a great style devoid of any fancy overindulgences.

5Oval Shape

Best hairstyles for Oval face shapes include a conventional quiff, textured quiff, high bald fade, low bald fade, classic taper comb over, brushed up hair short sides with beard, messy undercut quiff with beard, slick back undercut, messy long fringe taper sides, wavy slick back, low skin fade with textured hair, etc. These hairstyles are practically ideal for these faces, however choosing one is the matter of personal choice.

4Triangle Shape

Hairstyles for men according to face shape

Best hairstyles for a Triangle Shape face need to have a thicker mane, stylishly used to fall on forehead to subdue triangular contours. Some hairstyles will work nicely and show fluffier hairstyle that include a quiff, Textured quiff, pompadour fringe or a pompadour brushed back style to enhance hair volume and provide overall balance in looks.

3Round Shape

Best hairstyles for a Round Shape- The round faces need special attention for hair styling these require more volume but less bulk. One can have high volume haircut, asymmetrical side parting, spiky, High Volume Flat Top and Fade, Classic pompadour, Side swept bangs, Angular fringe, Faux hawk, vertical, and a beard to support your good looks.

2Square Shape

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The best hairstyles for Square Shape faces are Pompadour with Fade and Beard, undercut, Top knot, Buzz cut, Slicked Back Undercut, Side Swept with Part, Brushed Back Undercut, Back and Side Swept Comb Over. Square shape faces have more prominent jawline and reflect masculinity thus most hairstyles suit them.

1Diamond Shape

The best hairstyles for Diamond Shape faces are Formal Spikes, Front Puff, Messy wave, Side bangs, curly head, Thick mess, Groupy spike, legend hairstyle, long curly hair, front hair fall over forehead, Volumized front, Buzz cut, Long hair with pointed bangs, ear side bang with side part etc. All the trendy hairstyles suit this face.