100 Ways to Gain Weight in a Month for women

[Hindi tips to gain weight]

While the majority of the woman race is focused on various weight-loss programs, there are many of them who are too skinny and trying to gain weight with all effort. Perhaps, you are also among the latter ones. Being undernourished can call for a number of health issues that can hamper both your family as well as social life. Well, now when you have decided to gain weight, where will you start from? This post reads some of the most useful tips that will befriend you from the start of your weight gain program till the end. Take a look –

Best tips to gain weight quickly

  • Increase your food intake.
  • Add 500 calories extra to your everyday diet.
  • Eating junk food can help you put on some weight, it is not a healthy alternative.
  • Get in touch with your doctor or a dietician.
  • Focus on gaining weight in a healthy manner.
  • Gaining weight just for improving your looks can land you “nowhere”. Focus on your body as a whole.
  • Eat food that contain healthy fats and packed with nutrients.
  • Make sure you eat calorie-rich food.
  • Give preference to plant fats. Eat seeds, nuts, avocados, peanut butter and olive oil. They are good for gaining weight.
  • Dress salads with olive oil, sunflower oil and other calorie rich oils.
  • Keep nuts handy and eat when whenever your heart says.
  • You should also include animal fats in your diet, provided you are a non-vegetarian.
  • Food products with animal fat are full of saturated fats. Eat them moderately.
  • Dairy products and lean meats contain healthy fats. Include them in your diet. If your cholesterol level is high, it’s better to go for low-fat alternatives.
  • A protein-rich diet is the best way to gain weight. Instead of adding more fat, they build up lean muscles.
  • Protein-rich diet is very important as weight gain programs include a number of weight training and muscle strengthening exercises.
  • You diet should include around 5 ounces of protein/day. Some of the best sources of protein are – poultry, fish, lean meat, eggs, legumes and whole grains.

Best foods to eat for weight gain

  • You can also include protein-rich drinks, like smoothies and shakes in your daily diet. Drinking is easier that chewing. Isn’t?
  • Some women can’t eat more. You can cook your food it butter or oil. In this way you can add to your calorie intake without eating more. Adding just a tablespoon of oil to your food make it high on calories.
  • Don’t overdo ‘Point 19’. Too much fat can work the other way out as it’s not healthy.
  • You should drink a glass of juice, preferably orange, with your breakfast. It’s refreshing, flavorsome and calorie-rich.
  • Lower bone density, most of the women suffer from this problem. Therefore, you should include one to two glasses of milk in your diet per day. It will provide you with calcium and protein.
  • Make alterations in your eating habits.
  • Try to increase the size of the portions you eat. Get out of your comfort zone. Soon your stomach with become used to it.
  • Befool your mind and eat on bigger plates and bowls. Jokes apart, it a good way to trick your brain as eating on larger plates will make you think that you are eating your regular portions. However, actually you aren’t.
  • Make it a thumb rule – never skip any of your meals. This will ruin your weight management regimen.
  • Hard gainers should increase the frequency of their meals. For examples – earlier you used to have three meals, make it 6 now.
  • Stick to a balanced diet, including everything, right from carbohydrates, proteins, fat, and vitamins to minerals, make sure to eat everything.

Top foods to increase the muscle strength

  • Salmon and tuna are two of the best fishes that help you gain weight.
  • Peanut butter can also do wonders.
  • Including more “snack time” is also beneficial for gaining weight. It can help you gain more without making you eat too much.
  • Your food does not look appealing? Add more taste to your food. This will make you eat them with love. Remember, until and unless you love anything, you cannot indulge.
  • Try to stimulate your eating. If you want, you surely can do it.
  • It’s better to avoid processed and ready to eat meals.
  • You should see a dietician. They are experts and can help you know the exact nutritional values of different food items.
  • Try doing experiments with your food. In other words, try to cook your food on your own.
  • For recipes on weight gain, you can search the internet. You will find ample.
  • Increase your eating speed. This way you eat more than your normal portions, but don’t choke yourself.
  • Set remainders that you have to eat in every 2 hours. Soon you will become used to it.
  • Making changes in your lifestyle and daily habits can also help you gain weight.
  • Relying on junk food and carbonated beverages is absolutely not the right way to gain weight. So, don’t make them your staples when it comes to gaining weight.
  • Most of the diet experts recommend – not eating anything after 7 in the evening for losing weight. How about trying its opposite? Yes, eat late night to gain.
  • Don’t use spoons and forks for eating, rather use your hands. This will make you eat more. Using cutleries limits your portions and you become full within no time.
  • Your sitting posture is very critical. Until and unless you sit properly while eating, your body won’t be able to process the food properly.
  • Increase the amount of fluid intake. Also, drink plenty of water.
  • Make potato a stable food when trying to gaining weight.

