Best non-veg food / Diet to gain weight

We cannot deny the fact that our lives are ruled by ironies. People who are fat are desperately looking for ways to lose weight, there are many who want to gain some. There are many skinny people who try out different products every day to gain weight. And as we already know that not all products available in the market are good and show positive results, it is always a good idea to go for a natural diet.

The main point which we are trying to put forward is that it always better to gain weight naturally rather than following unhealthy ways for the same. We must never forget that our health is very precious. So, it is always a good idea to opt for an all natural method.

In this article, we are sharing some effective diet tips which when followed with full dedication will give 100% positive results and will surely help to gain weight.

Advantages & disadvantages of non-veg food

There is no doubt that weight gain is a long process and one needs to be very patient throughout the process. However, it is equally important to be patient and follow the perfect diet at the same time. The goal must be put on the desired weight by following a healthy diet and not adding unhealthy kilos. So the main focus must be on consuming the right food at the right time and in the right quantity.

Before we start with the list, we would like to mention that the very step to gain weight is to increase the calorie intake per day. So, let’s begin with the calorie part first.

How to increase your calorie intake per day?

Every food item that you consume contains some calories. As the goal is to gain weight, one must, therefore, consume food items which have high-calorie but are healthy at the same time.

Nuts, dry fruits, meat, bread, pulses which are having high-calories should be included in the regular diet. Add vegetables like spinach, pumpkins, eggplant, carrots and french beans in your diet. If possible try adding red meat to your diet.

Apart from this, another way to increase the calorie intake is to add dairy products. It is also very necessary to not to cut the fat content of your milk. Make sure that you do not drink low-fat curd or milk.

Also, as the aim is to gain weight in a healthy manner, avoid having fast foods and cereal bars. Remember the idea is to include more calories in your diet in a healthy way and not just by eating more food every day.


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Another great way to include more calorie in your diet is by increasing the number of meals. Instead of having 4 meals a day, start having 6 meals – 3 small meals and 3 big meals. Make sure that you have heavy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Having a heavy dinner will add weight to your body as your body metabolism will not be active while sleeping as compared to when you are awake.

Diet for gaining weight

How to gain weight quickly

Before breakfast have a cup of tea or cappuccino with full-fat milk and sugar. For breakfast, have two multigrain pieces of bread with low-fat butter and an omelette. Also, you can have a bowl of cornflakes, oats or porridge for breakfast.

After breakfast, mid-day, have a glass of full-fat milk with a health drink of your own choice.

For lunch have a small bowl of white rice and two chapattis. With the rice and chapatti have a bowl of pulses and veg curry. People who prefer non-veg can add two pieces of chicken or fish.

Vegetable or chicken soup with added butter or a veg sandwich with cheese or mayonnaise are great options for high-calorie evening snacks.

For dinner have a similar diet like lunch but try avoiding rice. And post dinner drink a glass of full-fat milk.

The diet shared above is a basic diet plan which can be followed for gaining weight fast, however, changes can always be made.

Apart from the diet, if you are serious about gaining weight make sure that you exercise regularly and have enough sleep daily as these will help a lot.