Note down the best beauty foods

According to one of the recent studies Americans have a tendency of spending a lot each year to look young and attractive. According to the recent survey, it has been found out that around $88 million is spend by all these Americans every year. This can be probably the reason behind very less wrinkles and fine lines among ladies who have aged up. Thus, most of the Americans have brighter skin and attractive. It has been found out that the cost for silkier hair is much cheaper as compared to the anti aging creams available in the market. Along with proper application of cosmetics, it is also really important to consume healthy food which will increase your glow and beauty in your skin tone.

Different problem in the skin tone of individual must be associated with different food solutions. Some of the beauty foods are as follows:

Wrinkle foods

Fairness creams for oily skin

If you have fine lines and wrinkles on your face, the best foods to be consumed are papaya, strawberries, oranges as well as kiwi. Since these foods have ample amount of vitamin C, eradicating wrinkles will be quite easy with this.

Food for sagging skin

With age people gets their skin sagged. The best foods to be consumed are buckwheat, olives, avocadoes etc. Since these foods contain mono unsaturated fatty acid, this will easily keep your skin tight and youthful for a long time. The food named as buck wheat also contains flavonoid which is really effective in maintaining elasticity of the skin.

Dull skin food

If your skin has become dull, wheat germ will be an effective remedy of fixing it. This contains vitamin B as well as vital nutrients which will be effective in creating new as well as healthy skin. Another wonderful fact of this vitamin is its rapid cell division capability which will help keeping your complexion look fresh always. But, you must remember not to consume defatted wheat germ.

Food for brittle hair

Individual with the trouble of dry and brittle hair must fix it by the consumption of food like spinach, broccoli and kale. This is a wonderful food rich in vitamin C as well as vitamin A. These nutrients are effective in producing the oily substance which comes out of the hair follicles named as sebum. Hair needs a conditioning element which is supplied by body naturally through this sebum. This hair conditioning will add strength and shine to your hair with decreasing the risk of developing brittle hair.

Food for puffy eyes

Since the ginger has the anti inflammatory properties, it will be very effective in reducing puffiness over your eyes. It also has effectiveness in eradicating the influenza virus which will otherwise give rise to pains and aches.

Food for skin irritation and acne

Green tea face packs for glowing skin

Shellfish like oyster is rich in zinc which is really effective in repair and renewal of skin. You can also prevent hormonal imbalance with adequate zinc level in the body through these shell fishes. It helps in balancing oil in skin with proper regulation of collagen formation.

Food for dry scalp

Here ground flaxseeds as well as wild caught salmon will be quite effective. Since these food contains healthy Omega 3, boosting circulation in your body will be really easy. Your skin can be effectively hydrated with the buildup of healthier skin.