Best ways to lose weight

  • Add grated cheese with mashed potato will make you gain for sure.
  • Have your favorite ice creams at least twice a week.
  • Drink fortified milk and add it as much as possible to your tea and coffee.
  • Eat banana and nuts often.
  • Lean meat like chicken can help you gain muscle mass.
  • Increase fiber intake. It will regularize your bowel movement.
  • Avoid drinking water before eating your meals. When your stomach is full of water, you tend to eat less.
  • It’s always good to take a leisurely walk before eating. It will increase your hunger.
  • Do you eat only when you are hungry? Change this habit. Eat even if you are not hungry.
  • Don’t watch TV when eating. When you eat, just concentrate on the food and enjoy it.
  • Food selection is also important when planning to gain weight.
  • Say yes to forbidden food , like pizzas, burger loaded with cheese, desserts, sweets and other food that are super-duper fatty (just sometimes).
  • You should choose the portions and types of carbohydrates very carefully.
  • Choose starchy vegetables over watery ones. For example – eat carrots, potatoes and try to avoid cucumber and celery.
  • The same (Tip – 46) goes with the selection of fruit as well. Swap watermelon with banana.
  • When preparing desserts, use milk in place of water. You can also toss your fruit salad with some portions of cream.
  • You can also try good dietary supplements and herbal products sold in the market. Make sure to go for a genuine one.
  • Eating more portions or eating frequently does not mean over-eating. So, be sensible.
  • Do you smoke and drink? If so, then please stop. They can not only hamper your “Weight Loss Mission”, but also ruin your overall health.
  • Exercising is not just meant for people who want to lose. Hard gainers should also consider this option. It is a healthy way to gain weight.

Nuts and dry fruits to gain weight

  • Strengthening exercises, including bicep curls, squats, chin-ups, bench presses, leg curls can help you gain muscle mass.
  • Don’t know where to begin with? Seek help from a professional trainer. You trainer will guide you throughout your exercising session and help you perform the work outs in a proper way.
  • The more you exercise, the more calories you burn. You should forget this. So, what to do? Energy bars and protein shakes can help earn those lost calories.
  • Refrain from doing cardio exercises. These exercises tend you utilize most of your calories, making your lose weight faster.
  • Staying consistent is one of the best ways to reach your target, quickly and effectively.
  • You cannot become a bodybuilder just in couple of days. Give time to your body so that it could adjust itself with the recent changes.
  • Boredom can kill your weight training sessions. So, make time to time changes within your exercises.
  • Don’t work out same muscles every time. It will strain you.
  • Stretching and resistance exercises are equally important as weight training.
  • Take rest between sets.
  • It is a good idea to get a hot shower after your exercising session. It relaxes you and keeps you motivated.
  • Have a positive mindset.
  • Besides, making changes to your diet and weight training, taking rest is another important factor when it comes to gaining weight.
  • Also, getting proper sleep for at least 8 hours is very important. Sound sleep regularizes all your bodily functions.
  • Be calculative. Maintain a food journal. It will help you track the entire procedure of gaining weight. You will also be able to know which step(s) is suitable for you and which is not working at all.
  • Don’t compare. Gaining weight is not a child’s play and takes a lot of time and effort. Be patient and work hard.
  • Don’t expect instant changes.

Top fruits to gain weight

  • Make your goals attainable and manageable. Don’t think that you are blessed with supernatural powers or there is some spell that will make you hefty overnight.
  • Don’t strain yourself, neither physically not mentally. Straining and motivating are two different things.
  • Make sure to see your doctor before you get started with your “weight gaining regimen”. There might be come medical explanations for which you are a hard gainer.
  • Most women say, they don’t have time for exercising. You just need 3 days per week. Either you do your best or make excuses – choice is yours.
  • Maintain a dairy and keep track of your weight.
  • Try meditation. It cures you from within and makes your stress free. When you are relaxed you can concentrate well.
  • What don’t to visit a weight-managements seminar? These days such events occur frequently.
  • Remember, when you are on a weight gain regimen, your body fat will also increase with your muscle mass. This should not demotivate you in any case. One you reach your desirable weight, you can shed the extras.
  • Tame your mind about the changes will undergo in the coming weeks. It is a positive approach.
  • Work hard, but not too much so that you feel drained.
  • Be flexible. If you have planned to 1 Kg in a week and at the end of the week you found that you have lost just 0.8 grams, don’t get disheartened and see the positive side.
  • Be steady and count on your daily exercising sessions. Compare the differences between, Day – 1 and Day – 8. You will see the differences, but don’t expect the unexpected.
  • Seek advice from your trainer whenever necessary.
  • Be true to yourself.
  • You focus should not be just on calories, but also nutrition.
  • After a couple of days or so, if you find that the routine you are following is draining you out. Consult a doctor. You should not experience such issues.
  • If pregnancy is the reason for which you have lost weight, then ask your doctor about it and seek necessary advices.

These are some of the best ways with which you can achieve your dream figure.

[Hindi tips to gain weight]