Mangoes can lower blood sugar levels in obese people: an indication from emerging research

Orlando FL- 9TH SEPTEMBER, 2014- According to the publication in Metabolic Insight and journal nutrition, blood sugar levels in individual can be lowered with regular consumption of mango. But, while lowering the body weight, it will not impact the body weight. These are important findings found in around 34 percent of US adults. Those individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes as well as metabolic syndrome as also classified in this category.

Excitement has been felt with regards to the wonderful findings of mangoes. This fruit contains antioxidants, bioactive compounds as well as mangeferin. The effect of mangoes on blood sugar is also very promising. Since mangoes also contain fiber, it will help lowering of glucose absorption in blood. This fact has been found out by one of the professor at Okhlahoma state university. They have also found out that daily consumption of 10 grams of freeze dried mango is equal to half of fresh mangoes. Thus, it will be quite beneficial to consume fresh mango.

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Also the study was designed to find out the effect of mango consumption on biochemical parameters as well as anthropometric measurement. Study was conducted where participates have completed 12 weeks. Around 20 adults were present with 11 males and 9 females. Their approximate BMI was around 30- 45 kg/m2. The participants were also asked to go with usual diets and exercise.

The participants were provided with the freeze dried mangoes with the quantity of 10 grams. The supplement of mangoes was provided for 6 and 12 weeks. The Anthropometric measurement with regards to waist, height and circumference was based on 6 to 12 weeks of mango supplements. Even their glucose level, fasting blood triglyceride, hemoglobin A1c as well as HDL Cholesterol were evaluated with the baseline.

After the experiment was conducted, the blood glucose levels of the participants were reduced. In both male and females distinct lowering of blood pressure level took place. Even the hip circumference in has lowered in males really well. But BMI tended more in females than those of men. Even wonderful changes in triglyceride level took place in individuals.

According to this research, mangoes are quite effective in providing the obese individual with a great dietary option. They can now easily maintain lower blood sugar level. More clinical trial will be conducted for find out the mechanism and precise components.

But, there are many factors which could influence this result of experiments. These factors include mango supplementation, lack of control group, inaccurate self reporting of dietary intake, small sample size etc. For this, additional human studies along with larger sample size must be conducted.

Mango being a nutrient rich food contains more than 20 different minerals as well as vitamins which supports optimal function throughout the body. Mangoes are also regarded as an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C as well as antioxidants. They contain the food sources like fiber, vitamin B6 as well as copper.